Sep 7, 2006

Not Just Others: What America & Americans Can Do To Stop The Violence

Ala Jack Nicholson, "you want solutions, I will give you solutions"!

1. Americans must be reeducated with respect to the realities of the nation and its place, and the perception of other nations and people in a 21st Century world; America no longer has a good reputation.

2. Americans must reform their jaundiced thinking and self-serving biases and take the time to learn about other people and their customs, and to respect their ways of doing things.

3. Americans must help to change the perceptions of those in the rest of world back to a time when they believed that America was a 'just' and not just a 'rogue' hypocritical nation.

4. Americans must consider the real reasons for the nation being under attack, and not simply respond by saying, we'll bomb them.

5. American must enter into principled civil discourse, engagement and negotiations with the world-wide community, for everything has not been completely lost; some of America's allies are still hoping and believing that we will get it together.

6. Americans must come to realize that it does not matter, solely, that America provides opportunities (for it provides a lot of inopportunity as well). That is like saying to the spouse that gets beaten by her hubby on a periodic basis, but look at your 12,000 square foot domicile, the Mercedes, the furniture, the trips to Aruba and the clothing that I provide for you; our neighbor can't do that. She's say no, but he doesn't beat his wife either!

7. Americans need to revisit America's past and understand it, and how America got to be where it is now. And hopefully, Americans will realize that perhaps some atonement needs to be made along with a more conciliatory approach to the rest of the world.

8. America needs to approach the United Nations and other nations of the world that have influence over other nations of the world and request a principled and honest 'summit of nations', in order to begin a dialogue and a realignment if necessary in order to resolve the problems that hamper the world.

9. The U.S.A. needs to get out of Iraq and begin to repay reparations to that nation.

10. In the interim the U.S.A. needs to stop meddling in the affairs of other countries. This goes along with citing all of the good things that America does and has to offer, while sticking it to other nations on the backside. Remember, cloak and dagger?

11. American needs to learn to work with and respect international bodies, who do not always see things the way that America does, and not to act 'rogue', when it does not get its way.

12. America needs to revisit and review its outdated foreign policy initiatives which are about as convoluted as the American Tax code. Can anyone believe that this cruel nation has disaffected the lives of our southern neighbors for about 45 plus years now, 'the Cubans', just because America does not like their leader, or Cuba's form of government. How sick? I may not like my neighbor's dad, but I would not cause his children to suffer!

13. America needs to look at Israel again, and decide what to do about its partner-in-crime! Sound off coming from a Rev? Like Paul said, they 'have gone about to establish their own Righteousness', just as America has been doing since it began. Both nations are wrong in that regard!

13. America needs to proactively reach out to all nations of the world and to learn to live with communist, democratic-socialists, socialists, monarchies just as it is trying to forcing its totalitarian ways on other nations of the world. American can not treat everyone in the world as it treated the 'native Americans', by simply extinguishing or relocating them.

14. America needs to change Washington DC. As I pointed out before, America may have criticized the old Chinese government and Mao and all of his friends who stayed around to long, but at the same time Washington recycles jaundiced politicians, some who have been in Washington for 30 years or more. All one has to ask themselves, and have things gotten any better.

I can add much more, but in short America needs to 'get in and learn to live responsibly in the REAL 21st World, where the more enlightened and talented 90% of the World would like to live in peace!

Will this immediately stop those who are attacking America, no; it will take time to turn things around, but 'a thousand mile journey begins with one step'?

Perhaps by the time that we get to step five our posterity will be able to live in a peaceful world and Americans will have dispensed with some of the age old American brainwash!

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