Oct 2, 2006

President Bush Should Cut and Run from Lying To The American Public

And Americans you would think would be more concerned about the innocent people who are being slaughtered as a result of America's actions in Iraq and Afghanistan, than their precious Tax-Cuts!

That is my concern given the previous election held in 2004. Many Americans made no bones about the fact that they were concerned more about 'tax cuts' and the increase in their 'stock portfolios' than the toll that was being taken on human lives all around the world. Whether or not human beings were being massacred, imprisoned or maimed was of very little consequence to many Americans; death had become a non-sequitur for many Americans.

In fact, one misguided American, who was among the ones that had assigned a whole new meaning to military killing, stated emphatically that we had to do what we did in Iraq (as an extension of what occurred in America on 9/11), to 'show them that you do not mess with the United State of America'. He was a bit more honest than most Americans by saying that if you kill one Muslim, the rest of them will get the message; he was okay with the military killing any Muslim.

I am afraid that many on the Right have been debauched and corrupted by the confusing self-serving and twisted messages that they have been receiving from both politician and cleric on the Right. Some might even argue that the two professions, politician and cleric, have always been one and the same and that they have never been at odds with each other, and I would agree that in some instances that was true.

I am not sure that being an American in deference to being human or civil matters anymore to Americans, given that Americans are more interested in protecting their possessions and by whatever means necessary! The late Ronald Reagan gave something back to America that made me very skeptical during the Reagan years, and many Americans still celebrate his legacy today. However, in my mind what this patron saint gave America was a false sense of pride. Reagan turned the hearts of many Americans from the politics of the Great Society, which ensued mostly during LBJ's, administration.

Instead, Reagan soothed the consciences of Americans and taught them that they must 'no longer feel any guilt', about America's historical past or the shortcomings. And Reagan also taught them that using and flexing America's military might (in deference to those individual human lives that would be destroyed), was something to be proud of and a source of nationalistic pride. The minds of many Americans on the Right, in my view, are still warped as a result of Reagan's doings and undoings! They will argue that using his methods, similar to Truman dropping bombs on the Japanese savs and saved lives. They always overlook the lives that were destroyed.

The Reagan minded citizens that Bush inherited four and six years ago are 'intractable and unapproachable, they are intent on completing the Reagan, "We Are the World/Don't Tread on Us", mission.

I interpreted Reagan's message as being one and the same with Cain's response to El, when he said, 'I am not my brother's keeper', and in other words his problems, whether I had anything to do with them or not (and perhaps I did or didn't), are his to deal with. Shortly after that, and in order to mollify their critics, we heard about the 'compassionate Conservative', and the sizeable numbers of Reagan Democrats who were in the Democratic Party. And what was the message of the compassionate Republican, and the Republicans in Democratic Party garb? Syndicated Columnist Bob Novak said it best: A man is drowning forty feet off-shore and the compassionate Republicans response would be to toss him a fifteen foot rope. The compassionate Republican mythology assumes that every person should know how to swim, well at least 25 feet!

And what lessons have been learned since the Reagan years leading right up to the Bush fiascos, that are currently taking place around the world? It would appear that many Americans are still convinced that tax-cuts and whether or not their taxes will be raised if those pesky Democrats get back in office, is more important than anything else. Many of the same Americans appear to be too intellectually lazy or just plain old greedy to concern themselves with the estimated one-hundred thousand lives that have been lost, and many more are still many lost, since Bush picked up the Reagan mantle in assuming the office of President of the United States. Many Americans have lost their nobility, and many who claim to be Christians, are probably of the type that Jesus proclaimed that in that day he will say, 'I never knew you and depart from me'. Perhaps the Islamists and Jews will fair better.

'Bush should Cut and Run, from lying to the American People, and murdering innocent men, women, boys and girls around the world!

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