Oct 9, 2006

American Malfeasance......ignored!

......while other nations are condemned and commanded to comport to the will of the abuser nation, the U.S.A.!

We live in a world
where too many, inside and outside the United States, have historically ignored American malfeasance and its many violations of the Rule of domestic and International Law. The same perpetrators who have done so in the past and are doing the same now are demanding that other nations like N. Korea, Iran and the former sovereign nation of Iraq accede to the inviolate policies of the, acting outside of the law itself, United States of America.

It makes me think of a household where powerful parents who are physically abusing a few of the kids are aligned with the other kids who are not being abused, well not yet. The siblings who are not being abused, at this time, will even insist that the siblings who are being abused give in and accept the abuse of their mad parents, and even worse the siblings who are not being abused will join in with the out-of-control parents and help them to abuse their siblings. What a crazy mixed-up household, and what a crazy mixed-up country and world that goes along with this kind of behavior! Some might conclude that parents and the kids who go along with this kind of behavior (smelling sulfur), 'are the Devil or something'(>;)!

Why have other nations of the world stood by and either aligned themselves with, or permitted the paternalistic and hegemonistic United States of America to perpetuate its double-standards on other nations and the world for years, while demanding instead that the abused victim-nations simply give in to American double-standards, demands, abuse and malfeasance?

It seems to me that the citizens of America and the world who look the other way or join in with American malfeasance and its abuse of other nations, or those who join in with the condemnation of other nations, as Americas force its will upon them do so because (a) they do not want to be abused by America or another abuser nation (b) they are aware that the road to commerce, trade, aid, markets and eventually wealth is through the United States of America (c) because the United States offers them the pay-off of protection or 'pro bono type favors' that is if you stick with us, we will do some future favors for you or (d) all of the above and a few other reasons, mostly that they are looking out for numero uno, themselves!

If you are one of many apoplectic Americans, you would answer, and what is your point? If you are a Evangelical Christian, you would answer, 'it is God's will'! If you are a Republican, you would answer, 'we must stay the course! However, if you have any sense and if there is any humanity left in your soul, you will say, this is wrong and there must be something done about America, not Iran, Iraq, Cuba, Venezuela or North Korea!
Folks we cannot continue to allow this kind of American standard to drive the world and to hold certain people and certain nation's hostage, as they are being abused by the United States of America.

As I close,
Isn't it ironic that one of America's favorite whipping boys in the world (an organization that it seeks to use to its advantage), is the United Nations?
Now just imagine for a minute if you were one of the other 190 member nations of the United Nations!
• And imagine if you have sat by year after year and powerlessly observed one of the 5 permanent members of the Security Council acting rogue itself and in violation International Law itself!
• And imagine if for years you have witnessed this behemoth nation, the same nation that criticizes your organizational worth, a nation that has more WMDs (minus Russia) than all of the members of the U.N. combined.
• And consider that it is the only nation to have used WMDs on any other nation, and this nations demands that every other nations on the planet complies with its thinking, particularly that some nations of the world cannot have WMDs, which in its mind, is the Rule of Law.
• Or, imagine if the same nation that seeks to make every other nation comport with its will, a nation that has invaded without provocation other nations, and at the same time continues to occupy other nations through the force of its military?
• And consider this nation, the USA, who while invading and occupying other nations of the world is currently taunting, threatening and insisting that other nations abide by the Law?
• And imagine if you were aware that the nation that acts out more than all of the other nations in the world combined that actually uses the organization that you are a member of, the United Nations, to pass Resolutions that suits it purposes so that it can turn around and use the same Resolutions as a pretext to attack other nations, or vetoes other resolutions that do not coincide with its imperialistic and hegemonic purposes, what would you be thinking about the United States?

I'm thinking and have been thinking for some time now that it is time to make some changes, and until we do Americans and the world should be condemning the U.S.A., and ordering it out of Iraq and Afghanistan, and at the same time demanding that it immediately cease from threatening sovereign nations like Iran and North Korea, and finally that it lift the Cuban embargo and stop trying to force its will on the rest of the world!

Happy Columbus Day I think: he (looking for trade routes) and got lost, is kind of responsible for starting all of this, isn't he?

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