Nov 15, 2007

The Rev's 11/15 Response to the Washington Post

Re: Pervis Musharref's behavior in the Midle East.

I see it as A Presidential grab for power:

However, let's be honest about it folks, for it is not only Mushareff and Chevaz (in the Americas) who have tried to consolidate power in their respective countries, Bush and Putin did the same thing recently (in their respective countries).

The United States Supreme Court, in part, checked #43's grab for power. Musharref was smarter than #43, he simply put the Supreme Court on furlough, in the same manner that #43 (did an end around) and appointed former U.N. Ambassador Bolten, and others while Congress was in recess. Moral equivalent again? Bush continues trying to consolidate power in America to this day.

And speaking of that, my nemesis/comrade in arms, the Reverend Pat Robertson wants to 'fix the Supreme Court". At least that is what he said on the Hannity and Colmes news show last night. He said that, in order to explain his support for Giuliani in the presidential race.

I suspect that 'fix the court' in Pat's lexicon means: Fixed as in illegally prearranged as to outcome: you know like a fixed election. Robertson is an unprincipled man!

President Mushareff is simply doing what several other leaders of note, including the American leader, have done and and trying to do over and over again!

peace & grace
The Rev

Addenda: The Rev hopes that many of the Christians who have supported the Rev Pat Robertson, particularly in the political arena, will wake up and see this man who for he really is, an unprincipled man, who will do whatever he has to do in order to get the people that he feels should be in office - elected. And he is not above having people who disagree with his position, killed. It is happening in the middle-east, just as it has happened on more than one occasion in Guatemala and Nicaragua.

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