May 20, 2009

The Two Klans: One Republican Conservative and the other In Disguises

I have written and often spoke about the schizophrenia that thrives in America’s Ku Klux Klan organization, in that members of the Klan often evoke the name of Jesus Christ(who was a Jew) as their savior; have as their other most dominant symbol religious type robes and the cross of judgment, yet interestingly enough they hate Jews. Has anyone told either the Klan or its members that Jesus was a Jew?

It occurred to me recently that two present day American groups primarily, KKK members and Conservative Republicans have a lot in common. For one, the majority of their members are white, second they are certainly not the most erudite people in the world and finally they are fixated on their groups fixed points of view while claiming to be the people of God.

My personal assessment of the Conservative Republican Klan member or politician is that he and she in many respects are one and the same, one wears a suit and other dons a robe. But make no difference about them, they are one in the same. Yesterday,

I had what started out to be a pleasurable bus ride down scenic Stevens Creek Boulevard in Cupertino California. However, shortly after I boarded the bus I came under the attack of an unsolicited self-described Conservative Republican bus driver. I thought to myself as he began to recant the Republican/Klan talking points, that here they go, and can you believe that the dismal showing over the past 8-years of Bush-Cheney and the 6-year Republican controlled House and Senate, that any of their sort would want to show their neo-fascist faces in public again.

Being trapped at first on the bus, I simply tried to ignore him, but then it became apparent to me why he made his living as a semi-skilled bus driver, for what else would be qualified to do because Joe has a monopoly, thanks to John McCain on the plumbing profession. He fired off a question in the air asking, why do you Democrats hate George Bush so much?

I didn't tell the idiot that I was not a Democrat, rather I responded that Republicans did not have sufficient numbers to elect Ronald Reagan or George Bush. I explained that if it were not for cross-over Democrats, then neither of these Neanderthals would have been elected. Eight-million democrats crossed over and voted for Ronald Reagan. He didn't have a reply, so he tried to move on to something else.

He then asked the riders, do you people believe in term limits? Most of the audience was already bored with his antics, and he received only one or two replies before I intervened and asked what did he think about McCain-Feingold? Sadly, the dummy didn't know what McCain-Feingold was, but added that anything that Republican Presidential hopeful McCain was for, he was against.

He continued to attack President Obama, a man did not vote for, but he clearly assumed that I did. I pointed out that the Republicans had been in charge for 8 years and look at the condition of the country. I went on to ask him rhetorically then why was he attacking newly elected President Obama given all of the damage that had been to America by Bush-Cheney and the Republican Klan. He had become visibly annoyed with me, not only because my queries and answers trumped his, but because I was not participating in the Republican shuffle.

In other words I wasn't dancing according to plan. Republicans often like to incorporate the Socratic Method of questioning in order to keep their opponent off guard. They have a few set questions, and they will hammer you over and over again with those questions.

Another twist, a passenger came aboard who set diagonally across from the driver. He listened to a few barbs and chimed in that Bush behaved like Hitler did, and he added, I am from Germany and I know! Now that every person on board the bus, including the newcomer were against him, he decided to play the whole discussion off and began another discussion on something totally unrelated.

I thought at that point, perhaps you should just return to Republican Klan Conservative boot camp, because we just wiped the floor with you. I have yet to meet a conservative Republican who can fix his mouth to say that he or the Klan Party compadres were wrong. Conservative politics is in fact conservative religion. These folks are worshippers of the conservative idol and while invoking the name of Jesus like their militia and hate mongering counterparts, their true God is the God of neo-fascism.

Frankly, I am bored with the whole lot of them and wish somehow that they would simply go away never to be heard from again. Will that happen, no, not likely, however, you can't blame me for wishing that they would! I suspect that from hereon when climbing aboard a bus, I should ask the driver are a Democrat, Independent or Klan Republican, then I can decide whether or not I feel up to taking the ride through fairy land that I'm likely about to be subjected to.

Love, peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon

To be continued … American conservative neofascism is apparently not dead yet!

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