Oct 23, 2010

The Republican Mission in 2010

Subject: Stop Obama And the Democrats Before They Win Again! Part I

First of all, it would be a different matter if the Republican’s motive was any different from what it has been since President Obama became president of the United States just 20 months ago. I am referring to the real reason why Republicans have been waging such a virulent political war against President Obama and the Democratic led House and Senate.

If you were to believe them, all that they have been doing in terms of trying to win back control of the Senate and the House is to save America from economic catastrophe and over-spending by the current democratic administration. However, most thinking Americans know that there is far more to it than that.

What they have been hoping for and feverishly working for is to derail the process and progress before the Democratic recovery works, and the hearts of the American people are turned back to the Democrats. The American recovery means little to a Republican, what matters more to a Republican than the recovery is that they be in charge of America and American power.

Therefore, they keep up the smear campaigns, sowing seeds of doubt, filibustering, blitzing the media with gloom and doom scenarios. Why do they do it? They do so in order to turn Americans away from Obama and the recovery in spite of the 8 years that it took for them, Republicans, to create the mess that Obama and the Democrats are cleaning up.

They know in the same manner that General Custer must have known, that it is their last stand and therefore they must act fast, because of late the economic indicators are turning in favor of the democratic recovery that was put in place by President Obama and the democratic majority. The Republicans would like to get in their in time take credit for the ongoing recovery, something that they had nothing to do with!

How embarrassing it would be for Republicans, if yet another democratic President succeeds at doing what former president Bill Clinton did, when he came in behind a Republican administration that was headed by George Bush Sr. and cleaned up the mess that was left behind.
The fact of the matter is that neophyte president Barack Obama Hussein has already done a yeoman’s job in terms of cleaning up another catastrophe that a Republican administration left behind.
Now that the recession has ended and America is on the way to full recovery, Republicans want to be in the driver’s seat when the inevitable occurs so that they can take credit for it, despite nearly 2 years of Republican obstructionism.

I repeat: Vocal Republicans care very little about America; they simply want to be in control of America's military and economic power, whatever they have to do in order to get it. Silent Republicans are guilty for standing by and watching what their comrades are doing to America, while they do and said nothing to object!

The Republicans have been in a similar position before and it cost them dearly. They know that if former President Bill Clinton had not fallen into disrepute, given his salacious affair with Monica Lewinsky, after he successfully cleaned up the mess left behind by Ronald Reagan and George Bush Sr., that Al Gore, would have been coronated President. And following an expected successful 2-year term by President Al Gore, Obama or some other Democratic president would have taken over.

And there is no telling how long the passing of the baton to democrats would have lasted? The net result of that would have been that the New American century would have been much different than it has been, if the Republicans had not come back to power under George Bush Jr.

In addition to a world at peace, America and the world would still be enjoying economic growth and prosperity, and the majority of Americans would still have good paying jobs and all of the families of the world would live in a world that was and still would be at peace.

However, once George Bush Jr. and the Republicans returned to power, the entire process of peace and prosperity came to a screeching halt, just as it has often offered when Republican administrations are in power. Republicans, not democrats, stopped the process of peace and prosperity, preferring that the the wealth of the nation be concentrated in the hands of a few, that political unrest would be re-inserted into the world with an American Republican warlike political regime in power.

And the Republican regime that used lies, propaganda and double-speak in order to embroil both America and its allies in war once again, is making a gallant effort to convince the American voters that they should have another to do what the do best, bring down America. The Republicans under George H. Bush Jr., given their lying warmongering, have brought America nearly to the brink of economic collapse and still they blame the Democrats for their crimes against Americans and humanity.

Speaking of the Peace of Rome, I can only imagine what the past decade would have been like if Democrats would have remained in control, and George Bush Jr. if George Bush Jr. have never left Texas and the Texas Rangers baseball team. Instead the world is on shaky ground, and many Americans have found are in the throes of despair even though their champion is trying to bring America back.

