Sep 7, 2006

Jee Nious: Response #3, Americans Hardwired

Jee Nious

Are you new to the blog? I read, again with less trepidation and skepticism, some of the things that you submitted to the blog yesterday, and just as I felt then when reading some of your positions, I concluded that Jee Nious is saying some of the same things that most of us on the blog have been saying for months now. Then I asked myself again, what does he want and why is he being so seemingly difficult and abrasive? Well, I was a bit abrasive myself...(-:

In consideration of your statement, "Just griping will accomplish nothing. Only if enough voices are raised, by enough people who see the ROOTS of the problems we have had, to influence something effective to be DONE about it... will the U. S. remain free and strong." Then why do you keep lashing out at people who, including myself, who have written exactly the same things and proposed the same things that you just submitted to the blog, when we have been saying things for months?

Reach back to dialectical materialism which put in simple terms is simply the balancing of theses and antitheses, in hopes of eventually reaching synthesis. Are you truly interested in reaching synthesis, or are you simply playing the role of devil's advocate?

Whether it is true or not, and you indicated that I do not understand where you are coming from, it appears that you are unwilling to even consider other positions, arguments and suggestions, which by and large agree with your own recently stated position.

Again, is it true that you simply want to debate? Or, what is it that you really want, because, in your own words it is clearly indicated that you also share an obscurant desire, along with the rest of us for a 21st Century east/west d├ętente, which will be accompanied by a sustained solution to the world's current problems?

Yesterday, I asked you to go back and review what I wrote with regard to some of the miseducation that I received, along with my fellow-classmates, in the inner city elementary school that I attended. Did you ever do that? Yesterday, the response that was provided by you and 'I am a black man' was an immediate entrance into a sociological polemic which had nothing to do with my contextual position or the question that was posed by Mr. Arkin, about what our enemies...!

I used my example of my elementary school experiences in order to point how attentive students, in that scenario, were in fact miseducated. And even though we received 'A's for responding to something that was factually inaccurate, we were not Anglo children, and therefore we were miseducated.

Americans have taught for years, it would appear, that the solution to everything, whether it is teen-age sex or pregnancy, protection from STDs, drugs, smoking..., the answer is 'to educate', and to educate in the panacea for all problems. And in the light of America's historical belief that education is the answer to everything (even if one is to 'just say no'), I still believe that if we would embark on a journey to undo some of the errant and fallacious teaching and training, that was a part of our socialization process, whether we received it in our educational systems, at home, in our churches or from the government (even if the purpose was and is to instill 'nationalistic pride and patriotism'); and if the more obsequious Americans were deprogrammed and taught to make realistic assessments of the world and other people in the world, both working together would help us to go along way towards making peace with other people and nations in the world, and open us up to understanding their feelings towards the United States of America, and help all of us to reach 'synthesis', and to resolve our difference as a result of distancing ourselves from our neotenic beliefs and behaviors amd moving towards becoming the more neoteric human being!

For as I close, how many Americans, of all persuasions were and still are miseducated with respect to the black American or Native American for example? Why do some Americans refer to many middle-easterners, particularly Arabs and Persians, as 'sand n-word plural? Why do some Americans refer to people from other nations simply as 'dirty', 'uncivilized', or even 'libidinous" if you please?

If we can agree then that miseducation can occur at home, at school, in a solitary fashion and even from propaganda that is released by any government, or even the church, how many people, regardless of where they get their misinformation from, once they experience 'an awakening' are shattered and shocked when they reflect back on their lives and realize that the 'governing principles' in their lives, that they lived by and responded to others by, were based on inaccuracies?

Toddlers, all of us once were, did not have it coded into their brains to see people as n's, and sand n's, and savages, and gooks, and wetbtacks, and wop's, and crackers and ho's, and communists, and oligarchs, and jingoists, and Islamo-fascists, and warlords, and terrorists..., someone taught it! And factually like many other nations, such teachings are still a part of the American socialization process and part and parcel in the American landscape and lexicon.

Shifting gears, America and Americans certainly have the will and the means to defend America, however, it is as just as you have already concluded in your discourse, for some of us to come up with a solution that will help to resolve the problems, as opposed to having nations and individuals taking turns trying to destroy each other.

I am not as fatalistic as you sound; I believe that there are remedies, and finding the cure for miseducation is one of the remedies that will help to help to reshape a world in which your and my progeny can be safe now and in the future, and learn to live respecting the rights, freedoms and perceptions of other people around the world who may not walk like, look like or act like them!

As I close, I read on the back of a stranger's shirt some time ago, 'Join the Army, Travel to Distant Lands, Meet Exotic People and Kill Them'. That is neither what I want, nor, I believe, the solution that I believe that is best for the survival of the world's disparate people!

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