Aug 14, 2007

Shame on America: Ode To the American Presidential Election Process

Isn't it a sad state of affairs when one of the critera for being a successful American presidential candidate, is based in part on whether he or she might or might not nuke other human beings? Shame on the process, and all of the candidates who succumb to it.

The United States is being degraded more and more everyday, and I am not sure where the responsibility lies (can't blame this one on the devil even), for too many Christians today, like Jesus' disciples of yesterday, are too comfortable with the idea of 'calling fire down from heaven', in order to consume other human beings. I suspect that the world needs to keep an eye on the new American get rich Christian warhawks!

In the words of American street patois, 'This group doesn't 'Pray', get my drift - they will KILL YOU!

It begs the question, who are the real radical fundamentalists of the world, are they Muslim, Christian or Jews?

Peace, Grace & Keep Your Shields Up
The Rev

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Sed Emihcra said...

I do agree with you.