Savvy, dyed-in-the wool Republicans intend to make sure that neither Americans nor the world will be won over due to another democratic success. They are so desperate, Republicans are, that despite nearly a decade of tax cuts, TARP and stimulus funds, Republicans refuse to hire Americans, not even Joe the Plumber. Why? If they were to begin to hire Americans in Republican run corporations, Obama would benefit. And Republicans would rather standby while Americans, loose their jobs, their homes and their customary way of living rather than help the recovery work.

Many of the most prominent Republicans that are running for some of the most powerful offices in the land, are millionaires and one in particular, Meg Whitman, gubernatorial candidate in California, a billionaire. And Meg, like many other of her Republican ilk, have used their advantages in order to increase their personal wealth while while helping to keep other Americans at a disadvantage.

And that folks, is the Republican way, because under the Clinton administration, the middle-class prospered - most Americans came to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle.

But all of that came to an end, the minute Republicans, led by George H. Bush Jr., came back into power. I wonder, which Democrat it will be in the future, that will repair the damage that we can all expect to done, if the Republicans ever regain the reigns of power in Washington again.

And still, as well as things are going now, the recovery and all, Republicans refuse to hire their fellow Americans who are badly in need of jobs. They refuse to do so in order to spite Obama, the democrats and Independents who voted for Obama and to to keep the democratic recovery plan from working.

And still they blame Obama and the Democrats for the persistently high rate of unemployment in the nation. What they don’t say is that is a result of Obama and the Democrats, America’s major corporations are sitting atop incredible economic reserves. How long will they standby and watch more and more Americans sink into financial disaster, the answer is, until they have returned to power. And even then the majority of Americans will never enjoy the economic prosperity or peace that they enjoyed under Bill Clinton, Republicans will make sure of that.

Wealthy Republicans, including the Bushes, the Cheneys ... have already benefited from the bail out, and they could care less about what happens to the rest of America, because all they want is to return to and to wield American power. And they are trying to regain that power by any means necessary. And whether by hook, crook or character assassination, they know that every day that passes, they their party is in more trouble of loosing their quest to regain power. So, they must keep up the steady drumbeat of stop Obama, the democrats and the ongoing American economic recovery!

What a bunch of anti-American traitors?

Having said that, the clock is still working against them. For all that the democrats need to happen is for the American people to wake up and give them the time that they need, Republicans do not have a plan to help Americans, in spite of Republican obstruction. The democrats need the American majority to stand and say to the Republicans, it is not your time for you have done enough to destroy America and the world.

And just to show you just how brazen and desperate the Republicans are, a recent poll reported that 35% of Americans, mostly Republicans I’m sure, would prefer to have President Bush Jr. to be president of the United States again. Short memories? Well, it is a point of fact that while most Americans and the world suffered under the weight of the George Bush Jr. presidency, a significant portion of the Republican Party prospered. The George Bush tax breaks contributed largely to their successes.

Of course they want George Bush Jr. back in spite of all that he did to ruin this nation domestically and internationally, that is as long as they continue to enrich themselves as a result of his partisan policies.

And that brings me to this question: What is more important to Republicans, the Peace of America, and an economic recovery that will provide all Americans with the opportunity to succeed, or an America, led by Republicans, for Republicans and of Republicans? I suspect that it is the latter. Certainly the latter is what matters the most to them. Why? Because no matter how bad a Republican leader happens to be, Republicans will support him or her in order to keep the power of the Presidency in the hands of Republicans, no matter how incompetent they are. Just consider the last 5 Republican Presidents and Vice Presidents.

Can you say, Nixon, Agnew, Bush Jr, Dan Quayle as an example of what I am talking about. They are just a sample of the types of leaders that Republicans have blessed America with, all of whom either disgraced the offices that they were elected to, or total incompetents.

Conversely, even when a competent, skilled, intellectual democratic is in or near to gaining hold of power, Republicans will do all that they can to obstruct, abuse, stop or impeach him or her. The motive behind republicanism is simply this: to hold on to power at all costs, no matter how poorly they manage the country in exchange for wielding power, maximize profit and garner wealth. For them, care for America, the American people and the world comes in at a far distant second.

