Oct 1, 2010

Vote For Us or Else

Subject: Holding America Hostage The Ongoing Republican Coup

Remember the kid, when you were growing up, who would constantly end up saying, “If I can’t play my way, I am taking my ball and going home” That is essentially what Republicans have been saying and doing for as long as I can remember". And just a few days they went home, to their regular homes, just as they have been doing with their House in Washington: Republican have been AWOL, other than to obstruct!


It would be funny if it wasn't true that a group of American enemy operatives (to include American citizens, bank officials, congressional representatives, judges and a former President and his cabinet) were not responsible for America’s ongoing economic woes. Benedict Arnold had nothing on this group of traitors whose only objective is and was to keep and to continue to deliver America back into the hands of a group of those venal Republicans who believe that ‘this land is their land, from NYC to…, and that the reigns of power in Washington DC and America, belongs solely to them.”

And the 'or else', in our subject like means: Republicans will continue to obstruct, sow seeds of doubt, filabuster, undermine, supplant this nation ss well as undermine the current administration in Washington DC if that is what it takes to wrest power from Democratic control and to bring the nation back under their control.

Their ongoing sophisticated and calibrated subversive daily internal domestic attack on America is a warlike strategy that that has no other purpose than to keep America divided, destabilize America and obstruct government and Congress, with their ultimate purpose being to deliver America back into the hands of Republicans.
They intend to wrest control back from Democrats and to do what they did before, prosper while the rest of America sinks into an economic and unemployed abyss.
And how are they accomplishing their objective, already enjoying some success; They spread propaganda, infuse and foment seeds of doubt and fear, hold back funds that they received from government, refuse to hire America citizens when they can do all of the above. Their objective that they arrived at in central planning was one and the same, the strategy that their organization has practiced over the past 30 years, that is how to deliver the control of this nation’s government, military and economic power under this venal and self-serving control.

They are doing all that is within their power, that which is legal, illegal, unethical and un-American to dissuade individual Americans and groups like Unions, various ethnic groups, political groups and others from supporting the current administration’s efforts to return America to full economic vitality.

The bankers, insurance companies and others, who were bailed about with TARP Funds, in order to preserve the economy refuse to cooperate and even loan money to Americans despite the fact that they were rescued with American money and you might as well say by the current Administration.

The majority of Republican members of the operative fought TARP tooth and nail, yet they accepted the funds, benefited from the funds, used the funds and then criticized the man, President Barack Obama, who was responsible for their rescue. These same individuals work overtime, without thought or care for the preservation of the nation, in order to dismantle what has been accomplished since this man came into office.

The American people, some of them of late, seem to be faltering. Hearing the constant daily grind of finger pointing that continues to come from this domestic enemy combatants, some Americans have dispensed reason and are leaning towards the Republican led dark side.

Because Americans are hurting right now, financially and emotionally and they are vulnerable.
Americans are drained emotional and frustrated spiritually. The American way for as long as I can remember is to go to work and to depend on the ones that were duly elected to take care of national defense, to keep the economy churning along at an expanding and rapid pace and to create and enact laws to prevent internal domestic enemies (to include criminals of all kinds even the political ones) from wreaking havoc on the citizenry.

Today, there is an imbalance... The tranquility of Americans, assurances, and homeostasis has all been replaced by the aforementioned domestic anti-Americans who work everything at nothing else but to agitate and to foment unrest.

And again, they are doing so and for as long as they have to in order to secure power. They keep shouting in the town square, via the media, in the workplace, at church and everywhere else that they can that ‘that the sky is falling’. And because some Americans are so politically inebriated, they are listening to them as they drone on and on with the hopes of instilling fear and eventually wresting power away from the current administration.

Folks all that they want to do is to regain control of Washington DC and the nation’s power structure. And once they are successful at doing so,if you let them, they will say to the American public what George Bush Jr. did during a period just over 2 years ago, when the policies of George Bush Jr. and the Republican Right brought this nation to near collapse to: Just go shopping, and leave the rest to us. Well, some of you did that and look what happened. Don't do that again!

Americans, why aren’t they telling you to trust leadership now, the ones who are trying to address the needs of the nation and all Americans, instead of a singular group? Isn't it because they want you to place them back into power so that they repeat the same (insanity) and employ the same failed policies of the previous Administration that were intended to benefit one group of Americans? They preach daily that you cannot trust the current Administration, when they have; our internal enemy combatants waged the war of obstruction and obstructionism ever since the man has been in office. And sadly, Americans are not protesting that!

