May 29, 2009

Living (Briefly Under The Same Roof) With Conservative Republican American Neo-Fascists Part IV

The real reason why Dumb became angry earlier that day, and reported what I said in innocence, to the Program Manager Tonya (see previous entries) was apparent!

When I ran into Dumb and a mutual bus acquaintance at a bus stop in Cupertino California several months ago, my bus acquaintance was surprised to learn that Dumb and I knew each other. After I explained that Dumb and I were both wards of the same religious shelter program, a political discussion ensued.

Now that I was away from the Shelter, I felt free to speak directly with Dumb. Ironically, my bus acquaintance and I had a couple of discussions in the past about the current conditions in America, particularly with its economy. And even though we did not agree on every single point, we were civil and listened to the other ones point of view.

Dumb was included in the conversation, and as to be expected Dumb did what neofascists always do, he engaged in labeling his opposition as 'a liberal'. I responded explaining that 'neo-fascists' like him, are the ones along with their policies who brought ruin to this nation over the past 8 years. When I said it, Dumb muttered under his breath and repeated back what I said, 'neo-fascists'?

Dumb was angry and launched in a diatribe about how liberals went wrong, in spite of the fact that George Bush and his party had been in charge of America over the past 8years. He said that the liberals were responsible for the current economic crisis, because they failed to regulate the housing industry, in particular Fannie Mae, and of course he tossed in the name Barney Franks in order to solidify his position, just as he and Dumber would often do in the Shelter.

You see all of the problems in the United States, particularly with respect to the current economic crisis and America's recession were caused by liberals and Barney Franks, according to Dumb and Dumber.

I countered that whenever the Democrats tried in the past to regulate anything, that they met stiff resistance from the Republicans, and that it took the Supreme Court finally to step up and to rebuff then President George Bush Jr., given that the Republican controlled House would not do it. I gave examples not only of how Bush and the Republicans had been repudiated by the Supreme Court, but by America's closet allies among other things.

It was President George Bush and company who refused to respect the other the other two equal branches of government, particularly Congress.

By this time the bus driver approached the bus bench where we were debating, with keen interest, his body language indicating that he wanted to listen to this debate. Dumb's anger with me showed on his face, as his face began to change colors. Oftentimes in the shelter I would simply make a few of what I felt were cogent remarks in order to debunk the constant mythologizing and fabricating by Dumb and his missing side-kick Dumber.

However, outside of the shelter, I ripped Dumb and his arguments to shreds. The bus driver and my bus acquaintance laughed at Dumb, and the latter chimed in with his own examples to prove that the problems that America was suffering in its current itteration were the result of conservative policies and politics..

The conversation carried on inside of the bus as the bus driver indicated that it was time to load up. The three of us sat on the side benches near the driver in the front of the bus, facing each other. Dumb was exasperated, given that he lost the dialectical debate, particularly in front of the driver and our mutual friend. Dumb reached his stop on Stierlin Road in Cupertino before I did.

I smiled at him and wished him a nice day as he left the bus. He gnarled back an indistinguishable sound, as he departed from the bus. I then looked at him and laughed.

Dumb is a vindictive man, and clearly decided to get me back at me later that day for the complete shredding that he endured, by telling his inside contact, Tonya, the Program Manager that I had violated his privacy by telling someone that he lived in the shelter. Factually, Dumb had moved out of the shelter a week or so before this incident took place.

The problem was that he had been lying to individuals about where he lived. And the reason why Tonya showed up at the shelter that evening hoping was really to get back at me for what took place on the bus stop that day. Having said that her rebuke was of no effect, it only demonstrated for me what I already knew that she was involved in a non-professional manner with some of the shelterees.

Ironically, before I left the bus that day, my bus acquaintance said, I saw your picture and the story about the shelter, just as you pointed out, in the Saratoga paper. He added, I didn't know that you were a minister, and then he added that Dumb told him that he lived in the nearby city of Mountain View. This is the other reason that Dumb was angry at me, because he had been innocently exposed - to man that he lied to.

