Jul 18, 2007

The Rev Regarding America & War: In Response to Peter & Bukko

The whole world can't be run like two camps - those who are with the US, or those who are with the terrorists.

Right on: peterwilliams

And when you take into consideration American jingoism, any Americans who are considering starting a family during the next decade, might want to think about it again.

For it appears that you would be raising a solider if you were to do so, one that would have to fight in the American Intercontinental Million Man Army during the New American Century. Well, that is if the Bill Kristols and others of his ilk have their way and America continues to take on the world.

And the tragedy of the latter is that the ones who are pushing for American world-wide domination through war and economic strangulation, won't go and fight themselves!

At the same time, it gives me hope to see people like The Rev., Dimitry et. al. who have some humanity. I hope your views prevail, mates!

Thank you Bukko in Australia,

Our society continues to be more marginalized, given the dominance of America's Communist (Republican) Party over the past 6 years.

However, the shades that had been pulled down over the eyes of many Americans (for the past years) are slowly beginning to be lifted. Most Americans are beginning to see that the dark shadow that prevailed over this nation, also for the past 6 years is beginning to be penetrated with light.

Even some staunch conservatives in Congress are begrudgingly coming out of the shadows in protest of the prolonged and ongoing Bush debacle in Iraq, which in a broader sense was an attack not only on Iraq, but on 'the entire world'!

And to another writer, #43 may be the Commander-in-Chief of the military, however, keep in mind that the military and the Commander-in-Chief are supposed to be subject to the will of America's civilians. Someone apparently forget to tell #43!


Addenda: I believe that people, are more important to the heart of God than nation states!

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