Nov 2, 2007

A Homily by the Rev: To The Washington Post 11/02/07: The Garden of the Rose

God walks into the 'Garden of the Rose' aka 'The Rose Garden' during the cool of the day, year 2007 CE.

God calls out: #43 where art thou?
#43 replies: hiding behind and blaming others (just as me and the boys hid on 9/11), for all of the problems that we, single-handedly, created.

Then God asked: Why are you hiding?
#43 replied: Because I have been exposed, my cover has been removed, and the 'naked truth' about my international foreign policy foul-ups are out there for all to see!

God asks: Who told you that you had been exposed, or that the 'naked truth' about you and your self-serving policies..., are out there for all to see?
#43 replies: You know those women (Nancy, Condoleeza and Hillary) whom thou gavest to be with me! It is their fault that I fouled up in the first place, for they gave me money, weapons and the go ahead to partake (from the tree I was strictly forbidden to partake from).

And Lord knows (excuse me God), that I don't know what to do now - everyone is fighting, getting nukes, and even worse than that - my allies have mostly turned against me too - and now Ahmadinajab won't roll over!

God overlooks the (Lord knows) faux pas and asks: #43, are you really blaming the women, or the Iranians for your strategic foreign policy failures? And, weren't you a cheerleader once upon a whirlwind?

#43 stutters.
God tires of the uncomfortable silence and stuttering and says to #43: Because you have done this - you will be banned from the Rose Garden forever more.

#43 replies: My punishment is more than I can bear, now every man will be after me! Where can I go?

God says: Okay, you can change your name to Cain or something more apropos (given all of your innocent brothers in the Middle-East whose lives you have mercilessly destroyed), and then you can go to Crawford, Connecticut or somewhere else. However, you may never return to the Garden of the Rose again.

Saddened, #43, grabbed a couple of souvenirs (fruit I think) and left never to return again!

Shouldn't someone tell #43 and his boyz to admit that they don't know how to fix the worldwide mess that they have created, or how to ameliorate the problems that they will leave behind (unresolved) for Hillary to straighten out?

The quicker they leave, the quicker the next President can begin straightening out the mess that they will leave behind, (just as Bill Clinton had to do) following the departures of Reagan and Bush 41!

Posted by: The Rev


Has anyone, particularly Christians, paid attention to the carnage and destruction that is taking place in Pakistan of late, mostly as a result of America's venal and historical support of yet another world-dictator? Pervis Musharref, has been supported by the United States of America in order to benefit the United States of America? Arguably, most of what has been taking place in Pakistan of late, is a result of the 'Bush Doctrine', a doctrine of hegemony and worldwide supremacy for the United States of America.

This man, George Bush, who unfortunately duped too many of God's people into placing him into the office of President in the first place, is responsible for much of the carnage that is taking place around the world, including Pakistan. This man is responsible for destroying more lives in the 21st century than any other single individual in the world - Hitler would be proud to know him!

Bush may refer to the freedom fighters around the world as 'terrorists', but sadly, he is only too willing to overlook the fact that he is the leader of worldwide terrorism himself. Too many lives of innocent individuals and families, are being destroyed by this man - given the policies of this man and the sycophants who support him.

And regrettably many of his supporters, claim to be Christians. When will Christians wake up and realize that what is really happening has to do with American supremacy, consumerism and greed. God help us for God's Spirit does not operate like that!!

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