Peace & grace

Part II
Stop The Democrats Before They Win Again!

If the Republicans were to succeed and regain power in the upcoming mid-term election and assume majorities in the Congress and the Senate, the second portion of their plan would be put into place. And that strategy would have nothing to do with governing America according to the will of the people, it would instead entail a Republican version of General Robert E. Lee's confederate march to Richmond, or the Oval Office in this scenario.

The Republican generals would have nothing else on their minds for the next 2 years if they were to return to control the House and the Senate. The Republicans are circling the wagons, with hopes of returning to Washington in order to reclaim what each one of them belongs to them, a capitol that they believe is confederate under its current administrator, President Obama.

Sadly, if they were to succeed and two years from now regain the presidency in the 2012 general election, my prediction is that soon afterward America and the world would soon experience more of what we have experienced before when Republicans were in power, going back to the days of Nixon, Reagan, Bush and Bush, war. The whole world would daily be DEFCOM III, never knowing when these curmudgeons would strike. And, any Americans who would not go along with their venal policies, would be labeled, non-patriots, as we were labeled under the George Bush Jr. regime.

And it they were to regain majority power, it would not take long for Republicans and Republican leaders to engage in their favorite craft, war, greed and obstructionism. The American people would feel the effects right away.

And even if Republicans did not subject the rest of America, the ones who would oppose their venal and self-serving policies to internment camps or gas chambers; for all of the days that they were to be in power, the rest of us would feel as if we had been interred.

Many Republicans like Dick Morris and Anne Coulter, are already referring to themselves and the Republicans as patriots. Where does that leave the rest of us who do not see things their way. Living under another Republican administration would be nothing short of a living the George Bush Jr nightmare all over again. The fact of the matter is as a result of under Republican control, most Americans would be experiencing Auschwitz all over again, especially those Americans who would reject Republican policies, just as we we did under the iron clad fist of George H. Bush Jr., #43.

If the Republicans were to regain a modicum of power in America, most of us would immediately the feel the impact. And, if they were to, America might experience a full-fledged civil war.

It bears repeating, as I begin to close, that what the Republicans are truly afraid of is that President Obama and the Democrats will soon succeed in turning America around and making the world a peaceful one again.

And where would that leave Republicans? It would leave Republicans disgraced. For the sake of my children, I am pulling for Obama and the Democrats. For I can envision the kind of world that my and other children of America and the world would live in if Republicans were to assume power and attempt to complete the unfinished agenda of George Bush Jr. and the Republican Party. The latter can only mean another 8 to 12 years of war with someone, the DPNK, Iran, the ROC or Afghanistan itself perhaps.

And not only that, the Republicans will do what they always do, that is to take credit for Democratic successes, even the ongoing recovery that is already in place. And it will succeed just as soon as Republicans stop trying to keep it from working by creating fear in the American people.

I can only imagine what else they have up their sleeves now, perhaps war with China, or will it be a just war joint-bombing mission, along with Israel, of let's say, Iran? Or how about an invasion of our southern neighbor, Cuba?

All of us together, the majority of Americans, can prevent this from happening. all we have to do is keep the republicans out of power, hopefully never to return, leastwise, until they grow up. For Democrats are nothing more than speed bumps and hindrances on the Republican road of life.

And, it has been that way going all of the way back to the Nixon Administration if not before. Many of the members of the Nixon regime, included luminaries like Cheney, Wolfowitz, Rumsfeld, Libby, Snowe, Perle, Fife ..., Condi, only wishes that she could have been there. Having said that, she did all that she could to make up for lost time, even though she was rejected by Nixonian hardliners like Donald Rumsfeld while she attended George Bush.

Many of our younger voters have no idea of who these people really are, or what I am talking about. When I think of this group of Republicans, terms like Ellsberg papers, Watergate, Contragate, greenmail, leveraged buyouts, trickle-down and voodoo economics come to mind.

Many of our young people are unaware of the fact that it was the holdovers that came into power when George H. Bush Jr. took over the oval office, that they were responsible for America's modern day wars.

