Nov 4, 2010

The Broken American Federal A Paucity of Leadership

Subject: America’s Present Day Bi-Carmel Congress: The T-Party and The Republican Congress

According to Republicans, the only institutions that will matter in the United states from hereon are the T-Party, a Republican dominated supreme court and the Republican dominated Congress versus the Democratic Senate and the lame-duck President.

From hereon 3 Republican led institutions will consider, debate, decide and govern. It is as if, as far as Republicans are concerned, that neither the office of the President nor the Senate (which is currently dominated by Democrats) matters any more.

And what’s new about that?. Factually nothing, for Republicans have been behaving like that since the Democrats took control of Congress and the Presidency 4 and 2 years ago respectively. At that time they referred to all Americans who would not go along with their fascist tendencies as non-patriots.

Is anybody out their listening? America is under siege! It would appear that the leader of the nation has cowered, and been forced into submission. Based on his replies, to Republicans rants in the media today, America, America’s allies

As of 2 days ago, David, the Little Shepherd Boy who was once a giant killer, just two years ago, has joined his brothers, and turned tail in full retreat. Obama should do what President George Bush did two years and stand up to the American people and his foes. The only difference is that he should stand up for a principle. Now we have had 2 recent leaders who have not stood up when they should have for a principle.

Today, the Republicans, led by Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin and Satan apparently, are an irreverent bunch aren’t they. It is as if they have been possessessed, and does not matter the Constitution, President Obama, the Rule of law or the real majority in America thinks or has to say, instead, they will give America and even the President its opinion or else. Or else what, I’m wondering?

Has Obama grown any in 2 years? No, he hasn’t in my opinion, he still wants to be liked by friend and foe, Frankly, I have always believed that he was a wimp and a capitulator. Having said that, it was not he who voted himself into office, before he was ready to take on the tough issues that America faced 2 years ago and before, Republicans, not Osama or Saddam.

The Republican Party was bigger than all of the issues that America faced in the world, and they still are. In most other nations of the world, a Party that behaved as they have going all of the way back to President Carter, would have been hunted down one by one and annihilated. However, we don’t do that in America do we? Someday, I suspect, and not before too long I believe that we will wish that we had done so.

But for now, I am thinking about a trip to Lake Tahoe, as opposed to worrying about The Republicans and the man who can’t understand why they don’t like him.

I believe that unless Nancy Pelosi or somebody else steps up, further debate in Congress, between Republicans and Democrats will be negligible, because the Republican led Congress will get its marching order from Rush and the T-Party members, and they will take the other branches in Washington what to do.

It will be as if neither the President, the Democratic side, the Republican dominated Senate nor the will of the American people mattered any more because the President led us into a snare.

What really got Obama in trouble in the first place, following his mandate to govern by the majority of the American people, was that he capitulated to a group of ideologues who made it clear from the onset that they had little patience either with him or the majority of the American people, instead of leading the fight.

Does anyone recall Mr. Obama, standing up and speaking truth to power to the Republicans, since he has been in office? I certainly do not!

And based upon what I heard in the media both sides seem to expect a disappearing act from the Democratic Side of the House and the Office of the President. For sure, the President appears to be scared. It is as if he doesn’t know who he is supposed to be, and as if he is cowering down in the fort, because a minority group of renegades believe that they have him and the fortress surrounded.

And just as he did during the run up to the election, he is capitulating. Surrender the fort, he is saying to his followers already, Obama, like the great chief Quetzcoatal is giving up without a fight. And like the once great historical chief did, he has ordered his troops to simply surrender without a fight. .

Mr. Obama, Quetzcoatl lost because he surrendered without a fight, something that you have done from day one, since you became President. And you have repeated the same behavior for 2 years now.

Couldn’t you at least pray for answer, as opposed to caving in within 24 hours after the threats from the Republicans?

I told my detractor’s bef0re, that they didn’t know what they were doing, when you elected you before you were ready, and I was right. Am I bragging, yes, I am bragging, for just 2 years later, you have turned your backs on your supporters and turned tail, even though it wasn’t your fault that you were elected.

Mr. Obama, you are still the President of the United states, Harry Reid and the democrats are still in control of the Senate and the majority of the American people will rally if you were to stand up. If you don’t stand up this time, it will be the second time that you failed to. The first time was the day after you took office, when you chose appeasement over leadership.

Neither time have you apparently understood or done anything about what the American people really wanted. Give George Bush Jr. credit, he knew that we neither liked him nor his policies, however, he stood up to us and told us to go shopping, in other words informing us that he was the President.

You have played right into Republican grimy hands. Even Mr. Boehner said that he really liked you earlier today, when being interviewed by Diane Sawyer. And why wouldn’t he like you, given that you are the gift that keeps on giving. What he didn’t say was that he really doesn’t respect you, because he knows that you won’t fight.

You seem to think that being President is nothing more than providing the crowd with a Presidential wave from the helicopter or Air Force One. .

The rest of the nation is struggling because they believed in you. You are the drum major. It is you that is supposed to inspire the team to fight on, whether you win or not. You are not supposed to lead a retreat.

Well one thing that I feel good about is this, the t-Party may go after the Republicans too if the don’t do a good job, just as they went after you!

Peace & grace

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