Jul 17, 2009

A 21st Century Existential Theology

When Jesus promised his disciples that he would send another comfoter to guide them into all of the truth, I don't believe that he had Constantine's Canon in mind.
I recently completed ...'s book on Postmodernism. I am so happy that I can report that I had drawn my own conclusions and preached about this subject, long before reading the book. I do in fact agree with a lot of what the author wrote about, but, having said that I am not fully in synch with his conclusions about the religion of post-modernism.

We do agree that post-modernism individuals ought to be able to move beyond their mystical religious roots, and learn to understand this thing that we call God as something other than a mystical abstract of some kind or another.

Like many others, I cam convinced that what our predecessors believed was true to this extent, they knew that there was something that existed which was beyond human comprehension. I am also convinced that there is a ghost in the machine, but on the other hand I do not believe that it is a ghost. And, I don't believe that it is abstract.

I have already distrubed some believers by saying that I believe that it is quantifiable, and perhaps that it is why it elects to remain in the shadows. Whenever I speak to believers who believe in God, they will tell me about 'their God', in other words what they believe to be God, however, what one often believes is not necessarily accurate.

How many times have you spoken with or read about a stranger, and were stunned when you met them that that they were nothing like you envisioned. I suspect that some of us are going to be disappointed whenever we as humans come into contact with the entity that we often refer to as God which has been referred to as Ra, Horus, Osiris, Vishu, God, Allah ...

All that says is that we have not known what it is before, despite our symbolic use of language and terms, which are symbols of things or ideas, to explain it. Is it a life force, or even a governing or yet a creative force perhaps?

Or can it be something that it completely detached, and none of the things that humans have prescribed to it, or proscribed from it? When it, apparently, visited Moses, he reported that he could not look at it and therefore it had to appear behind a cloud shield. At the same time when it visited Moses it was quantifiable and could be contained in terms of space-time, and restricted to a time and place that could be concealed by a cloud.

to be continued...,

Peace & grace

Jul 15, 2009

Poem: Evolving

Time Independent
All of all
All in all

Non quantifiable

Truth – real – pure

By Rev. C. Solomon
Poem: In The Shadows In The Silence

In the shadows
In the silence
And yet so big while small

Yet eyes fail to observe it
Strained ears can't even hear it
But it is always speaking
And is the loudest voice of all

And even though we can neither hear nor see it
It still fills all and all!

Poem by Rev. C. Solomon

Jul 3, 2009

The Go For It, If it Feels Good and Do Your Own Thang Generation Part III!

Subject: They went for it, they did their 'thang' and consider what it costs in the final analysis.

Some of the baby boomers made it out unscathed. However, others did not and similar to the young man that I mentioned in part one, who I saw writhing out of his mind in agony near Zellerbach Auditorium, there are a whole lot of others, who wish that they had not done what felt good at the time.

For not only did many of those who experimented suffer the consequences of using poor judgment, the majority are still suffering the effects of a free sex, drug-filled, licentious and no holds barred existence. And a whole lot of X and Y generation adults, young adults and teenagers are suffering the effects of the poor decisions that were made by their parents.

Thousands of prenatal mothers carried and delivered babies that were drug infected while being carried in their mother's wombs. And in many instances their parents are carriers of socially transmitted diseases, or are still alcohol or drug addicted. And their grandparents? Well, lets just say that many of them are worn out after having raised a second generation of children during their twilight years.

to be continued...