And we must not forget that America’s staunchest allies were also pushed to the side, the ones who disagreed with Republican America’s latest trenchant policies of world-wide hegemony, to include America’s historical allies who voiced aloud, their distaste and dissatisfaction with Republican American global crusades.

The majority of the world along and America's allies, along with the majority of Americans rejoiced when they George H. Bush Jr and the Republicans were cast from power. The world breathed a collective sigh of relief.

The Republican Party is an outdated party of 'old men'. in particular Republican ones. Curmudgeons who harbor the same old outdated ideas, and the same lust for war that their predecessors had. Even if 9/11 had not occurred, it would have still have been just a matter of time before these old farts, would have embroiled America in yet another war.

And, the daughters and sons of America and America's allies, would still likely have died on some distant shore for the Grand Old Men's Party, even though the old men who would be responsible for whatever happened would sit by and reap the spoils of war.

The Republican desire continues to be this: that every nation of the world would bow down to the American Idol, and I am not talking about a TV show that bears the same name. I am talking about Republican American idolatry, with a Republican craving. Republicans believe in war for wars sake, even if they have to fight the war on credit, while their personal coffers remain full to the brim.

Americans ought to remember, the roughly 4 to 5,000 American boys and girls who paid the ultimate sacrifice (not to mention the tens of thousands that have been wounded and maimed in brutal combat), while Republicans were gorging themselves.

And if there is to be a Republican reprise to the last act under George H. Bush Jr., this time will not be any different from the last time. While the wars are being fought, they will cut spending for unemployment insurance, while at the same time they will extend Bush tax cuts for themselves.

Under their leadership, the deficit would increase, not decrease. I am amazed, that after all that America and the American people have been through - a sting that is still being felt by Americans (a direct result of the last Republican administration in power, that the American people have such a short memory, and are considering returning these knuckleheads to power.

Why, I wonder, are so many Americans willing to return to power the party that got America into the jam that it is in the process of recovering from, under the guidance of the newly elected democratic administration, in the first place? Does anyone believe that if Republican John McCain and Sarah Palin had succeeded in winning the Presidency and Vice Presidency of the United States, that America would be experiencing a recovery? I certainly don’t think so!

The American people rightly said no to John and Sarah. And what do the Republicans have to offer next time, Bobby Gindal, Sarah Palin or John Boehner of Ohio, give me a break! The Republicans are a gutted party, one that is lacking in leadership power.

However, facts aside, it would appear that some Americans would vote back into power the party that has failed us over and over again at the end of the past century.

I keep wondering, how to escape from American voters? One has to ask, is it truly Republican ingenuity, or on the other hand the stupidity and naivete of the American voters that keeps getting America into trouble over and over again? Republicans cannot do what they do and have done without help and too many American voters are co-signors with them. It would appear that the malleable and gullible American electorate is ripe for picking again.

Of late, the Republican spin machine has been winning the battle it would appear, just as Republican spin masters have done in the past. I was in Tahoe, my favorite nearby respite, when a gambler smiled and said to me: “You know, the next time, instead of coming to Tahoe to gamble and loosing so much money, I will just stay home and mail my check”? He added, "if I were to simply stay at home and mail the check in, I could save gas money!

Perhaps the Americans voters should simply stay home and mail in their checks too, because that is what they will be doing, in my opinion, if they were to vote back into power the same holdovers from the Nixon, Reagan, Bush I and II administrations.

Frankly, I cannot understand why Americans keep falling for the same old tricks. The rest of us ought to give Obama and the Democrats a chance to complete what they started. It is our lives and the lives of our children that are at stake, if we don't, and they should not have to live through what we have, over and over again, when Republicans are in power.

If I were you, and you have not decided how to vote yet, I would encourage you to do what former wife of president Ronald Reagan warned our young people to do in a different scenarios, she told them to, JUST SAY NO, and I encourage you to do the same for Republicans on November 3rd, Democrats are the best hope for America!

Peace & Grace

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