Sep 7, 2006

American History or American Propaganda?

I understand it when someone is tugging at your reality and the foundation on which you have been built for it can cause a real sense of fear, frustration and uncertainly in humans, as well as in animals for that matter.

But the fact is, the America and the world that most Americans have been taught about in the American Educational system has been a sanitized and white washed version of the American historical reality, and just the opposite with regard to the rest of the world. Even President Bush, former CIA Director, Vice President and President of the United Nations, opined in the 20th Century that, 'America, must become a kinder and gentler nation'. What was the former President referring to that most Americans can never admit (and no wonder his new attitude cost him a second term in office)! America has an ugly and dark underbelly, and unfortunately most Americans would prefer to live in denial, based on their false historical perspective. Was everything bad in America's history, of course not, however, nether was everything good? In fact much of America's past and present has been and still is, reprehensible.

And those individuals or nations who have been or are the recipients of American misbehavior only know America by given their own perception which many times are their reality. Let's list a few of the items that were not honestly addressed with regard to American history, that history spanning a period of 220 years, including yesterday: The Early Americans and Americans were also responsible for the following:

Embarking upon a land that was not their own
Savagely defining and attacking its inhabitants
Stealing, portions of the land from its inhabitants
Breaking numerous treaties with its inhabitants who were placed on reservations,

Indentured many of the inhabitants of the land and brought in slaves to work the land
Raped and molested native America and slave girls and women
Destroyed and prohibited slave unions
Beat the slaves
Murdered the slaves

Practiced egregious discrimination for centuries against minorities and women with the full backing of every branch of the Federal government
Placed murderers, killers and avowed racists and descendants of the same in office
Officials failed to uphold their oaths, failing to protect the civil rights of citizens.
Invaded other sovereign nations and lands
Destabilized other foreign governments
Placed dictators over other sovereign nations and people

Supplied weapons to leaders that today they refer to as terrorists
Supported and engaged in overt and covert terrorism
Fomented unrest between other nations
Undermined and spied upon other governments and their leaders
Weakened and undermined the U.N.
Created and fomented propaganda that was harmful to other nations

Unjustly isolated and quarantined other nations who would not accede to America's will
Murdered the leaders in other nations
Engaged in nefarious joint operations with other terrorists of the world

Shall I go on?

People who tell the truth in America and who say that we need to do something about American misbehavior are generally vilified, labeled and excoriated. Those Americans who prefer to shoot first and 'not' answer questions later, consider themselves to be the true patriots and the keepers of the trust. They are probably correct in that their group behave in much the same manner as their predecessor American forefather, who began a nation with pretty words but held to a totally different underlying purpose in practice!

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