Nov 1, 2007

Blaming Nancy Pelosi and Hillary for the Iraq War Debacle: The Rev Responds to the Washington Post 11/01/07

The Presidential Veto, and the leftover Republican filabusterers are the real problem, not Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid.

It is amazing how many Americans continue to place the blame, as they have done (looking back for about 15 years now), for what has resulted in today's 'Republican Party Debacle In The Middle-East', on the Dems.

I haven't heard of anything like it, since Adam blamed Eve for his own failure - when he willfully partook of the forbidden fruit in the Garden. Poor Eve, Nancy, and we might as well add Hillary to the list! Listening to the debate the other night, it would appear that it is her fault that the U.S.A. ever attacked Iraq and she will apparently get the blame for whatever action #43 and Cheney take in Iran.

Who is the real snake/deceiver in all of this? Unfortunately, Nancy and company do not have the votes required to override #43's vetoes. And, #43 still has a sufficient number of 'insouciant rubber-stampers' left in Congress to keep up the facade of eliminating terrorism, and threats to America - when the major terrorists of the world are really homegrown in Washington DC (see American foreign policy).

The traitors of the American people who hold seats in Congress, care very little about America or the will of the American majority. Their objectives it would appear, are to simply get themselves re-elected (that is when they are not too busy trying to get themselves laid in airport restrooms). And in order to get re-elected, they have to appease the hardliners on the so-called Right!

Folks, the Rev is thinking about saying what he means <(-: for once! Neither Tehran, Seoul, Damascus or the city of Baghdad are the problem that should concern the nations of the world the most.

Americans and most nations of the world ought to be more concerned with what is going on in appropriately named, Dodge City, USA! Someone had better keep an ear open and an eye on Washington. WE ARE IN THE HANDS OF FOOLS!

And BTW how come we haven't heard anything lately from the South Korean American puppet who is in control of the United Nation's? How come he never tries to stop the U.S.A. from its malfeasance?


The Rev
Jesus once said in response to King Herod: To go and tell that Fox...! We have a fox occupying the White House in Washington DC. Although he presents himself as an angel of light, I believe that he is motivated by a totally different entity. And it is truly amazing how he inveigled many of my Christian friends into voting for him and the Party of War and Duplicity in the first place!

With respect to the blood of all of those who were slaughtered by the U.S.A. military machine, who will be held responsible? The war in the Middle and Near East is about American hegemony and consumerism, in addition to America's intent to remain solely atop the World Order, regardless of its own malfeasance and disregard for the Rule-of-Law!

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