Sep 7, 2006

America's War On Terror

Is the war on terror "a battle for the future of civilization?" Which civilization?
The answer is an emphatic No!

America's so-called war on terror is an effort to maintain and sustain America's shrinking position of dominance in the current and the future world order, which America is trying to do in the same manner that America conducted itself over the past half-century. Americans believe that all of the advantages as well as world power should inure to benefit of the American behemoth. American wants to maintain its advantage over other nations through the use of a strong economy, controlling world commerce, American lies and double-standards and a superior military technical advantage.

And just as America has done in the past, America intends to continue business as usual without regard for other disparate people and nations of the world and their just needs, the same who are currently asserting their right to self proclamation and self determination, just as America once did just over two centuries ago. The problem today is that America is being threatened. The major wars of the 19th and 20th century were fought where they were supposed to be fought, according to America thinking, overseas. Terrorism of all kinds, including America terrorism was okay as long as it was being conducted away from the borders of the United States.

Then 911 happened, and brought with it the dawning of New Age, when about 22 young men 'shocked' America, by doing to the United States what the United States has been doing to other nations and people of the world for decades, and to the American way of thinking, 'THAT WAS UNCIVILIZED". And, America is embarrassed, and thus the Newt's of the world want to come out of woodworks and show the world that once again, 'the United States messes with you, you don't, however, retaliate against the not so united Red and Blue States of America!

Tch tch, our country began the 'terror war', which would be more apropos than 'the war on terror' that we are now referring to. The terror war is an apt name for what our country began at the cessation of WWII at the time when both America and the Russians in the aftermath of the war were concerned about which nation would emerge as the world's dominant power. As we all know that cold war lasted for approximately 50 years. During that time America has done everything that it could to assert its right to dominate as well to imprint its vision of worldwide destiny to all four corners of the earth.

Now some other nations, outside of the old Soviet bloc are standing up to say that we do not care for America's vision and we have some ideas of our own. The high-anthropoids in Washington, what else can you call those fossils, who are conducting America's foreign affairs will simply not accept this kind of insolence from the lesser nations who are apparently attempting to upset the current arrangement that America has worked so hard for; how dare they? Just when we neutralized the Soviet Union, and were furthering America's vision of the world, then here comes another problem, and like roaches, America has gone for the RAID. They must be annihilated.

In one sense, any intellectual could argue whether or not America ever became civilized? I would argue that it did not. A nation whose enduring strength is its military might is not a very civilized nation at all for then its own strength is the use of force.

America is more concerned about its own extinction, than it is concerned about the end of the world! What is uncivilized is the American historical viewpoint that the Cretans and the 'great unwashed' of the world were put here for the pleasure of American and to help to supply an American minority with an advantageous lifestyle!

THE AMERICAN TRIBE HAS SPOKEN, and to the rest of the world, BEWARE OF THE LORD OF THE FLIES for he may be coming soon to a neighborhood near you!

some of you still won't get what I am saying, but try this instead; When I used to be a professional therapist, one day I shocked my colleagues when I told them to examine the term Therapist. They were shocked when they realized that the term Therapist actually appeared to be 'the rapist'. In this context, America is the rapist, it is not the other way around!

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