May 19, 2009

The Bible Is Not Just A Book About God!

Taking It to the Max: You can believe some of it, without believing all of it, and still believe in what is real!

Rev. C. Solomon!

I believe that it is possible for a human being to believe in God, and to be in synch with God without believing every single incident or scriptural quotation in the Bible. Having said that, there is enough contained in the Jewish Bible as well as within other non-biblical sacred texts to cause one to believe in God, without necessarily accepting all of the dogma and interpretations about God that are contained within Jewish and other non-Jewish religious and historical texts.

We must keep in mind that the bible is not merely a book about God as some would have you to believe. On the other hand the bible is a book about Jewish history, the God of Jewish history and the religions of Jewish history. What we believe is God existed before the Jews did, and we must keep in mind that humans found God without the facility of the Jews!

Here are a few things to ponder: Which books existed when Paul wrote that all scriptures were God-breathed? What was Paul referring to when he made this comment? At the time that Phillip spoke with the Ethiopian Eunuch, what was the name of the book that Phillip referred to, and where did it fit in to Jewish texts, and please keep in mind that the Bible did not exist at the time? Were the books of the Chronicles ever considered to be the end of the sacred Jewish texts, and why, and what are its implications?

And what is my objective? To release those individuals in and outside of religious institutions who do not believe everything that is contained within recorded sacred texts, but like me have discovered enough within these texts to know that there is something that exists which we refer to as God, Allah, the Great Spirit…!

And for those of you who cannot accept this as a fact, consider all of the individuals who came to Christ, prior to the Bible’s invention. For many believers, the Bible itself has become a source of worship!

Peace & Grace
Rev. C. Solomon

To be continued…

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