May 28, 2009

Living (Briefly Under The Same Roof) With Conservative Republican American Neo-Fascists Part III

Subject: American Style Fascism & Fascist Must Be Eliminated

There is more than one story here; one certainly has to do with the deficiency of the shelter's Program Manager Tonya and the manager of the shelter program. I will leave it to the area churches to be more proactive and to look into what goes on inside of their churches when they turn their churches over to strangers. And having said that, I would not want the shelter programs to go away because they are a valuable asset to the individuals who are served by them.

However, what should not be lost in this story is how fascism, if it is allowed to fester within any environment, will lead to verbal as well as physical abuse of the kind that many individuals experienced firsthand in this particular shelter. The same came happen in the general population.


The shelter in one sense was a microcosm of the United States of America. On a day to day basis a cross-section of the American male population lived, ate and slept there together.

Fascists live among us, just as they did in the shelter and in Hitler's Germany and Austria, some are religious and some are not. Dumber is actually a secularist. American fascists have a network of people like themselves who believe they are the true Americans, and the rest of us are squatters. Fascists believe that they have a divine right to make the rules that the rest of us should follow, or there will be consequences to follow.

It would often appear that they feel that the rest of us, non-whites, do not have any business being here, or that we have anything to say that is worthy of being listened to by them. One night I dangled the olive branch in front of Dumber anyway, that is after he began speaking to me again. You see Dumb is also an atheist, and one night he asked me a question about religion. I shared my viewpoint, and for 30 days he stopped speaking to me at all (something that I was actually thankful for I might add).

On this occasion when I had apparently been pardoned for my previous unknown infraction, he began to talk to me again, and here is what I said? I said: one thing that I am certain about that we can both agree upon is that all Americans should have equal access to the opportunity structures of this country.

Dumb thought about it and replied: no, I cannot agree with that. In fact he explained that he wanted things to be the way that they were when the Constitution was written. And we all know what that meant. It was a time when certain white male landowners, who paid taxes, controlled the American landscape and enjoyed all of the benefits and the advantages of being an America. Dumb wanted things to be that way again. Ah it wasn't a surprise to anyone I'm sure that Dumb felt that way.

Just as fascism festered in Austria and Germany for years before exploding into the Third Reich and World War II, Republican Conservative Fascism continues to thrive in America, as has been evidenced by appearances of former Vice President Dick Cheney, and vitriolic non-patriots like Rush Limbaugh. The neo-fascist fire continues to smolder in the ashes in the aftermath of the Republican rejection by the overwhelming majority of the American people.

These individuals continue to try to recruit other people to their cause hoping to one day take over the reigns of power of this nation again.

Rush Limbaugh, wealthy, fat and dumb, has made it clear that he hopes that President Obama, not his policies, as he later stated would fail. What kind of a patriot is that, and he supported the Patriot Act? These two are not the only ones, other shock jocks like Hannity, Savage, and even journalists like Anne Coulter and many others Republican fascists continue to oppose, in an obstructionist manner, the policies of America's new President and America's new administration in Washington.

They could care less that the majority of the American people voted for the current administration in order to repair the damage that Republicans did to this nation over the past 8 years. Cheney continues to argue in the midst of all evidence to the contrary that "we were right".

Fascists, 'do not care' about right or what the majority of the American people have decided upon. This small minority of malcontents that never could have won the White House in the first place without the help of misguided Democrats and Independents simply want to have things their way. They are much like a religious cult where logic, reason or light cannot penetrate the minds of their adherents.

For even when the previously failed policies of conservatism resulted in these two malcontents being perpetual homeless shelterees, they still returned to argue that conservatism was right and that everyone else was wrong.

What happened to the Patriot Act? When it comes to people like these, one marvels that it was Republicans like these who called for its implementation of the Patriot Act several years ago in the first place, and they are the very ones who have been behaving as non-patriots.

This reminds me of the period shortly after President Bill Clinton took over the reigns of power over a decade ago, when the late Senator B. Goldwater (co-founder of the conservative movement in America, warned his own Republican party that they were behaving like obstructionists to then newly installed President Bill Clinton. What would he be saying today to his own party?

Our modern-day Republican fascist’s obstructionists are carrying their message, often mixed with lies and misrepresentations, to whoever will listen to them. Why? They do so in hopes of regaining hold again on the reigns of power the American government, and to prevent other than what they believe in happening until they gain regain hold of the seats of power in the American government.

And, like certain religious practitioners who spread religious fascism, the ones who are intolerant of those with a varying opinion, they are promoting their message in the same intolerant manner, as such with a hell-fire mushroom cloud meaning attached to it. Their goal is simply to instill fear!

If you listen to them, the sky is falling, the sky is falling, and it began when President Obama took over the reigns. Fortunately, as I heard one of their own say recently, that the American people are not stupid. And he was right, we are not stupid, we know a rat when we see one and whereby to get their way!

I can recall one day when Dumb and Dumber were smugly attacking me; both men having assumed that since I was black (proud to be and wouldn't have it any other way), that I was a Democrat and therefore I must have voted for President Obama. The truth is that I was not a Democrat, and I did not vote for the nascent Senator from Illinois.

So, I simply set back and let them talk, until I had given them enough rope to make complete fools of themselves (something that the two of them practiced almost daily anyway).

