Oct 1, 2010

If They Really Cared? They Would Cooperate (Republicans)

Subject: Strong Armed Non-Republican Americans Will Have To Go It Alone

To my way of thinking, Republican brats (Minority Leaders in the House and all) are interested in one thing and one thing only, that is to have this country run according to a Republican mandate. As far as they care concerned, anything else would be ‘uncivilized’. Therefore the rest of America, will have to work together along with the duly voted powers that be in Washington, non-Republican, to solve America's problem while Republican sit on the sidelines.

The problem for Republicans, not President Obama or the Democratic House is that the majority of Americans do not agree with the Republican position or their manifesto, which has also been referred to in recent times as the Project for a New American Century (PNAC). They are still in denial, about what took place in 2008. Like ghosts who refuse to go to and remain in the Netherworld, they continue to haunt us even though they were 'buried' in the last mid-term as well and general election.

And despite the rebuke and repudiation by the American voters, they continue to hold America hostage in the hopes of resurrecting themselves from their well-deserved political graves.

Every day, it would appear, via the media in particular, that they engage in the politics of ‘obstruct and divide’. What normal people would want to divide their own nation. They are like battering rams in the hands of mad men, whose objective is to destroy and obliterate the wall of justice and freedom for all Americans and by ‘any means necessary’.

Republicans will not tolerate dissent being the totalitarian-types that they are, not even from a duly elected Democratic President. As far as they are concerned, the President and the Democratic led Congress all have to go, and they plan to make that happen soon.

What they hope to accomplish, by seeping Democrats from power, is to divide this nation up into 2 parts, with the larger portion, to include the wealth of the nation, the military .., ending up under the control of a Republican minority.

That’s right, let me repeat that if they can’t have it their way, they will settle for dividing this nation up into 2 parts, with the smaller part going to the majority of America’s citizens and minority Republicans at the helm and in charge of the major portion.

A Republican minority in power, would be just like it was before when a George H. Bush Jr. minority-led venal Republican Party controlled House, Senate and administration (except for some last hour wrangling the Republican camp nearly brought this nation to near collapse).

That’s right, no pun intended, a Republican minority cannot imagine an America where they are not in control of the Treasury, the Military, the Supreme Court, of late the Rupert Murdoch media machine, the American Christian church and of course, the Presidency?

The fascist Republicans that I know typically turn red and spit when they talk. They get excited when they recite their pre-rehearsed talking points that they periodically receive from Republican Central Command.

Rather than cooperate with the President, House and Senate leaders, or to sublimate their venal wills to that of the American majority
(for when they are not obstructing or in contempt, they prefer to sit on the sidelines and wait for the American House of cards to fall just as they have planned it).
Most Americans know very little about Republican think tanks that are scattered throughout this country. Most Americans believe that the Republican position comes out of nation’s capitol. They have no idea that Republican cells strategize every step that they will take, and what every Republican or Republican supporter should say when asked questions about Democrats, Republicans and the Republican Plan.

Before the late F. William Buckley passed away, I was in the audience when he spoke to a wide-eyed mostly Republican audience. Mr. Buckley, like most Americans was so smooth. And I will give him credit, for like most Republicans at the top of the Republican food chain, in particular the ones who create Republican policy, he was adroit, erudite and as cool as a Republican frost on a winter morning?

Just thinking about him and other Republican leaders, I can understand why men like John Wilkes-Boothe became President killers (a legacy that remains even until this day). Hopefully, the latest 'favorite son' from the Illinois Legislature will not experience a similar fate by another Republican assassin.

It would appear that the Republicans had just such an eventuality in mind, until someone showed the would - be Republican assassin’s of the 21st century, that there was another way to assassinate a President, but this time without using a gun.

And for those American voters, even Republican ones, that are considering replacing Democrats and Independents with Republicans, be they Representatives or even a President, just ask yourself, who do they have to offer that won't take America back to where it was just 2 years ago?
Just look at the ones that are in Congress now; student body Right is what I call them, they won't even countenance America first moderate Republicans.
They have never heard of a compromise that they liked, in fact they probably are not aware that the term compromise actually exists. Oh yeah, well they did go along with the historical Missouri Compromises, er herm, no surprise there. However, in modern times they only compromise that they are willing to make is one where they obstruct the will of the majority of the American people.

Now someone is thinking, why is Reverend Solomon lumping all Republicans mostly into the same camp with Radical Republicans. I actually know some Republicans, some of best friends (well before they read this manuscript) are Republicans. However, many of them refuse to speak up to the power-brokers in their own Party, despite their anti-American and if you will anti-Christian behaviors.

And if there is anything worse than a killer, it is the individual or individuals who stand by and watch someone murder someone else when it is in their power to stop the killing, and still they stand by. And that is exactly what the majority of Republicans are doing and have done even when they know that the wheels have come off in their Party and fascists are in control. Why won’t they speak up? Well, I suspect that the two most important reasons that they can think of is that they do not want to break ranks and because staying with Republicans is the best way to keep their wealth, no matter how they managed to come by it.

Cowards is what comes to mind? I have had to speak up and out to people whom I loved, individuals who were good and kind in one respect but on the other hand, they were jaundiced, closed-minded and narrow in their interpretations of most things. Like Republicans, with regard to certain issues, their minds were made up and facts meant nothing.

As I close, I simply ask that Republicans learn to behave like adults. Most of us were taught during the early periods of our lives, when we were being socialized at an early age, that you cannot always have ‘your way’. It would appear that the majority of ‘Republicans Gone Wild’, has never learned that lesson.

Even Solomon, the writer of the Ecclesiastes wrote: There is a time for everything. He never mentioned compromise, however, I am certain that a man of his reported wisdom would agree, that there is a time to get and a time to let go. Wieldy Republicans refuse to accept the notion of compromise, they believe, it is our way or the proverbial highway.

The majority of Americans, who like myself, grew up during the period that is often referred to as the Cold War, are familiar with terms like fascism, Nazism, totalitarianism … Most of us were conditioned to attribute these terms to other nations and Republics like the Soviet Republic or the Republic of China. We would never dream of the day when thinking in these terms that we would ever apply these terms to Americans, but that is exactly what too many on the republican side are, they are fascist, they are totalitarians, they are Republican-American fascists.

And just as Americans have done in the past, by sacrificing their sons and husbands in order to stop fascism by a foreign power, we must join together today and stamp out the fascism that exists inside of America's Republican Party. Why, because some of America's enemies are more likely to cooperate with the Administration in Washington and the will of the American people than American Republicans are likely ever willing to do. To be frank, the damage done to America was not done by an outside power, it began when Republicans led by George H. Bush Jr. abused their power!

The latter begs the question, who were America's real enemies from 1992 through year 2000? For me, it was an inside job led by a man who violated his oath of office, and abrogated his responsibility when he decided to serve only a portion of the American Constituency, the Republican Party from which he hailed.

Peace and Grace

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