Oct 16, 2007

Hillary Clinton Doctrine: My Reply To Mr. Arkin 10/16/07

And what has the saber-rattling of the Bushtanistas` accomplished...?

Even President Putin of Russia said to the United States of America as recently as today, that with respect to Iran, no mas!

America's major allies have even distanced themselves from #43's incessant saber-rattling that has been aimed at other nations of the world (including nations in the Americas) - and our number one ally is leaving Iraq altogether.

Hillary, has simply borrowed a page out of the Republican political handbook (of the past 4.5 centuries). Remember, it was Nixon who counselled his fellow 'pubs afterwards to remain in the center while campaigning, and once they were in office to move to the right (the wrong actually). Hillary is not showing all of her cards yet!

What is truly amazing, that is if you are keeping score, is that the Bushtanistas keep trying to convince the world (most Americans drank the kool-aid already) that the major threat to world peace are the small and unarmed middle-eastern nations like Syria, Iraq and Iran.

The more observant individuals and nations of the world, conversely, are aware that the nation to be feared the most; the nation which is the most heavily armed (possessing vast conventional as well as lethal weapons of mass destruction); the nation that recently invaded and is still illegally occupying another once sovereign nation in deference to the rest of the world (having set up a non-functional lackey-proxy-puppet government in the interim); a nation that has been threatening the DPRK as well as Iran, that nation happens to be the United States of America.

Give the Bushtanistas credit for their shrewd propaganda campaign - it worked for a while, however, now everyone else around the world (except American conserva-nuts) know who the real aggressor nation happens to be, as well as which nation represents the greatest threat to world peace.

Hillary will change all of that - the Bushtanistas never will!

Peace & Grace

The Rev

America has truly caught the rest of the world with their pants down. America once had the world convinced that it was communism that was to be feared. More recently, America has convinced the world that it is certain nations of the Middle-East that should be feared - We are the nation that the rest of the world needs to be aware of, and we claim to be doing what we are doing in the name of God. Which God is that, the consumer god of killing and invasions?

10/17 Addenda to the Washington Post: The Hillary Doctrine is superior to the former Monroe Doctrine - it takes into consideration the needs of all people of the world..., not just a select group of nations.

And that is something that Republican conserva-nuts cannot countenance. In the Rev's opinion, anyone that does not realize that to borrow a metaphor that we are all part of a global village has limited vision. Globalization aka Americanization has forced all nations of the world to become a part of said global village - that America, in effect, dominates economically and militarily. Any nation on earth can be potentially invaded on any given day by the American military machine - and most nations are aware of that fact - and that is the real reason that we try to keep certain other nations unarmed, as not to upset the balance. America lusts to retain at the top of the world order. Americans are in denial about what its federal government is really doing in the world!

If we are going to insist on being the head of a one-world government, let's at least be a benign head. Hillary Clinton understands what is going on in the world and what it will take for the U.S.A. to survive in a more egalitarian world that encourages an equitable distribution of wealth and power. Republican isolationists do not care - they only care about American protectionism, isolationism, survival, consumerism and personal wealth, regardless of the costs to other nations and the dignity and self-respect of other human beings.
Neither God (nor the Universe if you prefer) can be pleased with America's totalitarian behavior!

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