Oct 8, 2010

A Better Way To Choose A President – Take Turns

Subject: Fix the Problem Don't Blame the Victims

Obama is not the problem, in fact if you get right down to it George Bush Jr. was not the problem either from 2000 to 2008. The real problem that America faced then and, happens to be the American people.

We live in a republic, which mean, among other things, that America’s leaders are chosen by the people (those who will vote) and are expected to represent us and act in our stead. They have not obtained their offices by conscription, they are voted into office. And because you carry the surname of a previous president, or make one starling speech at the Democratic Convention, was that enough to cause a thinking voter to exercise his or her franchise for either one of these candidates.

The leaders that we select to govern, in our stead, at the federal, state and local levels, serve at the will of the people. They are are expected to make decisions, create policy and to behave and vote as we would all 300 million of us could be present ourselves to exercise our franchises.

And, given that we put them where they are, in various offices, the ultimate responsibility for the decisions that they make lies squarely with the American people (the ones who voted, and the ones who failed to vote but were eligible to do so).

Sadly, Americans will continue to place the blame on the representatives that we select to represent us for the failures that we experience on a quadrennial basis, however, the ultimate responsibility for whatever happens lies with the American people themselves.

In the latest iteration of 'the American people failing themselves', instead of it being the other way around 'the politicians failed', the majority that voted overwhelmingly for President Obama in 2008, are currently abandoning not only the ship but the appointed captain of the ship.

Sadly, they refuse to take any responsibility for putting this promising and consenting neophyte, into power in the middle of an unprecedented American crisis. Each of us who has children, know that on occasion our children have to be overruled when they desire to engage in behavior that is risky and harmful to themselves and others.

And yet the responsible American electorate elected two unprepared neophytes, George Bush Jr and Barack Obama to lead during consecutive terms. Frankly, I do not believe that either of the two was seasoned, versed or experienced enough to lead at the time that they were elected. And I did not vote for either one.

Some will say, well what was the alternative? And my answer to that query simply put is this, why didn't the American people come up with more seasoned candidates as opposed to voting by default?

In addition to voting by default and just to aggravate the other side, each side voted an unwanted, not quite ready for prime time inchoate leader into office, an office that neither was adequately prepared to qualify.

Conclusion: Until the American people mature themselves, and will admit their responsibility for the current American tragedy in American politics, we will continue to experience similar bickering, animosity, name calling and animus of the kind that we have been experiencing for what seems like a millenia now.

we simply have to endure the bickering, name calling, threats, dissemination and dissimulation that has been plaguing us for as far back as I can remember.

On the other hand, we can do what our parents would often do when they settled a dispute among sibilings, they said, okay you can do it your way this time, and to the other sibling, you can do it your way the next time.

Don’t laugh, because we could save ourselves a lot of time, money, grief and aggravation if we were to do so, and I reiterate, we could save the nation a lot of money that could be put to better use if we did. So simply let each of the major parties take turns screwing up the country, then perhaps we will stop fighting among ourselves, come together and take control of a nation that is out of control!

Peace & Grace

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