Oct 6, 2010

The Party of Lincoln: Hard To Take The Republican Party Seriously Anymore

Only one of the major political part9es in the United States of America has creditability anymore, the Democratic Party. The other party, the Republican party has lost its way.
Introduction: It is not that far of a stretch to believe that if the late Republican President from Illinois, Abraham Lincoln were alive today, a member of the Republican (Whig Party of today) and running for the office of President, that he would be summarily rejected by his own party. Honest Abe would instead be relegated to the proverbial scrap heat of life by the likes of the derelict neo-cons, the T-Party and modern day Republican Party media maggots like Rush Limbaugh …, who are the face of the Republican Party.

They are the new Whig Party. Another name for today's gaggle of Republican malcontents could be, Rupert Murdoch's anarchist children.

Why? The Republican Party, the party of gimmicks, whiners and misfits is a Party that is and has been in complete disarray going all the way back to Richard Nixon. This struggling, without a true leader, political party can no longer be taken seriously by a thinking person.

All you hear, on an ongoing basis from the Wha Wha Wha party is more of the same, Wha Wha Wha and the sky is falling. If the sky is falling, it is because of the predominant leadership of Republican Presidents over the past 30 years. Each time that they have had the chance to prove or redeem themselves, they have failed miserably.

And who do Republicans blame for the condition of this country given their selection of leaders? Answer, they blame the nation’s failures on a Democratic president who has been in office for less than 2 years. The President along with the Democratic led House and Senate have been thwarted at every turn by Republicans.

And can you believe it that once again; they have the audacity to insist that the rest of us give them another chance to repeat the same behavior, in hopes of realizing a different outcome. I hate to think of where the nation would be if John McCain and Sarah Palin were successful during the 2008 campaign! They would be blaming their current failings on God fearing Americans and not, the ones who would not go along with their inane policies as being unpatriotic and the reason for their failures.

Unfortunately the memory of Americans are short, when just 2 years ago many of us were considered non-patriots by the Bushtanista Party and his policy wonks. The rest of the world, America’s allies and most of all, American citizens breathed a collective sigh of relief the minute that Bush and his sycophants were out of office.

And what did the Republicans do, they began to plan Obama’s demise, Americans are understandably frustrated, given the time that is has taken to undo the Republican mess. However, can we really expect the damage that was done over a 30-year period to be done in 20 months? And, do we really want to return to power, the ones who got us in this mess in the first place?

No matter what Republicans call themselves today, Whigs, conservatives, The Right, the Values party. The party of Ronald Reagan, or the T-Party, America always experiences the same result, failed leadership, whenever Republicans are in power or have any power for that matter.
Let me see, Richard Nixon was nearly impeached. And oh yes there was the one-term Presidency of George H. Bush Sr., Republicans didn’t like him either because like President Obama has done today, he realized that Ronald Reagan’s voodoo economics was digging and burying the nation in a ‘deep do do”!

President George Bush Jr. recognized that America could not continue with deficit spending, and that someone had to pay the piper. In addition to raising taxes, he also implored America to become ‘a kinder and gentler nation’. And of course he was referring to the hardliners in his own party, a request to which Republicans failed to respond.

Instead, Republicans rejected a kinder gentler President and made him a 1-term President, behaving just like members of the Republican T-Party are doing to moderate Republicans today. They are hold-overs from the Ronald Reagan, trickle-down, leveraged buyout, green-mail, wealth concentrated in the hands of the wealthy and Contragate …Presidency.

Thank God for the sensible co-regent presidency of George H. Bush Jr. and Dick Cheney. Gotcha, are you kidding me? What a tag-team those two happened to be. The two of them together were the equivalent of an Undertaker and Randy Savage tag team match. Bush was the Undertaker (given all of the innocent lives that he was responsible for removing from the face of the earth. Dick Savage Cheney never met too many humans that he did like. The two of them are responsible for the deaths of more humans in the 21st Century, than any other nation in the so-called free world.

