Oct 29, 2007

Response to Mark The Veteran: Washington Post 10/29/07

Mark, did not care for the Rev's previously written comments (among others) in the Post, and he replied with the following comments:

Un-F*cking believable!

The liberal Left are still trying to make me believe that, just because a natural disaster occurs, the Republicans are to blame. Why don't you all get a clue! You all refuse to believe that you have a stake in our security. What happens when they (the terrorists) are at YOUR doorstep? You'll wonder why our government wasn't prepared. F**k you all!

A Veteran
Mark Lucas

Factually, I don't consider myself to be 'a liberal' Mark, and I don't see where anyone in the blog is trying to get you to believe anything - one way or the other. You apparently wanted to go off some time ago and fight, apparently in order to solve a problem, and so you did. Who tried to stop you?

Having said that, there are those of us who believe that the best way to go about solving problems is by not creating even more pernicious problems, as some people of your kind seem to believe and have done.

Arguably, given all of the hostile and unprovoked efforts by the current administration in Washington, since 2003; and borrowing from your term, terrorism, the latter has increased - terrorism has not decreased one iota - not even American style terrorism!

I'm still praying for the warhawks on both sides, and hopefully, one day, all of you will come to your senses - but I doubt it. Some issues can be resolved without the needless shedding of innocent blood!

It is too bad that the 9/11 Saudi attackers on the United States of America, and conversely the U.S. Government (that also attacked an innocent country) have failed to realize that yet!

Fortunately some veterans who have returned from fighting in Iraq and Afghanistan, have a clearer understanding than you seem to have.

The Rev

Addenda: Why is the Rev so immersed in what is happening overseas and taking out time to debate with men like Mark: the Rev simply cannot understand how some people believe that two wrongs will ever make a right. Both sides are wrong, and nothing is getting solved in the Middle-East. A Lot of Lives Are Being Lost in the meantime!

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