Oct 25, 2006

Osama or Obama: The Bush Parody & Which One Will Prevail?

Bush does not want American citizens to die....

....he prefers that innocent Iraqi citizens die in lieu of American citizens,
and for a cause that the Iraqi people had nothing to do with (American injustice and mistreatment of people and other nations of the world)!

• How many innocent Iraqi's have died so far as a result of the Bush doctrine and in lieu of American citizens? Are we cowards?

• What other nation in the world would be so arrogant as to take over another sovereign nation and turn that nation's territory into its own private battlefield, then permit that nattion's citizens to be slaughtered simply because the intruding nation wants to circumvent any damage to its people or its homeland?

Today Bush admitted that the reason for America's mission to Iraq, in its latest permutation, is to secure America. Is anyone listening? Well he finally told the truth, our reason for being there never had anything to do with improving the lives of the Iraqi people, and that is why it is so easy for him to stand by and watch the innocent Iraqi people be slaughtered in what was their own country, and for something that they had nothing to do with.

I don't like this, it reminds me again of when Lee Malvo and the other fellow, Muhammad, were riding around the DC-metro people and shooting people. Based on what I saw on terror-vision, the cowardly American people in DC were cutting and running and hiding behind tarps.

America should have the guts to fight its own battles either on its own turf or on the enemy's turf, but certainly not on the turf of an innocent bystander nation. America has truly lost its moral compass, if it ever had one.

I see only two choices now for Bush, either America must leave or America must quit pussy footing around and simply take over Iraq just as it took over most of North America, Hawaii, Puerto Rico and its other claimed territories. In other words, stop pretending to have created a democracy in Iraq and permanently put in another couple hundred thousand troops and make Iraq a permanent territory of the U.SA. If he did the latter, at least America's fight would take place on American soil.

Is someone or something in the universe sending Bush and the Republican party an ironic and homomorphic message? Which of the two will be responsible for Bush's undoing end ending once and for all the Bush doctrine, will it be Osama or Obama?

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