If only they, Republicans, would stay home on election day, just a few weeks from now, and have some ‘T”, calm down and allow the plans that were put into place as a result of a mandate by the majority of the American people, to take place, then the Recovery will work. .Eventually, the nation will pay off Republican-induced debts and return soon after to solvency.

Instead, what Republicans really are trying to do, and hope to complete by Republican fiat is to gain control of Congress and derail the process that is in place and working. The recovery has begun to show significant signs of progress. Republicans want to prevent the policies and measures that have been put into place from working.

And then they will say, “see I told you it wouldn’t work. My answer to them would be perhaps, but only you folks plotted to keep them from working. To the extent that the recovery has taken as long as it has to begin to work, can be blamed directly on Republican obstructionism, filibustering, contempt for the democratic leadership in the House and Senate, economic reality as well as Republican contempt for the current President of the United States, Barack Obama. Their lack of cooperation has hindered what could have been a quicker recovery. I wonder who they hate more, Ahmadinajab, President of Iran, or Barack Obama, President of the United States of America. And given the extended tax-breaks that they enjoyed, how many jobs did they help to create over the past years. Oh that’s right, Republican hopeful Meg Whitman, a gubernatorial candidate in the state of California chose to hire a non-American.

Now if asked, and what would you Republicans do to complete the work that has already been begun by President Obama, the pernicious problems that are a direct result of Republican leadership and policies, their answer would be that we do more of the same, of what got us into this mess in the first place. They don’t have any solutions; they simply want to regain control of Washington.

And no matter what Meg Whitman says, I keep wondering, why wouldn’t she hire a bonafied American in the first place. Okay, back to the point.

And what else could we expect as a result of Republican dynamism, the rich would get richer, corporate lobbyists and the corporations that they represent would get wealthier and the rest of the nation would experience more home foreclosures, more homeless in the streets, more Americans slipping from the middle class into poverty and the specter of war would certainly with Republicans in power. And of course they wouldn’t want to pay for future wars that they would instigate.

Once again, Republicans are the reason that America needed TARP and a Recovery Act in the first place. They are also responsible for the other problems that the nation is facing domestically and overseers: wars, recession, unemployment, and the near failure of banks all over the world can be placed in the lap of Republicans and Republican leadership.

And having said that Republicans have the right to be angry, however, their misdirected anger ought to be pointed to where it belongs, at Republicans and Republican policies.

The will of the majority of American people and support for the duly elected president, means nothing to a Republican radical. Okay, here is a good place to say it, all Republicans are not bad – I know some of them personally, and they are good people, and it would appear that Republican inmates are running the Republican Party asylum.

What I cannot understand is why the reasonable ones won’t stand up for the nation against the instigators and insurrectionists in their own party, for factually they are without question a destabilizing and destructive force in America and the world. They are traitors!

I cannot close without pointing out the Republican Strategy, it is as follows:
1. Obstruct
2 Filibuster and
3. Repeat steps 1 and 2, up and until Republicans regain their control of American military party and the treasury.

And once complete gridlock is achieved again by them, they will stand back and victory for the elite in the Republican Party, while proclaiming ‘see we told you so’.
These people ought to be brought up on charges, each and every one of them. Whatever happened to the Department that investigated and doled out punishment for Un-American Activities?

These people who would prefer a divided America instead of a united one, with the help of former president George H. Bush Jr., who was their Lord and Savior for awhile, nearly brought this country to its knees and now they want to complete what they began when George H. Bush Jr. was in power.

The nation is still reeling; however, we are making steady progress in spite of all of the efforts of the Republican Party to make sure that the current recovery does not succeed. No former President Abe, the Republican Party, like the Whig Party that you had to deal with in the 19th Century is blight on American history and a nuisance to the rest of the American people and the world.

They wouldn’t want a principled leader to take hold of the reigns of power, not even you, if their lives depended on it. Why? Because you or another principled leader might do what is necessary for the good of the nation, and they don’t want that.

I say that if they are so concerned about uncontrolled spending as they keep saying that they are, then why won’t they help out, give up the tax cuts that they received over a period of 8-years (at the time when the country was at war), and aid the recovery?.

