Oct 2, 2006

The Existential Exit Strategy: It's Time To Get Out!

America Cannot Fix The Colossal Messes That George Bush and His Administration Have Made in Both Afghanistan and Iraq: Some other nation, the indigenous people or an international organization will likely have to repair this colossal mess, that is if it will ever be repairable!

We don't have to wonder any longer whether or not the Bush Administration misled the American people with regard to its motives for taking America into the Iraq War, or about the lies and misrepresentations that were given to the American public in order to justify the war...WE KNOW THE TRUTH!

And we do not have to speculate any longer, whether or not both Iraq and Afghanistan are both out-of-control messes, or whether or not the current Administration in Washington has any idea of what to do to resolve either of the messes that were created by the same incumbent Administration.

And last, we know that whether we remain illegally in Iraq or Afghanistan (as America flexes its muscles and attempts to force its will on either nation), either way we will be leaving behind two colossal messes. Again, even if we were to remain in either nation, nothing will change given the 'arguably' irresponsible, shortsighted, incapable, self-serving, self-justifying and rush-to-war leadership that is currently leading this country.

The questions are whether or not beyond America's justification for its actions in both nations, was either mission truly 'justified', and whether by staying any longer, in either nation, will anything ever be resolved? And depending on the answer, what should America do now? My Answer is that we should come up with the 'BATNA', the best alternative; and in my mind the best alternative to our misguided policies that are not working anyway, is as follows:

1. We must change leadership now. Given the outright malfeasance and perjury by the current Administration in terms of lying to the American Public, the Congress and the American people should immediately move to not only remove Mr. Rumsfield from being Secretary of Defense, but Mr. Bush and all of the members of his Administration should also be removed from office.

On what grounds should they be removed, the egregious violations of their oath(s) of office, and misuse of the American military (in violation of American and International Law)? A 'no confidence' vote should be sufficient in order to get the ball rolling. These folks have created one heck of a mess. And whether we subsequently try to punish them or not in the future, or whether or not we elevate them to 'knighthood' status, as we did with Reagan following his contempt of Congress and misleading of the American people during Contragate, it doesn't matter to me? Theessential thing is these people must go, and they must go immediately, and America must move, along with the help of the entire world, to repair and solve the problems that were created by this Administration in two former sovereign nations of the world.

2. America moves to replace the members of the Executive Branch and all of the Cabinet Heads who participated in this scandal with new and qualified leadership who will uphold their oaths while in office, and take America into a completely different direction with respect to both countries and the rest of the world.

We cannot afford to wait until the 2008 elections to take place; too much damage has been and is currently being done already, and imagine how much more damage will have been done by the year 2008!

3. America must immediately change its foreign policy direction in both Afghanistan and Iraq, and review its foreign policy positions that are in place with regard to America toward the rest of the world. And the newly installed Administration must immediately pursue/implement the new policy direction, its objective being to immediately begin working with the International Community to repair the damage that has been and is being done in both countries, Iraq and Afghanistan (given the illegal American presence in both countries), by America.

And America will begin to immediately withdraw its troops from both nations. (With respect to Iraq, I understand that there is a paramilitary force of over 300,000, compared to approximately 140,000 American troops). Do the math 300,000 in a nation with a population that is less than 30,000,000, should be able to do the job? Their numbers are higher than the Americans.

So, allow the Government of Iraq along with its 300,000 Iraqi's, to step up and take over and to determine their own destiny. There is nothing more that America can do in Iraq, but create more mayhem, or destroy more lives? With regard to Afghanistan, allow the International Community to take over and to ameliorate the problems that we contributed to in Afghanistan. Will some other foreign governments attempt to benefit, yes, just as America did!

4. New Legislation must be immediately passed in Congress that will close all of the loopholes in our laws, the latter will assure Americans that mistakes like the ones that were made by this Administration, which resulted in America's destruction of two sovereign nations without cause, (neither nation attacked us), will never be duplicated by 'an administration gone wild' in the future.

Whatever it takes to change course, intervention by the Justice Department, a no-Confidence Vote, or an unprecedented election or seizure of the Government by the Courts to immediately investigate and bring down this current Government and replace it with something better; something must be immediately done!

P.S. And please, toss out America's version of Baghdad Bob, Tony Snow, along with the rest!

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