Nov 16, 2007

Chinese Submarines & The U.S.A. Strike Group: The Rev's Washington Post Response 11/16/07

Earlier this week, the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise carrier strike group concluded a three-day, multi-unit, intense exercise in the North Arabian Sea -- an exercise that included two stealthy Tomahawk cruise missile carrying attack submarines!

It didn't receive mention in the mainstream press. And it wasn't discussed in the blogosphere. But, if it had been, it very likely would have been framed as one more piece of evidence that the Bush administration appears to be marching toward war with Tehran. Sure, the media would note that the Navy said, "This was a routine training exercise to help our forces maintain a full-range of readiness." But that wouldn't dissuade the true believers from thinking that pre-emptive war is near.

Mr. Arkin

Is this the same crack American carrier strike group that experienced, recently and undetected, a Chinese submarine's appearance in the midst of its ongoing naval exercise?

Whichever American strike group that this turns out to be (and was caught off guard by the Chinese submarine), one has to wonder whether or not this could be a portent of things to come, i.e, that while America is busily menacing and focusing its intentions on 3-rd world nations like Iran, more formidable nations like China will be inserting themselves, undetected, into the fray?

Now which 'big brother' I ask, is watching who? In other words, the Chinese having shown up - was not an accident.

And I suspect that if the Chinese show up in the future, they won't be coming to deliver mammoth orders of pork fried rice to the American battle groups!

Posted by: The Rev

Addenda: There isn't any doubt in the Rev's mind, that the President is preparing the military for the possibility and spectre of yet another war, or at least a crippling airstrike against the nation of Iran. One thing that you have to say that is true about this administration is - they will, right or wrong, attack another nation.

I believe that if nothing else, by conducting observable exercises in this nearby theater - Iran has been sent a message by the President of the United States, that they had better not interfere in the actions that the United States is undertaking in Iraq! However, have China, Russia or other nations of the world received the message, and what will they have to say or do if the United States were to attack yet another sovereign country? Our children, it might turn out, will be the one's to find out what our government is really intending to do, if not we ourselves!

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