Oct 11, 2006

The New Imperial Grand Strategy...Is Noam Chomsky Correct?

Noam Chomsky reported the following:

• In November 2002, then Secretary of State Colin Powell informed the other nations of the world about America's new National Security Doctrine aka The National Security Strategy (that was quickly formulated and adopted by the Bush Administration)..
• Other nations, including some American foreign policy experts were angered, and some of the former referred to the strategy as 'The New Imperial Grand Strategy!
• Henry Kissinger told Bush that the NSS undermines the U.N. Charter & International Law, but he would still support it.
• In fact Kissinger went on to say that the illegal strategy must be universalized, and it must be for the U.S.A. only.

Noam Chomsky also reported that:

• According to the 1967 Outer Space Treaty, outer space was to be used for peaceful purposes.
• A vote was taken in the U.N. regarding Space Disarmament, the vote was 174 to 3 in favor of the disarmament of space; the U.S. along with Israel, of course, opposed the U.N.'s efforts to ban the militarization of space.
• In November 2002, under the Bush Administration, the Air Force Space Command doctrine was shifted by the Bush Administration from the Clinton Doctrine.
• Instead of the 'control of outer space' adopted by the Clinton Administration, the new doctrine stated that the United States owns outer space.
• Any potential competitors in outer space would be destroyed.
• Space would be militarized via the use of space platforms and hypersonic drones.

Other Chomsky remarks:
• The United States considers any nation that harbors terrorists as a terrorist state.
• The U.S. is harboring terrorists itself including Haitian and Cuban terrorists; the latter has infuriated the Cuban and Haitian governments.
• The U.S. plans to use the army, navy and outer space in order to protect its interests.
• The U.S. practically announced that it will attack nations at will

Folks, since the United States government was seized, all branches of Government (The American form of a coup) six years ago by the war hawks on the Right (which was an intentional act of misguided Republicans, the Christian by name only Religious Wrong, voter fraud and Supreme Court intervention), America has gone from being the kinder gentler nation that Bush 41 envisioned before leaving office to a hostile, threatening and warlike nation given the direction of Bush 41's 'that boy will do you good", son, Bush 43. Man, was Bush 41 ever wribg! The world is concerned about the George Bush led United States of America.

Houston, if Mr. Chomsky is correct, we have a bigger problem than we once thought. For in my mind the America government has been under siege and is being held hostage by a group of self-interested kill-acons, the same kill-acons who believe that they not only own America, they also believe that they own the planet in addition to outer space! And these folks will kill anyone who gets in their way, apparently!

WE ARE NOT THE WORLD, and we neither own the world nor outer space!

Solution: We must take our country back, and we should not simply hand it over to the Democrats; instead we must change American thinking, America's former ways of doing things, our foreign policy initiatives, and finally we must place vibrant, erudite, experienced and competent individuals in roles of leadership in all of the branches of the American government and the military. And we must work with all of the other nations who share this planet and outer space, none of the above are America's to command!

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