Oct 12, 2009

The United People of the World Won the 2009 Noble Peace Prize - Not President Obama

Oslo Supports the Decision Made by the Majority of American Voters in the 2008 General Election:

Perhaps we have returned to a day when our nation, America, will again be considered the moral leader of the nations of the world, given the recent change of Party administrations in Washington DC.

It would appear that a major portion of the world, Americas allies and some of America's former enemies have breathed a collective 'sigh of relief', now that the Republicans have been removed from power'.
For what came out of Oslo Norway over the weekend was a unanimous and a representative voice speaking, one that expressed world-wide support for the decision made by the American voters.
Leading up to the 2008 general election, the majority of Americans, even some Republican conservatives, recognized that Bush and company had done a horrible job - even though many of the same Republicans wanted to retain control of the White House after 'the Bushtanistas' and the other members of 'the 'Swastika Party' had been removed from power.

Believe me, there weren't any conceivable circumstances under which that could have happened. For finally, the American voters, Democrats, Independents and some Republicans, identified a Republican ruse, and expressed their unified concerns in the voting booths. And, unlike the Republicans who have shown that they have zero respect for the American political process, this union of Republican, Democrats and Independents voted them out of office

Once again the world is united, and the crowds have been singing, 'Happy days are here again'!
I wonder whether it is too soon to expect Nuremberg-like trials to begin for (George Bush and his merry men)? We should spare Condi, for after all she is a female and cute. Condi should be sent to me, The Rev: And following dinner and a night on the town, HMM BABY, I will turn her over to the authorities so that she can be punished!!!

Isn’t it amazing that American citizens, former enemies of America, and even America’s allies are all on one accord when it comes to stopping American Republicans. What Bush and company accomplished was unprecedented: The world has, in a singular voice, applauded the new possibilities, and is celebrating the prospects for peace in a revamped 21st Century World - now that they are gone.

Everyone is jubilant that Republicans cannot cast his or her Republican pale over a dynamic and free world any longer. And President Obama’s campaign slogan, 'the audacity of hope', has inspired the majority of the people of the world, Americans and non, to believe again. Interestingly enough, the short definition of hope is confident expectation: And now almost everyone is confident that the changes that needed to be made 8 years ago, will be made now.

And what of those Republicans, "who represent despair and hope lost", the ones who resist change. At this very moment they are plotting a comeback, hoping to regain control of the reigns of both American and world power. The only acceptable America or world for them is one in which Republican neo-cons rule.

Sadly, most Republicans believe that America is weaker whenever they are not in power, despite all of the evidence to the contrary. The fact of the matter is that America is stronger, not weaker, when Democrats are in power - and the world is a much safer place. Today, both America and the world can move on in spite of a massive effort by the 'we are not going away Republican Nation', all 3 of the ones who will still admit that they are still Republicans.

It has been evident over the past 10 months that they are still trying to derail the process, in deference to the decision that was made by the majority of the American voters. For similar to what their leader Rush Limbaugh previously indicated, ‘they want the President ... to fail’!

However, and having said that, failure is not an option for the democrats, the president, the American people or the world for that matter.

It is exclusively Republicans and the Republican patriarchy that hope for failure instead of success, which proves that they are anti-American obstructionist children. Or perhaps that is what they believe it means to be conservative, 'mutual assured failure for everyone else' but Republicans.. Why? Because, if they cannot have it their way, they would prefer to see the entire system, our allies and other nations of the world fail completely. We were right to toss the bums out of office, and they should never be placed in office again, at least not until they grow up and learn what it means to live in a Representative Democracy.

The People Won!!

Peace & Grace