Nov 3, 2010

Filibusterers Won the 2010 Mid-Term Election: Back East

Subject: The People Have Spoken

Clearly, I was disappointed but not surprised at the outcome of last night’s
election results.

We closed down the poll, where I volunteered last night, at 9:50PM. On the
way home, I turned on my car radio and listened intently to the election results.
Given the 3 hour time differential, on the coast, I heard about the Republican
sweep that took place in the eastern time zones. Was I glad that I lived out
here, instead of back there.

I heard how the Republicans had taken back approximately 60 seats in Congress
from the Democrats, that the Democrats lost only 5 seats in the Senate, that Rand Paul won in Kentucky. I also heard that Ms. Whitman was running neck and
neck, at the time, with Governor Brown in my home state of California, and that
Barbara Boxer and Ms. Fiorini were running in a close heat.

What came to mind was this, that ‘the people’, the one’s who voted, mostly got
got what they wanted. The folks back east, got their Republican obstructers and in the West, we got what we wanted, rid of Republican leadership.

I also concluded that easterners, the ones who voted, really did not care that much about Republican filibustering, over the past 2 years, as they had been saying all along as it was being reported in the media.

Up until last night, everything that I had heard before seemed to indicate how the American people were fed up with all of the bickering that took place in Washington DC. I had heard over and over again how the people, wanted their elected representatives to instead work together, apparently not?. So I thought, well either the people were just saying that for effect, given that the election results seemed to say something else.

Then I concluded, that what the people really meant was that they wanted the Democrats to cave in, even though it was the Democrats who tried to give the people what they asked for, security, health-care, peace …! And then the people voted overwhelmingly for the opposition party.

In my mind, there was clearly a disconnect, for the people said one thing
and voted for another. Already, Boehner and his team has made it clear
that there won’t be any compromises made.

And sadly, already the president is capitulating, just as he did during the run up to the presidential election in 2008. He said tonight that, the people have spoken. No Mr. President, the people have not spoken. The, the people who voted have spoken, however, there is a silent majority all over America, and others that all together represent the majority of the American, who have simply given up on Washington. But shouldn’t their voices count Mr. President – there you go waffling again. Get some chutzpah Mr. Obama. Fight for a principle and stand up for something for once, whether the detractors are with you or not.

I concluded long ago that I live in a strange country, one that is not governed or driven by principle or the rule of law, instead, I live in a country where people and politicians will say one thing and when put under pressure will opt for another.

But still for me, there is a sense of satisfaction in this election season for all of the candidates that I voted for have won. Democratic Governor Jerry Brown Won, Democrat and former Mayor of San Francisco, Gavin Newsome will be
California’s next Lieutenant Governor. Next, Democrat Barbara Boxer retained her seat, along with Democratic senator Diane Feinstein … You know, I am so pleased that I live in the State of California; the only regrets that I have had in my life were those brief interludes when I was away from the state.

That Californian’s are and have always been so far ahead of the voters in the
rest of the nation has been and is attested to by the fact that most other Americans either want to live or visit our great state at some point in their lives, or live here.

What did you say, look how poorly California has been doing of late? Well, the explanation for that is simple, Republicans were permitted to run our state for awhile, and prior to that the Republican oil men ruined our state’s economy, causing California to slide, just as the rest of the nation did under George Bush Jr. and The Republicans. Then prosperity died, and the nation was in trouble!

And now that this chapter is over, and Republicans are out of power, just watch how quickly that California turns around. Now with respect to the rest of the nation, just let me say this, when I heard that Boehner was soon to be the next Speaker of the House in Congress, man I thought, I am so glad that I moved out of the State of Ohio when I did, in 1973, and have spent most of my adult life in the most progressive state in the nation, California. Bush and Boehner before, couldn’t help the Buckeyes, can you imagine things being any different now, as far as Boehner is concerned.
Will Boehner’s decisions affect me here In the Golden State, given his new found power? Perhaps it will, but not by much. You see, California’s live in kind of a protectorate, one that believes in Democratic principles and will be governed by them. There is not only a political divide between Californians and states in the east, there is also a territorial divide. It is as if we are two separate nations. Factually, one out of every 7 or 8 Americans is a California.

Californians are pluralistic in deference to the nihilistic, often mean-spirited and close-minded citizens of the Mid-West, the eastern seaboard and the South. Well, there are pockets like Orange County down in the California ‘South’, get my drift, we have our southerners too but not enough to do any real damage.

Having said that, the backwardness that I have often experienced when traveling or staying in the mid-west is simply not tolerated here, except in the “California South’. Some of us refer to certain Republican enclaves around Los Angeles, (LA) as Lower Alabama. .

I know that our state is the greatest state in the nation, if not the world, because everyone else in every state in the Union, and most countries in the world make California their number one destination to visit . And many of these would be visitors stay on, to our chagrin. We don’t want our state filled up with Republicans, for if that were to happen, I know that a whole of Californians like me would move somewhere else.

But for now and for the foreseeable future, happy days are here again, now that Republican Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger is gone ( a Republican, that practically destroyed this state, just as I suspect that Republicans will finish doing ( like Bush and the Republicans have been doing since they took office 10 years ago.

A Republican President, a Republican majority in Congress was in power for 6 years together and they brought the nation to its knees, except for bailouts. Our state will turn around soon, now that it is back in the hands of the Democrats, no matter what happens to the rest of the nation under Boehner, the Republicans and lame-duck President Barack Obama.

My only concern is that now that California will turn around, given the cessation of Republican leadership is that an influx of backwards thinking Mid-westerners and other easterners will abandon their home states and try to relocate her. .

But don’t come here, you got what you wanted, those of you who voted, and we have what we want. And we don’t want you here, for ‘East is East and West is West and Never the twain, will meet’, thank God!

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