Sep 7, 2006

America's Miseducation - Think of Honesty and Virtue

Truth, Justice, Honor, Virtue: America's Enemies Don't See That, neither do many honest Americans see the same coming from America!

From the perspective of America's enemies, there is a singular objective, based on their fairly accurate perception of what America is, and it is to throw off the yoke of oppression of the 'white Anglo' oppressor. Does the latter sound like an oxymoron? At the inner-city elementary school that I attended, my fellow students and I were taught (by white teachers) and had to answer on periodic exams that the majority of us, African-American students, were also 'Anglo'.

Much like the mis-education that we received for years at our school, most Americans have been miseducated about the real America and the worth of the rest of the world. I remember when the teacher also taught us about American prosperity and America's advantages over the rest of the world. With respect to materials, goods, services, dollars, military might and wealth, America was clearly without peer; no nation was even a close second.

America clearly held a markedly disproportionate share of the world's wealth! Along with the list that we were provided, the teacher also taught that the term 'America' was synonymous with civility, justice and honor; on the other hand the rest of the nations of the world were all far behind, and some nations were further behind than others.

The rest of the nations of the world were all ranked on the American invented scale, with each nation of the world, including America's allies, ranked somewhere between the middle and the bottom. There was also a correlation between rank and color, in addition to other sociological and economic factors.

Those nation's and people who are retaliating the most against the American Worldwide Wealth and Apartheid system today, are by and large those nations and people who were ranked near the bottom of the America scale. And ironically, those nations who were viewed by Americans as peasants and barbarians, ironically, at one time saw America as 'the nation' of the world', and for a whole lot of reasons, the nation to be emulated. Well, that is until recently, for as the covers have been pulled back, the rest of the world has come to see that America was not the noble nation that practically everyone else on the earth believed that it was, and a nation that was once held in such high esteem.

And, many of those nations who were once ranked near the bottom on the American scale, the same who have experienced American imperialism and American retrograde fascism first hand, have decided that it is time to stand up and to do something about it. Why? These nations have experienced a sobering epiphany, with regard to American malfeasance, and the real reason why many of these nations who have made every effort to move into modernity and post-modernity, are actually behind America and the second-world nations; the first-world spot is reserved exclusively for America itself.

Finally, many of these nations, even those nations who purposely chose to remain primitive by American standards recognized no matter what their status was and no matter what their choices were, America saw and intended for their lands and their people to remain America's lapdogs.

As I heard Pat Buchanan reply, a few weeks ago, when asked why other nations of the world should submit to the American double-standard, Pat immediately replied, 'because we are the Superpower'. That is the problem that has skewed the thinking of most Americans for what has seemed like an eternity. For without giving any thought to social justice or a sense of right and fair play for every nation or individual, Pat, like most Americans wears the, 'we are the world's Superpower" moniker, proudly and without regard to the rights or feelings of other people of other nations on the earth.

There is a great scripture in the Christian Bible that reads something like, 'whatever things are true, whatever things are honest, whatsoever things are just, whatsoever things are pure, whatsoever things are lovely, whatsoever things are of good report; if there be any virtue...think on these things'.

This would seem like good advice to individuals as well as nations all over the world whether they are 'of faith' or secular. Now how many of you believe that American domestic or foreign policy is based upon truth, honesty, justice, purity, winsomeness, or is any way other than the way it is written down, of a good report? For within the geopolitical game, where nations like the U.S.A. are attempting to maintain a position of dominance over others nations of the world, lying, misrepresentation, denial, subterfuge, evil alliances appear to be the mainstay if not the order of the day.

Through the enemies eyes, America is 'the Great Satan, the Great Deceiver, and the great undermining nation, and factually they are correct! And some of these nations, ironically, would not argue that they also engage in devilish behaviors themselves, but the distinction of the 'Great Satan' is universally reserved for the U.S.A. by most nations of the world!

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