Sep 21, 2007

Rev to the Conserva-nuts of America: Washington Post Blog 9/21/07

Regarding American conservatism versus conserva-nuts...!

There is nothing wrong with being conservative, and frankly, aside from the highly-charged and disparaging political language that a jaundiced group of Americans often employs when referring to other Americans (who do not see things the way that they do), most Americans are what I will refer to as 'the real conservatives'.

The real conservatives believe in the principles that this nation was founded upon. And they are the ones who seek to uphold the law and the principles that this nation was founded upon, domestically and abroad - something that the founders (like today's conserva-nuts) often failed to do.

Today's 'conserva-nuts' are fascist ideologues who have found a resting place exclusively within the Republican party, albeit most Republicans are beginning to shy away from them as well. They believe in and espouse an evil discourse, often using similar methods that myopic, demagogic, intolerant and out-of-control fundamentalist religous group have often been known to use.

One of their most infamous luminaries as I recall was a man named David Duke; it is no coincidence that the David Dukes of the world were and are still being drawn to their form of - ideology. An ideology whose true underpinning is hate!

Conserva-nuts are fanatical lunatics, and they are the ones that the rest of conservative America (most of us) should be concerned about in the present, as well as in the future.

I hope and trust that future leaders will be influenced by those wonks who believe in America, instead of those who cater to a hate-based ideology that is based on preserving the ideals of a narrow, jaundiced and self-serving group-centered pragamtism!

Wonk wonk...and 'don't taze me bro!!!

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