I will say it again; I did not vote for Mr. Obama, I wrote in Hillary Clinton as my choice for President of the United States and America. However, Hillary lost. But does that mean that if my candidate did not win, and in other words if I did not get my way, as the other side is doing now, I am not going to support those who were voted into power by the American majority?

Well the other side, the Republican Right, and members of its obstructionist Right are doing just that. They work everyday not only to cause the current Administration, whereby they cause America to fail and the process of rejuvenation to fail – they are doing all that they can to cause you to fail.

Americans wake up and consider the alternatives, even in terms of the near to come mid-term elections. Do we want to further empower the Party of NO and derail the process of healing and revival that was taking place in the nation, something that you all voted for in the last election. Or shall we put back in place, individuals with the same idea of ‘Me First’, back into control of our nation. Republicans, began to undermine the process of healing from day 1 of the Obama Administration.

The Republican minority does not want this nation to heal, for as long as the nation is sick and divided, they can promote their policies! Republicans ruined this nation and they have never repented or apologized for their actions and policies that caused America to be where it is now. And now they have the audacity to say, 'vote us back into power so that we can repeat the same policies of failure that we implemented before'?
Will Americans permit 'the inmates to return and guard the asylum again'?
Folks, think about your own body and mind. After a disease or virus has been introduced into your body, you can take all kinds of medications, vitamins, herbs …; however, the body or mind will take a certain amount of time to heal. And, it is no different with our national body.

The disease that was infused into the American national body politick and the nation took over 8 years under George H. Bush Jr. to accomplish, Republicans are the carriers if not the disease themselves, the jaundiced ones.

And two years later, since they have been out of power, the body is trying to heal healing but the process is taking time. Why again? Because the body takes a certain time to heal and because the virulents that were imposed into the body continue to be superimposed, in spite of all of the current injections and vaccines against the disease, by the same individuals who introduced the virus in the first place.

Americans, again, the rest of us are the hosts, for the Republican carriers of the disease of divisiness and Republican totalitarianism.

And all that they are promising America today, by black mail, manipulation and swindle is, if you put us back into power, we might pull back a bit on the injection of the virulent Republican disease but we never fully allow you to recover. Republicans.

If this nation is to heal at, we must continue what has been started, tweak those areas that with good intentions have not worked; stop the carriers who continue to periodically inject more disease into our national bodies, minds and institutions; adn destroy or innoculate ourselves for every against the Republican disease, for only then can the nation and our institutions fully heal.

And as for those Republcians who are guilty of spreading and encouraging the plague, each one of them ought to be sought out, exposed and brought to justice. Again, they are the ones who brought America to its knees and near economic collapse given the policies of failure, economic prosperity and security for one closed group.

And they are the ones who will sacrifice your current well being and recovery having already implemented a police of “keep America on its knees by obstructing the power of the Presidency’, up to and until they regain control of power in order to implement their same failed policies. I will be working the polls during the mid-term elections, and I hope that each one of you will get out and exercise your incursive right to vote!
And if you will, give Mr. Obama what former President George Bush Jr. asked for, after he had been in office for only 4 years.
It was a time when Americans were loosing their jobs and factories were closing (Remember Ohio Representative Boehner's state), when he visited there), he asked for and received more time. You have given Mr. Obama and Democrats less than two years to undo what the previous George Bush Jr. Administration too, 8 years to do. Give the man another 2 years to try to complete the task and if perchance the situation has not improved, then do what I did last time, ‘vote for someone else’/ And I add one caveat, that is if the reason for any ongoing failure cannot be directly attributed to the efforts made by Republican obstructionism and covert Republican divisive tactics and operations!

During the time that Republican Congressman John Boehner was filibustering the President of the United States, the Buckeye State (his home stated has continued to falter just as it did when George Bush Jr was in ofice). Now how could a Congressional House led by Mr. Boehner do any good for the rest of the nation? He obstructed practically every issue set forth by the President, can you imagine what he would do if you gave him a Republican majority in the house. Imagine, what it will do for our Government and for the nation. It would only set us back to the George Bush years.

And Joe McCarthy, if you can hear me, we could use you right know, well as long as you go after the perpetrators, for a new form of totalitarianism has gripped America, and no one is investigating or attempting to expose these Republican anarchist totalitarian cells!

And my final word to the American voter is this: now that the neophyte President Obama has had a few years in office and is starting to show signs that he understands how Washington DC works and is growing up, insist that he stay on track, and then depose not add more Republicans to Congress. You should be going after the obstructionists who are hindering America's full recovery, not the neophyte that you placed into office. Are you kidding me?

Peace, Grace & Vote

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