Oct 18, 2007

A True Christian [Political] Revolution: The Rev's Washington Post Response to Che 10/18/07

In my opinion, we don't talk enough about Marxist revolution. We need to overthrow everything good and ...


Are you being sarcastic? Are you really saying that we should overthrow everything that is good..., in America? I would certainly disagree with that.

On the other hand, I believe that we are on the verge of a revolution in America true enough, and it will not be labeled Marxist. It will be a revolution by the real Christians in America (not by Pat Robertson and his Moral Majority pseudo-Christian comrades and sycophants), joined by non-Christians and secularists who also value truth, honor and human decency. This revolution will pit the enlightenment group in America against the status quo group. The latter groups consists of those who are benefiting the most (not always legally), economically and politically from the current American power and economic system - including modern day Pharisees on the so-called Right.

The latter group is determined to control the narrative, the American government and the American treasure chest, if not the world's treasure chest and its governing bodies! And having said that, with respect to the latter group, things are fine just the way that they are now - except for those who threaten their hold on power and wealth. They cannot understand why anyone would want to change a system that is working so well to benefit them and their friends.

A true revolution in America will take into consideration the needs of all Americans, including the growing class of 'working poor Americans', those who are working hard on a daily basis, while falling further and further behind. The Limbaughs, Savages, Humphreys, Hannitys, Williamses, Liddys and others: those who are in control of the propaganda narrative on America's airwaves of late, refer to the caring about one's brothers and sisters as socialism. Ironically, all of these cats claim to believe in God and religious principles.

I suspect that they never read Acts Chapter 4, when the people of God did just that - brought everything together and made an equitable distribution among the whole group? Socialism and communalism were not bad words in the Bible, particularly doing their pre-Marxist revolution. Why are these bad words in America, the caring about the needs of your fellow-men? Were Jesus and the disciples socialists or communists? My Lord folks, we have social work schools in place in institutions of higher learning all over America. They were put in place to to train our citizens to perform 'social work' activities in order to help America's citizenry. How much do we value their contributions? Not much, it would appear.

I will answer my other question with respect to why some Americans hate the bleeding heart do-gooders in America, and why they are often referred to as socialists by the American propagandists. Socialism and communalism prevent the greedy and malicious American capitalist czars and those would be capitalist czars and their sympathizers in America from becoming overly wealthy - while others who work just as hard or harder than they do, languish in debt and poverty or continue to fall further and further behind!

America need not fear al-Qeada, the Syrians, the Taliban or any of the other groups that have been labeled as enemies of the American State. Americans had better fear greed, and the American love of money. The scriptures read: The Love Of Money Is The Root of ALL Evil". And what does that say given that America has the most money and Americans love money? I still say that if America could rid the world of all of its evil, someone is going to have to deal with the cloaked evil in America!

Peace, grace & love
The Rev

Additional: Why would the Rev include secularists and atheists in a group that will help to bring about change?
True atheists, the Reverend learned some years ago really do not have an agenda with God like say a Madelyn Murray O'Hair had. The true atheists don't believe that there is a God, and therefore they are not waging a warfare against what they do not believe exists. Many of these folks simply believe that the whole idea of God was fabricated based on well-intentioned myth.

Many of these folks have tremendous values and a higher moral code than some in many of the religious groups in the world today. Consider the Middle-East for example: It is not the atheists who are causing all the trouble and doing all of the fighting, that is if you still consider the 60% secular nation of Israel a religious nation as most Americans do, it is the nations of the 3 major world religious groups who are fighting it out.

If you consider the definition of the term atheism from the perspective of the true atheists, all of us were atheists at one time, that is until we came to believe that God really did exist. So, 'don't taze me bro' for often times religion has been an opiate for too many of the world's religious people!

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