Nov 7, 2007

The Harvest is Past The Summer is Ended -Rev's 11/07 Response to the Washington Post - And Still We Are Not Saved

The harvest is past, the summer is ended and we are not saved. Jer. 8:20.
The threat to America has not diminished, in fact it has increased since #43 began his shenanigans.

Part I. It's Not Over Yet The Situation is Worse.
#43's buffoonery should earn, not just Dick Cheney, but #43, impeachment and imprisonment!

I wonder how many Americans can understand it now, that #43's misdirection-blunder of 5 years ago has cost America lives, billions of hard-earned dollars, wasted time and increased suspicion and hatred around the world? In short, the actions of #43 and his administration have been an inestimable, colossal, consequential, unequivocal and quintessential blunder!

The current situation in Pakistan is just another reason that thinking Americans ought to reconsider, as well as re-examine #43's buffoonery. Look at the damage that he is responsible for given his attack and 4-year occupation of a nation that had not done anything to America, while at the same time he supported a nation that harbored the real problem(s).

Conspiracy theory? Isn't it interesting in light of all of what is happening in Pakistan, that Cheney himself, not so long ago, paid a visit to Pakistan. These fella's are all in this thing together - the Rev suspects!

UBL or someone is going to have nuclear capabilities soon, it would appear. And at the same time a lot of people are gettin' paid off, by the hard-working American wage earners who are actually less-secure than they were when #43 began his modern day scorched earth policies!

#43 has created all of America's problems in both regions, and he cannot fix any of them. The man cannot pay-off the whole world - but he will apparently try! If that strategy fails, he is not past having the military to nuke some other nation before he heads off to Crawford with his Golden Parachute! I forgot, in this nation we reward executives for doing a poor job!

The western Christian nations have been so arrogant over the past century, given their economic, military and nuclear might - now the other side will not stop until they get theres!

When will 'some people' learn?

PART II. To God's People (Who Are Called By His Name)

Additional: The Rev prays that those people who are called by 'God's name', would wake up and pray. This morning Pat Robertson, who many believers obeyed in previous elections (not the Rev) and supported the Bush-Cheney (homosexual) ticket for example, announced that he is supporting (cross-dresser) Giuliani's ticket this time. Whass up with all of Pat's duplicity, compromising, double-speak and hypocrisy? What does this man really believe in, besides himself, and why are so many misguided Christian pastors following his lead? I won't even get into those Christians who are enrolled at one of Regent's University indoctrination campuses around the nation - wake up and find out why Pat Robertson and his group (many Dominionists) decided to enter into the educational arena.

And when will Christians see this man for who he is? Rev. Pat Robertson, Rev. Hagee, the late Jerry Falwell and the rest of this crop got together to oppose a peace plan for peace in the Middle-East several years ago. These warmonger preachers believed that God wanted the militaristic, greedy and hegemonic USA to help usher in the kingdom age by destroying Middle-Easterners. Get it? God wants to destroy Muslims and Arabs, and save secularist Israel and the 'money loving' and 'warmongering' United States of America? That makes no sense at all people, unless you are a westerner and support a western-centric point of view. I witnessed, on CNN, a Muslim who was praying to Allah, asking Allah to save he and his family from the United States of America. Folks, what is wrong with that picture?

I lectured a church group in Chantilly Virginia, just outside of Washington DC, several years about their failure to hold the nearby Federal government accountable for its corruption and misdeeds around the world, given their close proximity to Washington DC. The churches in Washington DC metro area, particularly the blacks ones, are so busy building mega-ministries, that they are completely ignoring what is going on just a stone's throw away from them. In fact many of these churches, and their ministers are in bed with venal politicians in Washington DC. By the way, did your minister at your church receive his talking points from Tony Perkins and the Family Research Council this week? Not many parishioners in America' churches know that their ministers are being told what to preach - by the White House. The Faith Based Initiative dollars, has silenced many American ministers. The Reverend sit in on several congressional sessions in order to discover the real meaning behind the government handing out 'faith-based' dollars.

