Oct 30, 2007

The Rev: Turning Up The Heat in the Washington Post 10/30/07

We do know that the Syrians are dangerous.... we have a band of idiots who launched the Iraq War, who are dying to start the next movie in Iran and -- who knows -- Syria after that.

They're the ones to be scardest of, in my opinion.

To al75

I like your style al75, one caveat however: don't forget that America is a dangerous nation itself, inside and outside of its own borders.

Despite all of the relativistic rationalizations that Americans use to justify illegal, illogical and innocuous behaviors by our own nation, don't forget, it was America that recently invaded, bombed and occupied a once sovereign nation of the world - and afterwards decapitated its government.

It seems to me that the other nations of the world have more to fear from the U.S.A., than the other way around.

I won't even mention all of the other nations that we have been theatening and punishing economically, of late. It seems to me that if I was Syria, the DPRK, Iraq or Iran (of if my name was Hugo Chavez), I would certainly be trying to come up with a way to defend myself.

Where does America get off believing that we are 'the nation' that has the sole right to defend itself, possess a nuclear arsenal or to invade other nations at will. And then we have the nerve to turnaround and tell other nations that they must remain unarmed, or that they do not have the right to defend themselves?

Something is wrong with the muddled thinking of too many Americans, not to mention its leadership: and of course many will construe my words as America bashing. Ah, somebody needs to tell the truth in this nation on occasion, and I have volunteered myself for the job.

To those irrational American sycophants who hold to the American jingoistic double-standard, I simply say: GET IN THE REAL WORLD, for America of late has been guilty of extreme misbehavior.

Now if a just God were to elect to touch down on planet Earth, and to involve 'Iself' with the political affairs of planet Earth, I suspect that 'IT' would have a lot to say to America and Israel, not just to Iraq, Iran, Syria or the DPRK!

Well, unless that god was 'born in the USA or Israel'!

Besides: The only thing that Americans are afraid of is that the other nations which America opposes, might become as DANGEROUS and at times as Irresponsible and Irrational - as we have been.

Love America!

Peace & Grace
The Rev

Addenda: Righteousness exalts a nation, but sin is a reproach to any people. God is not a God of double-standards, not even where Israel or the United States are concerned!

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