Nov 21, 2007

Thanksgiving: Be Thankful as well as Very Concerned!

I encourage everyone to be Thankful to God, family, friends, employers and everyone else... All Year Long!

At the same time, I encourage each one of you to also be cautious, because iniquity abounds, not just abroad, but within our neighborhoods and homes, we have much to be concerned about.

We must pray for those who seek their own emoulments, the ones who cause division, and help to bring about hatred, rancor and strife.

We should pray for the purveyors of crime, and the harbingers of hatred, greed, terrorism and rebellion. We should also pray for world-governments, including our own Federal Government that have embarked upon reckless courses that might soon lead to the crippling or destruction of humankind as we know it.We must pray for injustice in the land, and greed, not only by corporate czars and politicians, but many of our own members of the clery who have fallen in love with mammon.

Let us pray for the innocent, the elderly, unborn fetuses, and the one's who suffer the most from poverty, under-employment, lack of health-care, poor health and the lack of Love.

We should be thankful, however, we must also be concerned and keep a strong watch - for given that inequity abounds in 'our Land', the Love of many have cooled off - and our sisters and brothers - even in this nation of ours - oftentimes, have little real concern for their fellow men and women. If they did for example, many would go and sell off their overabundant surpluses, and help to eliminate once and for all, poverty from the LAND!

Helen Steiner Rice said it best in her poem: Touch of The Master's Hand. She wrote,
...when the master comes, the foolish crowds will never quite understand, the worth of a soul and the change that is wrought - by the touch of the Master's Hand.

Planet Earth needs to be touched, very soon, by the Master's hand!

Peace, Love & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: Enjoy the turkey, however, remember, it was not the turkey that died for you, and just as turkeys are being slaughtered for our consumption during the Holidays, many human beings have and will be experiencing a similar fate during the Holiday Season - just so that we Americans can have our insatiable consumer lust(s), as well as greed satisfied. Sadly, many in America do not realize that other human beings are being sacrified, so that our lusts, in the end, will be satiated!

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