Oct 3, 2006

Jesus Was Not A Fascist: Where Christians Are Going Wrong

Elegy to Bush and The Christian Right and other Christians who are being misled!

Where Christians are going wrong:

If you claim to be a follower of Jesus Christ, seemingly you would do things in the manner that Christ did them. And Christ, during his time on earth, steered clear of the politicians and the political establishment of his day. Even the manner of Christ's birth was done in such a way as to steer clear of politicians and the political establishment of his day. Even from Christ's birth to his death a clear and visible separation was always kept between Christ and the political establishment.

Clearly, Christ was intent on keeping the two entities separate. He taught his disciples to render to the government what was the government's, taxes and all; but otherwise they were to stand clear, for the motives of Christ and the government, diverged. Even Christ referred to King Herod, the-head-of-state as, 'that fox'.

And on another occasion Jesus warned his disciples who wanted to call fire from heaven (similar to America's bombing missions today in Iran and Iraq) and burn up people, that the use of such methods that were aapparently available to Jesus were simply not his preferred choice, in order to deal with possible opposition.

Next, even in terms of dealing with the prototype of the Christian church today, The Temple and Order of priests at Jerusalem and elsewhere, Christ upon leaving the earth instructed his disciples to avoid them and to go elsewhere (to an remote upper room), in order to receive what Heaven was to send back to the earth (which was the beginning of Christ's government-on-earth).

Why, their high priests had also fallen completely in bed with the political establishment and were therefore, hopelessly, contaminated? They took on a killing theme, and joined in with the government in order to have Christ put to death.

So forgive the Rev, but how in hell has the Christian church of today, led by icons like Falwell, Dobsen, Robertson, LeHay, Parsley and others fallen so completely in bed with the fascist portion of America's political establishment? Why are they practising a form of fascism that Jesus avoided? Why has the church failed to seek God for answers, as opposed to attempting to solve their problems through by jumping in bed with corrupt and many times salacious politcians, and using politcal force and the politcal machinery to accomplish their purposes.

Have they given up on God? Folks, when Jesus walked the earth, he never forced his will on people, he did not even 'out', 'castigate' or 'torment' the homosexuals of his time, the favorite whipping boys of today's fascist church in deference to all of the evil that many of their leaders and accomplices are actually doing themselves! Have they rebuked or openly chastised Bush and his boys for lies, murder and malfeasance, or are they still cheerily going along and swallowing 'the camel' as they 'strain' at the gnats?

Remembering the words of the prophet Isaiah, who once spoke for God saying, "your ways are not my ways and your thoughts are not my thoughts". In other words, even the manner by which religious people go about doing things, including the pursuit of a preservation of values agenda, many times are suspect given that Christ, their purported leader resisted similar methodologies.

Clearly a segment of the church in America has sold out, and many of the rest are being co-opted by church leaders who are clearly in bed with politicians and the political establishment. Their methods are not consistent with the message of Christ and therefore they are not divinely motivated. Pat Robertson even wants to kill people, like Hugo Chavez, what spirit is Pat of? Certainly, Jesus while on the cross never expressed a desire to kill those of a political establishment who were overseeing his death that was insisted upon by the Jews! Who are these guys, really?

The result of following misguided leadership has resulted in a segment of the American church that is being led by the Pied-Piper Religious Right leadership who are (clearly based on Christian scriptures) not joined to Christ themselves; or perhaps they also have been seduced away from their own biblical teachings and are apostate!

I lament the fact that portions of the church in America have lost their way. Clearly the wheels have come off and instead of a life-saving church, we have a seemingly killing-faction in the church who are just as eager to destroy the so-called infidels on the other side as they are interested in saving only certain parts of the human population on this side of the globe. And worse yet they are teaching their parishioners that it's okay to murder innocent people. Folks, for anyone to do so is inconsistent with the teachings of Jesus and his manner of life. Jesus came to 'give his life not to take lives even misguided lives away!

Therefore churches should not join in with the government to sanction or support the savaging of innocent victims around the world who have been caught up into the cross hairs, or who have simply been written off by the misguided Christian Right in America. Were you aware that many church leaders in America, a short-time ago, rejected the Road Map to Peace in Palestine? Oops, I thought Jesus was, the Prince of Peace.

I would encourage Christians to remember the words of Jesus when he reminded the well-intentioned Peter on one occasion that his well-intentioned conclusions were actually motivated by 'Satan', and that he did not know the spirit that was really motivating him.

Again, Jesus was never in bed with politicians, he even referred to Herod as, 'that fox'; and he never once told or sent his disciples to get in bed with the political establishment to resolve any of the problems of their day. So, who really has the confused American church rank and file members, that are being bulldozed by various 'wedge issues' by a combination of the religious and political Right, been misled by (in order to carry out the 'Right's' nefarious, subtle, deadly and world compromising schemes), I ask you?

For Jesus was not a fascist, he gave people choices, even the right to choose not to go along or to believe in what he said or did!

And if you are in bed with either of the killer religious or political right, you need to consider getting out and helping to get America out of Afghanistan and Iraq!

And by the way, you stop criticizing the so-called Islamo-fascists, the Christian-facists are not any better or much different!

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