Aug 1, 2007

Alliances Are Meant To Be As Exclusive As They Are Meant To Be Inclusive

Arms buy friends...Mr. Arkin

Re: America's latest attempt to solidify its fledgling Mid-East alliance by selling billions of more dollars in more sophisticated weapons and weapons systems (just announced to both Saudia Arabia and Egypt). The latter is purportedly being done in response to the Iranian/Islamic threat to America.

Isn't it a sad commentary with respect to just how far man has progressed from modernity (or the lack thereof) to the beginning of the 21st century - which some of the more erudite rightly (it is apparent) refer to as the New American Century? Perhaps the new century, which we have already embarked upon, should be referred to as the New American WAR Century of the persistent pursuit of greed, disproportionality, imperialism, white supremacy and selfish consumerism!

Regardless of gender, race, class, ethnicity, national origin, region, continent or near and outer Space, America is lining up its duckets with the express intention of dominating planet Earth and Space for as long as possible, and by whatever means is necessary.

Ye 'ole Lord of the Flies mentality, has to be suppressed somehow. One can only imagine what life would be like on the apparently soon to be 'late great planet Earth', if more erudite individuals and more enlightened nations, were to have assumed the mantle of leadership and guided the world towards a greater destiny than the one's who have dominated it for just the past century alone.

Sadly, our nation has little interest in 'peace alliances', America, particularly GB43, wants more blood!

The end result of nation-state alliances that are designed more for war than anything else? The unresolved problem of division and factionalism remains in place: and one group will continue to vie against the other group!

And the end result will be that the original problem will persist which has historically resulted in acrimony, and eventually war, (even when the latest configuration will have been reconfigured) again!

The Rev
Addenda: The world continues to be dominated by fools!

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