Now who leads the White House and America and what kind of man is this really? I will answer my own question: this purportedly Christian President, who before attacking Iraq uttered the following words: Iraq is 'f'cked! Can I make it any plainer folks. The reason that most Christians were caught off guard when the 19, mostly Saudi's, attacked the United States of America on 9/11, was because the churches and the members themselves were so misconsumned.

What were American churches preoccupied with at that time? What were ministers preaching at the time? I will tell you, it was get me rich Prayer of Jabez, the get me rich Prosperity Gospel and the get us rich 'Tear Down My Current Church Barn, so that I can build a bigger one. Hmm, sad commentary! The militant church is no more, that is if it ever existed! Today's minister, like Jakes, views the church 'as a business". He said it, when I attended one of his workshops in D.C. And mostly everyone there attended, not the Rev, in order to figure out how to make money from

The group of radical Christian fundamentalists Christian ministers who head the Christian Right/Moral Majority/National Evangelical (and its recently deposed Homosexual Leader) have contributed to the east-west divide, as much as any of the radicals in the Middle-East have done, if not more. A couple of decades ago Pat Robertson began his run for the office of the President of the United States of America. Then he turned around and said, just as he wrote in his book, that God told him to stay out of politics. Then he ignored God (got called on his apparent turnaround), and briefly decided to run for office again! Like Elvis once was, these so-called preachers are no more than agents of the United States government. And when you checked out their backgrounds, and the ideology that they are trying to sell, you will learn that their sources were mostly avowed 'white racists'!

The man unabashedly calls for the murdering of certain heads of state. And all of these supremacists, have given aid and comfort to the nefarious affairs of our government in the Americas, where they have supported coups and the overthrow of other heads of state besides Hugo Chavez. Someday, God's people (who are called by his name) will realize that they will have to stop compromising their beliefs and groom up worthy candidates themselves, or abstain from the world's venal election processes - even those in the United States of America.

And if you don't like my message, its okay - the Rev is used to it. However, the Rev also remembers other ministers and prophets who were raised up to stir up the people who the people really misunderstood. They were martyred, Jesus, Martin Luther King and El Hagg Malik El-Shabazz for example. But later, the people came to understand that they were telling them the truth.

Part III. Senator Grassley of Iowa is about to come after some of the 'get rich while ignoring the poor ministries' in America. Is it a good thing to hold some of these get rich ministries accountable? Yes, however, having said that, who is going to hold the government (including Senator Grassley's U.S. Senate) accountable for its wasteful and greedy practices.

If you ever visit Washington DC, be sure to take a tour of 'K' Street, particularly the area just a stone's throw from the White House. There you will find the majority of your lobbyists, who do nothing else but go back and forth between the White House and Congress with their quid pro quo- i.e., making our leaders and themselves as well as their corporations rich!

In conclusion: This nation is not any safer today, than it was when Bush launched an unwarranted, illegal and unjustified pre-emptive attack on a once sovereign nation of the world. In spite of all of the killing and the passing out of satchels full of money (not to mention the lost billions) by the American government the problem has only been worsened. America simply took American boys and girls to the Middle-East, set up a new theater overseas - where America's boys and girls, not to mention the Iraqi people have been needlessly slaughtered.

Factually, in a discussion with a Pakistani national last year, he explained the following. The people of Pakistan know that they are not friends of the United States. He went on to say that Pakistani's know that the U.S.A. views Pakistan and as a prophylactic (he used the c-word actually), and that when the U.S.A. is through with Pakistan, they will 'peel it off and discard it', the nation of Pakistan. He ended by saying, that having nuclear capabilities was as important to Pakistanis for protection against the U.S.A. than for any other nation.

I pray that God's people will become more enlightened, for while you are sleeping, and trying to increase your portfolios - the world is in danger of being swept away!

peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon
The Radical Rev

Someone wrote that the Rev seems to be angry: folks if you are not angry given all of the lives that are being innocently destroyed as a result of the policies of our nations (not to mention the direction that this nation is headed in), something is wrong with your, not the Rev! For of the things that God hates, liars and shedding innocent blood for example, America appears to be leading the pack at this time!

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