Instead, what have they done but criticize every effort made by the President or anyone else, including the Speaker of the House … to bring this country back to solvency and to continue their obstructionist practices. Where is Barry Goldwater when you need him?

And still the true Statepeople in the Republican Party, have been moot?

Folks, if the Republican Party was a NFL Football Team, they would have been penalized a long time ago, for delay of and roughing the quarterback, President Obama. They have treated that man as if he were an enemy of the state!. Someone must throw the flag, the Republicans won’t do it. .

And what do they have to offer today, that would cause ‘a thinking person’ to take them seriously, Sarah Palin or Senate Hopeful, candidate O’Donnell. All that I can say to that is, Old McDonald had a farm, ei ei o! And on his farm he had a chick, Sarah Palin, ei ei o. And here a chick, there a chick …

The Republicans as mandated by the Grand Puba of the Party, get to him later, are trying to hand the nation, Senate hopeful O’Donnel, just as they tried to push and unprepared and unqualified Sarah Palin on the nation. And they did not care that she was unprepared for the second most important office in the land, Vice President of the United States, tells you a lot about the desperation in the Republican Party. She even permitted herself to be used for awhile, that is until her inner self could not take it anymore. At that point she became rancorous, and begin to join with others like her in the T-Party and elsewhere, in order to push her own agenda.

I kind of respect her for doing the latter, that is being her own person and giving the Republicans who used her deserved kick in the face. However, Sarah, you have a responsibility to the Christine O’Donnel’s and future George Bush Jr. unprepared and unqualified candidates to go and get yourself qualified before seeking to acquire one of the most heralded positions in the land.

Sadly, and in so many ways, Ms. O’Donnel is just another Sarah Palin media star. She is certainly not ready for prime-time. What a mess she would make if she were to prevail and to assume the Senate Seat that was abandoned by current Vice President Joe Biden.

Of late, she is demonstrating the same amount of incompetence, that her mentor Sarah Palin did when interviewed by Katie Couric 3 years ago.
Haven’t these people learned anything, given what happened just 2 years ago?
Sarah Palin’s handlers even admitted, in the aftermath of the 2008 Election (they couldn’t admit it before then), that Sarah Palin was totally unprepared – she didn’t know anything, and should not have been expected to at the time.

But in desperation, Republicans made a cynical attempt to sell her to Republicans and the American people and to vote her into the second highest position in the land, and they came uncomfortably close to succeeding.

Seriously, and Republicans want me to take them and their party of the fitful and unqualified seriously. John McCain certainly was qualified to run for President of the United States. But how low could a Party and Presidential Party candidate stoop in order to obtain the presidential prize. Sarah Palin for veep, come on!.

Fortunately, the wheels came off and they failed in their attempt to steal the 2008 election from democrats and moderate Republicans, by using Sarah Palin. .

Their current most recent behavior proves that Republicans simply do not care about America. And I guarantee you that Ms. O’Donnel also believes that someday she could be President of the United States of America. Again, I am not a gradualist, I believe that we need more qualified, capable and competent women and men running for and holding office in America.

I know that there are competent and qualified women and men on the Democratic side, and I am pretty sure that are equally competent men and women on the Republican side. The question then, is how come the group that controls the Republican party does not want either group to prevail, regardless of political party. The Republicans who are in charge of the Republican simply want a puppet, like George H. Bush Jr., that they can dictate to and control.

A competent Republican could simply not get the nod from the Republican Party extremists.

Clearly the Republican Party has sunk to its lowest depths and one is hard-pressed to take them seriously.

Have bereft Republicans simply crossed over into no man’s land? Are they or were they ever aware of their responsibilities to not only their Party, but to our children, the elderly, our nation and the world? Muhammad Ali once said it best, ‘not just anyone can be President of the United States’. The same sentiment should apply to the mayor, governor, representative, judge or supreme court justice.

Election by fiat or gimmick should not be tolerated in the American electoral process, not by either party. Karl Rove, political strategist of former president, George H. Jr., the man who successfully handed George Bush Jr., the presidency of the United States, recently declared that Ms. O’Donnel should not be taken seriously. In other words, he implied, that she doesn’t even measure up to the stature of former president, George H. Bush Junior. So she must be a real piece of work!

