Oct 31, 2007

Don't Taze or Nuke Me Bros: The Rev Battles His Washington Post Critics: 10/31/07

Well Mr. Arkin....times like these I wish the arms merchants of the world would invent a smart bomb that would wise people up.

Then maybe the global village will take a suggestion from John Ashcroft and put a lot of duct tape to good use by strapping all the pissed off preachers (including "the Rev") to the nuclear missiles of the world and having one heck of a fireworks display on the moon for New Years.

Kill two birds with one stone as were, in the interests of global peace and security.
Posted by: Mutants for Nukes | October 31, 2007

Rev:"Where does America get off believing that we are 'the nation' that has the sole right to defend itself, possess a nuclear arsenal or to invade other nations at will. And then we have the nerve to turnaround and tell other nations that they must remain unarmed, or that they do not have the right to defend themselves?"

I believe Adolph faced the same dilemma 1935-1938, The Western powers were trying to prevent Germany from re-arming and as the Germans were saying "the ability to defend". I think you were around back then,
asking why couldn't Hitler re-arm,
what gave us the right to stop him ?. If history serves me right, this type of logic led to a pretty big war. If you ck out Japan around the same period, they were also working to get around limitations on the size of there navy. A bit more history to back yr points, a bit less rhetoric pls.

Posted by: Alex | October 30, 2007


i stand on the sidelines of these discussion most of the time but feel the need to chime in here. i have done my military service and even in my opinion we were wrong and getting wronger by the day. and in my opinion, only the rev has a strong grasp of the real problem and the real issues. i applaud you rev.

Posted by: plamonica |


My reply:

If guns, tanks, airplanes, missiles, warships, UAV's, bombs, spy-satellites and soldiers are the solution to the actual problem, isn't it conceivable that after nearly 5 years of trying, the problem (if America were addressing the real the problem) would have been solved.

And wouldn't the American troops be back home with their families by now, and the world returned, once again, to a happy and peaceful place? Again gentlemen, get in the REAL WORLD - will 'you people' ever learn!

Alex and Mutant, you are basing your conclusions on a historically flawed assumption/premise - that the world belongs to the hegemonistic United States of America. Our nation represents only about 6% of the world's population (that's what I read last). The planet, contrary to the thinking of some Americans does not belong to the United States of America - and is there for America to flex its muscles and to wield its power, at will.

It is almost laughable that a nation armed to the teeth (the USA) would tell other nations of the world that their nations must remain disarmed - while our nation will remain fully armed - in order to make it easier for our nation to invade and occupy their nations whenever we would care to do so. Now that is an unwieldy foreign policy proposition, and one that will be hard to defend, if I ever heard one!

One thing that is noticeably absent among many Americans today (that single factor that once resulted in the majority of the rest of the world's admiration and respect for America and Americans) is insightfulness.

It would appear that the 'American thinker' has disappeared
from off of the planet, and instead, she or he has been replaced by a bunch of whining, outspoken, intellectually lazy, dim-witted, warmongering, anti-peace, greedy and power-hungry American nitwits and sycophants!

Whatever happened to the sagacious, erudite and insightful thinkers and statespeople of days gone by?

Thank you Plamonica - you and I are all a part of a 'silenced majority', that is if some individuals in America have their way.

Mutant, like too many other Americans, believes that the solution to a problem is to nuke some other person or nation; now he wants to nuke the Rev. He makes my point with respect to what has happened to the American thinker.

And Alex if you are saying that #43's behavior, and the attitude of most Americans is similar to that of Hitler's before and during WWII, you are beginning to get it sir - it is the moral equivalent!

Just imagine if you were to tell an American that he does not have the right to retain weapons and to defend himself against an intruder; just as we have been telling other nations that they do not have the right to acquire weapons in order to defend themselves against (armed-to-the teeth America, WMDs and all).

Just try to take away an American's WMDs (his gun or guns), and see what you will get? At the very least you will certainly hear from the NRA of Fairfax Virginia!

America has arguably stirred up a hornet's nest around the world, not just in the Middle-East. We sowed the wind, and we are reaping the world wind!

Tell Hannity, Savage, Humphrey, Limbaugh, Beck, PNAC and all of your jaundiced conservative think tanks and others that the Rev suggests that they stop it with all of the unprofitable propagandizing that they have been engaged in - for only The Truth Will Make (The World) Free - not American military might!

And what America has been doing to the rest of the world Mutant, is something for every American, not just the Rev, to be angry about!

The Rev (making friends)
Addenda: Some Americans are more and more becoming hardened; truth simply does not matter. Our American policies have contributed to the animus that has been felt, and the subsequent rancor that has been leveled of late, against the United States of America. And the two predominant contributing factors are American greed (consumerism) and hegemony!

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