Oct 30, 2006

Should The So-called Unjust Have To Pray To God In Order To Be Delivered From Those Who Profess To Be Just?

The so-called uncivilized (Iraqi's) of the world are asking God to defend and deliver them from the so-called civilized Americans...
...........the civilized religious Americans are sanctioning the use of civilized American bombs and weaponry to defend themselves from the religious Iraqis, who, ironically haven't done one thing to the mostly so-calledchristian civilized Americans!

Is is possible that Jesus will one day say to many of the professing Christian Americans to depart...saying that I never knew you...?

It seems to me, that with respect to America’s current divide over how this country should be defended; there are at least two broad categories of Americans. There are those Americans who say that in order for America to be properly defended; all Americans must realize that the world is not a very nice place. And, in order to survive in a world with other armed enemy nations and terrorists, their naive American brothers and sisters must realize that America must act-in-kind and be sufficiently armed in order to overcome force with excessive and preemptive force.

The current Administration and many Americans in this broad category have taken the defense of America a step further, borrowing from that old adage that ‘an ounce of prevention is worth more than a pound of cure’. They believe that pre-emption is a concomitant of American defense, the same that will enable America to defend itself better against attacks by America’s enemies? By beating the opposition to the punch and by keeping America’s enemies disarmed or sufficiently degraded, America’s enemies will be unable to muster an attack against America. Americans in this category, see no problem with striking DPRK or any other nation, just as they did to Iraq first, even though neither nation engaged in a single act of aggression towards the U.S.A, nor does either nation possess a fraction of the killing power that the U.S.A. possesses!

Sadly, this mostly well-intentioned group has zero interest in utilizing problem-solving techniques in order to resolve problems without reverting to violence, and to save lives wherever possible. And ironically, this broad grouping of Americans includes religious people who have either abandoned, or, altered the principles of their faiths altogether. Instead they have bought into secular political escapism in order to resolve their differences with their fellow human beings, having apparently become frustrated with their God’s ability to bring about a peaceful resolution of their problems with their enemies!

The other broad category of Americans on the other hand, the cognitive group I will call them, to the dismay of the other group believes more in the defense of the nation than the former group; in fact this group’s sole motivation is the defense of the nation and to avoid the misuse of America’s power against other nations. This group believes that after every other measured and peaceful solution has been considered or exhausted, then and only then is it right to utilize force. This group also believes that responding to violence with violence only increases and escalates violence, and that the pre-emptive use of violence, and creating and stockpiling weapons only encourages other nations to do the same and is warmongering!

The President insists that by invading a once sovereign nation like Iraq and by taking down its President and its government, followed by the destruction of much of its infrastructure represents the civilized world’s efforts against the uncivilized world as he put it, in order preserve civilization. However, in listening to the testimonies and comments of several Iraqi’s over the past weekend, it saddened me to hear the so-called uncivilized of the world, as the President put it, say one after the other that they are seeking God, their only resource to help them. Why? In order to stop the destruction of their land and their homes which in the final analysis was instigated, and is being promulgated by the mostly Christian and so-called civilized nation that looks down upon the people in their nation and devalues their way of living, the United States of America.

Isn’t it ironic that these people have to seek God to help them, a nation that has been invaded and torn apart by America (a country that is being supported in a preemptive war and occupation by its major religious community, the Christian church), the same nation that also wants to do the same with the DPRK and Iran?

Isn’t it sad when people have to pray to God (and most Americans say that they believe in God), and ask God to get America to stop the violence and carnage in their country, that America alone is responsible for and could stop at any time

Were Christians commissioned to win 'all nations' to Christ, or to kill them in the name of American consumerism and worldwide hegemony?

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