What am I trying to convey here? First of all Dumb and Dumber are not alone, there are millions more like them in America. And what cannot be lost on this type of individual are the dangers associated with individuals like them.

When you speak with a fascist, you are talking to someone who is self-assured that the conclusions that he and his group-members have drawn are simply right the right ones and therefore there is no other way but there way.

As a pastor and minister, I have run into this type of attitude and behavior with religious conservatives. The whole world got a glimpse of what fascist religious conservatives were like during the Bush years.

Fascist Christians, joined in with fascist politicians in order to force their will upon America and the world. And as far as either group was concerned, they were simply right about everything, and you were simply wrong if you did not agree with them.

In terms of thought and behavior, neither of the two group any different from the other, they were organized around a small set of ideas, and to them their ideas and conclusion were sacrosanct, to the extent that they would attempt to force them down the throats of other people. And much in the same manner that the Christian Churches in Austria and Germany were supporters of Nazi fascism, religious fascists supported the political fascists and their movement in America.

As they proceeded with their scorched earth policies and practices, it was made clear to everyone else that dissent would not be tolerated. Neither side will tolerate dissent, or tolerate a differing opinion. Each one feels as if they alone are the moral arbiters of the Universe, and that it is their manifest destiny to go around forcing their dogma and their will on all other people.

Facts don’t make any difference to them, given that their feelings and their opinions are the facts. It is amazing to me as I reflect on the manner in which fascists behaved during the Clinton Administration, when it was clear that the fascists were not only in disagreement about the Clinton policies, there was clear animus if not downright hatred being directed towards Bill Clinton.

As the incompetent George Bush led the spiraling down of this nation towards the abyss, over the past 8 years, neo-fascists who did not agree with the Bush policies, were nevertheless very discreet in terms of expressing their feelings in public about George Bush.

However, as soon as someone other than the Republicans were in control, the vitriol, animus, anger and hostile behaviors and criticism returned. To be around a neofascists is to be around a person that is obsessed if not possessed. These folks in my opinion could care less about what the majority of the American people want; they simply care about what they want.

It was predicted on a Sunday news magazine yesterday, that Cheney's approval ratings would probably return to the 50% percent range within the next year. It was also predicted on Fox News, I believe it was, that the Republican Party's ratings would also approve over the course of the name time. All I can is that he American hasn't learned yet what the Republican Party extremists are all about yet, particularly following the Presidencies of Ronald Reagan and George Bush II, then the American people need to review the manner in which they decide who should and who should not lead this nation of ours.

For my dollar, we need confront American fascism, of the kind that we experienced recently from the Republicans, with the same vigor as this nation did when it participated in an Allied victory against Adolf Hitler and the Third Reich, because fascists are fascists, regardless of color, nation or stripe. And, I predict that if the fascist party does not regain control of the reigns of Party during the next election, we can expect more terrorist attacks in this nation, however, they will not come from outsiders.

Let's get the FBI to begin following these people around, and to listen in on their conversations and begin a counterinsurgency or COINTELPRO against them, because they are the real enemies of America and the America n way of life!

Peace & Hope
Rev. C. Solomon

P.S. Where is the Reverend today? I left the shelter and have continued on with my life, ministry of teaching, and my latest project working with Homeless Individuals in hopes of helping to lift the homeless from the state that they currently find themselves living in.

And here is something for all Americans to consider. There are an inestimable amount of homeless individuals in this country who spend each day and night living in the elements.

Included among them are women, children and the elderly. I prayed about it, and asked God what could be done and how could I help?
And here is what I got back from the Divine Mind. There are so many American homeowners, who house their automobiles in compartments that could be used to house human being. In other words, put your automobile outside in the element (at the very least at night) and permit someone who is homeless to at least sleep inside of your one, two or three car garages, for that is the humane, if not the Christian, Muslim, Jewish... thing to do. And if everyone who has a garage would do so, homelessness, would be eliminated in America within one fortnight!

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