Oct 26, 2007

Fighting Wildfires & Terrorists At The Same Time: Response to Mr. Arkin, Washington Post 10/26/07

I agree with Robert - Most Americans prefer propaganda over substance!

When will the current Administration in Washington realize that the country is imploding on its watch, while at the same time too much of the nation's human capital and its resources are being squandered in the administration's failed attempt at off-shore regency in the Middle-East?

For just as the United States failed in its recent attempts to stop all of Vietnam from becoming communist (several decades ago), it will eventually fail in its inexorable attempt at forced gerrymandering-by-annihilation, in the Middle-East!

The real question is not whether we can fight wildfires and freedom-fighters at the same time, but will the administration continue to sacrifice the future of this nation as it has done over the past 7 years? In other words, will there be anything left of the nation even if the administration were to succeed in its off-shore folly and waste of America's resources?

The administration has wasted valuable time and too much of the nation's resources, both of which could have been used to save the homeland from imploding upon itself!

The Rev

Addenda: Along with the failure of the U.S. Government to deal with the Katrina Hurricane disaster in a timely fashion, and the current wildfire challenge that is taking place in my home state of Southern California, has anyone noticed what is going on in America's school systems of late? Or, has anyone noticed the highly charged political rhetoric that is taking place between political foes in this hopelessly divided nation of ours? America itself, may be approaching another civil war, with red states being pitted against blues ones. Why has the administration in Washington been so muted and adept at ignoring the situation at home? America is in trouble, regardless of any real or imagined interference coming from outside of America!

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