Jul 3, 2009

The Go For It, If it Feels Good and Do Your Own Thang Generation Part III!

Subject: They went for it, they did their 'thang' and consider what it costs in the final analysis.

Some of the baby boomers made it out unscathed. However, others did not and similar to the young man that I mentioned in part one, who I saw writhing out of his mind in agony near Zellerbach Auditorium, there are a whole lot of others, who wish that they had not done what felt good at the time.

For not only did many of those who experimented suffer the consequences of using poor judgment, the majority are still suffering the effects of a free sex, drug-filled, licentious and no holds barred existence. And a whole lot of X and Y generation adults, young adults and teenagers are suffering the effects of the poor decisions that were made by their parents.

Thousands of prenatal mothers carried and delivered babies that were drug infected while being carried in their mother's wombs. And in many instances their parents are carriers of socially transmitted diseases, or are still alcohol or drug addicted. And their grandparents? Well, lets just say that many of them are worn out after having raised a second generation of children during their twilight years.

to be continued...

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