Sep 15, 2007

The Rev Responds to Archmides: Washington Post Blog

He is murdering people because he sees it as the only way to force the West to disengage entirely from the ME, thereby ending the autocratic regimes there and allowing him to reestablish the Caliphate.


I am confused then, was Soviet Russia a part of the West at the time that they intervened in Afghanistan? Why did UBL assist the Afghans (assistance also from the USA) in helping to extricate the Russians from Afghanistan? The question remains, would the U.S.A. and the world have been better off if the Soviets had succeeded in their folly?

It appears to me that UBL and company are conducting themselves in the same manner that the so-called West and other nations(actually the United States because most of the allies stayed out of this mess) have been doing; the former by murdering Iraqi citizens of late - while supposedly pursuing and protecting America's interests abroad.

The great hegemon apparently has problems with other people and other nations protecting and pursuing their interests, particularly those interests that are in conflict with those in the West (USA actually)! If Osama is a murderer, so is the West (USA actually) a murdering nation.

It would appear that the only times in history that the USA has been concerned about the interests of other nations and willing to capitulate, were when those interests benefited the USA as well, or when it was to the benefit of the USA to compromise with an untoward nation that had sufficient force to do serious damage to the USA.

The Cuban Missile/Bay of Pigs crisis is a perfect example of my point. The U.S.A. made an equitable agreement with the Soviets, behind the scenes, in order to resolve the basis of the near conflict in Cuba over missiles aimed at the USA. Both sides capitulated, and participated in a face-saving maneuver and removed their respective missiles from other nations that were a threat to the other nation. Don't forget, the USA had its Jupiter missiles stationed in Turkey (threatening Russia) that were pointed directly at the soviet bloc nations, just as the Soviets had missiles in Cuba that were a threat to the United States.

If not for the sake of reason, probity would seem to dictate that there should be one fair and common standard for all people - some Americans are unwilling to avail themselves of such a notion! And that is unfortunate given that Osama like #43 in America, represents the face of millions of disenchanted human beings. If you kill UBL, and at the same time allow the problem to remain in place, the mayhem will only continue.

But having said that, what would probity and American foreign policy, two polar opposites, have in common, particularly when a group of jaundiced ideologues have been in charge of American foreign policy and the United States government (for about 7 years now)? America does truly want a common standard for all people of the earth, the U.S.A. being the exception. Just as the Congress of the U.S.A., a well known fact in Washington DC, exempts itself from many of the standards that it imposes on America's citizens, the U.S.A. (sitting alone atop the world order) wants to impose upon the other of the nations of the world a standard that recognizes and benefits it as the world's hegemon nation (sitting atop the world order of nations). And that is simply unfair. We ought to be be pursuing different passions for different people, if anything!

It seems to me that you and lmao have drunk the same fermented and bitter-flavored gatorade, given both of your propagandistic limited perspectives and lack of full disclosure with regards to UBL's actual motives.

UBL, and others who have nothing to do with UBL actually, are only doing to the U.S.A. what the U.S.A. has been doing to them, except as UBL once said, we don't own airplanes, or have the firepower of the U.S.A. So America's detractors of late have found a creative way to fight back. Am I on their side you say? I am on the side of a singular, fair and common standard.

Serious Americans, want to resolve the problem, for the sake of our posterity and for the good of all of humanity!

You cowboys need to come off of the range and to harness your weapons!

Posted by: The Rev

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