Karl Rove, if I can speak for him, wants a serious candidate to run for the vacated seat of Vice President Joe Biden in Maryland. And what did Karl Rove receive for his trouble? He is on the verge of being brushed aside by the malcontents in the Republican Party who want to win by any means necessary..

On the other hand, The Grand Pupa and titular head of the Republican Party that I alluded to previously, an anarchist radio talk show host no less, contradicted Rove He wants to win, no matter at what cost to the Republican Party. The Grand Pupa of the Republican Party instead, overruled Karl Rove and told Republicans to support O’Donnel. Again, now who is in charge of the Republican Party? Answer: The inmates are in control.

The citizens of the First State to Ratify the Constitution (Virginia doesn’t agree), are neither pleased or flattered given the agitation and influence that outsiders, who are being told what to do by outsiders are trying to influence the Senatorial election in their state. What will she do if she could get to Washington, ask, ‘hey Joe, is it alright if I call you Joe”?.

Speaking of jack-asses, the phrase that Rush used to refer, pejoratively, to the president of the United States of America: of late proves that he, Rush, has a lot in common with the kind of Republicans that he supports. Clearly, he has neither respect for the President nor for the office of the President of the United States of America. .

He doesn’t care who becomes the president of the United States, unprepared, incompetent or not, as long as they can ultimately defeat Democratic candidates, and permit themselves to be controlled by the Republican Party insiders like Rush. Again I ask, what has happened to the bankrupt Republican Party?

I wonder what would the late William F. Buckley or former Senator Barry Goldwater do or have to say about the current trend in the Republican party if they were alive today (the two late co-founders of what’s left of the modern day Conservative Movement, which included Democrats at one time). Today’s Republicans are not conservatives, they are simply put, a take no prisoners mob!

I believe that the Rush strategy is going to backfire anyway this time, just as it did when he did what he could to get a Republican elected in 2008.

Again, what has the Republican Party given America, just over the last 50 years besides war?.

1. Richard Milhous Nixon resigned, before he could be impeached.
2. Ronald Reagan should have been found in contempt of Congress & was
3. George H. Bush Sr. a one-term President along with
His completely choice for Veep,
Danfoth Quayle.
4. George H. Bush Jr. Are you kidding me?

And they tried to give us Vice President Sarah Palin before and now they hope to give us Senator O’Donnel!

Republicans need to create a new Anthem to go along with their pledge of allegiance to themselves. If they were to do so, it should read:

I pledge allegiance
To the Flag
Of a Republican Party in disarray
That is being led by miscreants

And to the Republicans
For which it stands
Rush, Sarah Palin and Tea Party members
One nation
Under God (as long as he believes in right-winged Republican principles)
And Liberty and Justice for only a few Republicans

In closing, the American people may not like what has been going on in Washington, since Mr. Obama took office. However, they should reflect on where the country would be if Republicans had experienced a Republican reprise, and place blame where it belongs, with the Republicans..

We cannot allow the Republican Party minority to take America back to where it was when George H. Jr. and the Bushtanista Party stole the previous election, a feat that Republican whiners hope to accomplish until the world comes to an end. .

Serious Republicans need to take the time to rebuild their Party and , silence the likes of, Rush, Hannity, Savage, Williams, Beck, O’Riley …and find and groom a new Abe to take charge of the flailing and failing Republican party.

Ms. O’Donnell cannot help the Republican cause; she can only damage a brand that is already in gross disrepair. and enforce what we already know, that Republicans will do whatever they have to get a Republican elected, even if it means destroying the distinguished careers of other candidates, Democrats and Republicans.

Of late Republicans have tried, in the following order, an actor, a cheerleader, a majorette, a Quayle and who knows what we can expect next? It begs the question, when will the Republican Party come up with viable candidates and a plan that can take America forward instead of backwards. Until they do, no matter what happens, it will be hard for me to take them seriously.

Peace & grace

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