Then I informed them both that I have been a registered independent voter for years, and that I have voted for the best candidate regardless of Party Affiliation, and finally that I didn't vote for Senator Obama. I also explained I did not vote for John McCain or Republican fascism either; I voted for the person that I felt was prepared and could do the best job.

Both of their mouths hung open and silence ensued on both their parts, at least for awhile. Their mischaracterization of me failed, and it demonstrated what a couple of fruitcakes both of these men happened to be.

You would think that these two pseudo-patriots would have backed off after that, but true to Republican neo-fascist form, they simply began to attack from another vantage point, (and their underlying message was that you either agreed with Republican fascism fully or that you were still nothing and nobody).

What was lost upon both of them, that had often been expressed by most shelter wards and on more than one occasion was this,
again, these two dunderheads who supported 8 years of Republicanism, live in a shelter, when they aren't living in the back of Dumb's rundown gray station wagon.

I am proud to say that these two dunderheads and the program manger do not represent the spirit of most Californians that is unless you live in Simi Valley or Orange County California. These two belong back in one of the bible belt states, where either you believe all of it, the bible, or none of it. Also, you aren't anything if you don't believe all of it and that is conservative Republican hogwash.

Republican neo-Conservatives have suspended the use of meaningful thought, dialogue or discourse. And similar to the obnoxious VTA Conservative Republican bus driver who asked me the other day, 'why do Democrats hate Bush', and I told him that 8 million of them crossed over and voted for Bush, which shut him up - both of these guys are equally as obtuse, inane and just as ignorant as the driver was!

Do I sound as if I am angry? The answer is yes, but not just because of these nitwits. I am concerned about the mindset of the American people! Why? I am angry and concerned because the insidious infestation of neo-Conservative fascism needs to be destroyed at its pernicious roots, and I am not sure that everyone understands what is going on.

It is not a simple matter of 'the conservatives lost the election so let's be all be friends'. We need to eradicate the spirit of fascism that persists in our nation, and if necessary, we ought to rewrite a New Patriot Act just for them (one that makes Republican fascism and obstructionism a crime against our form of government and elected officials).

These folks are nothing more than white supremacist/hegemonists that are set upon controlling the United States and the world for white hegemonists, and that kind of fascism must be rooted up at its core. Now isn't it interesting that just over a half decade after Hitler, Nuremburg et al, that Nazis are still being sought out, captured and tried for their crimes against humanity.

Yet in America, the same individuals who sought to destroy Aryan fascism years ago are silent and tolerating modern American-style fascists and fascism. Why aren't we going after American Nazis in the same America that we went after German Nazis? Isn't the problem simply this, Americans do not recognize the requisite risk and danger that these people pose to our nation? Or is it because some Americans still sympathize with a white supremacist ideology?

Dumb, as I reported earlier stated that he was against all Americans having equal access to the opportunity structures of this country. What gives him and other fascists to decide who should and should not have access? Perhaps then the rest of us should also deny Dumb and Dumber equal access to the homeless shelters and parking lots in the back of superstores in this nation, where the two have spent a considerable portion of their time during the Bush-Republican Administration’s worldwide blitzkrieg.

If we fail to do what we need to do to get rid of this infestation, it will grow again and wreak more destruction upon America, the American people and the world, and while doing so they will continue to blame others for all of the problems that they caused.

The entire world it would seem has been hurt following 8 years of Republican conservative fascism, and conservatives are chomping at the bit to come back and give us more of the same.

And can you believe that former Vice President Cheney, the highest ranking fascist in the nation, if not the world, is still proclaiming, 'we were right'? Hitler would be doing the same thing if he were still alive. And who knows, perhaps he is for someone is inspiring these fools.

Will America ever experience the kind of violence coming from Americans, that the world experienced coming from Germany and the Third Reich? I have already given you examples of how that men living in a shelter were either physically or verbally abused by two modern-day Republican fascists.

Keep in mind that we have militia groups popping up all over this nation, especially in the West and the Midwest. Why are they organizing? Folks it is not to protect themselves. Like Timothy McVeigh, these folks are planning a preemptive strike!

These people will not behave like the Native Americans once did and permit someone to take the land from them as they believe that all of the ethnic groups and immigrants are doing 'to him'. These malcontents would nuke this country and everyone in it, similar to what their fore parents did in Nagasaki and Hiroshima, before permitting that to happen.

And just as these two imbeciles that I lived with had sympathizers in the front office that covered up their malfeasance, and hid it from upper management, while pointing to what appeared to be their so-called good behaviors; we have other sympathizers in America who are behaving in the same manner with other homegrown neo-fascist conservative Republican terrorists. The latter are sympathizers who will allow fascism to thrive until it reaches critical mass.

One of these two men demonstrated physical violence on their fellow men on more than 6 occasions in the shelter as I pointed out earlier. And how long will it be before the remainder of mentally deranged, and angry white failed pseudo-patriots begin to take out their anger on other Americans?

Where is the angst this time? Where is the outrage and the call for war to root out fascism this time? I suppose that the difference this time is that it is white bred Americans who are behaving in the same manner that Hitler did in the mid-twentieth century. Americans must not take this lying down, these people are dangerous - they are terrorists. The Republican Party is breeding a whole new group of Timothy McVeigh styled terrorists right under our noses.

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

Finale to follow!

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