Oct 6, 2006

North Korea Has Rights: America Has Wrongs!

It would be a dereliction of duty for Kim Yon Il not to prepare to defend North Korea…

… given the ongoing and impending threats by the U.S.A., and America’s incessant interference, in lieu of the United Nations, in the internal affairs of that sovereign nation. If I were the President, Prime Minister or Head of State of any nation on earth right now including N. Korea, I would take President Bush’s advice. President Bush said last year that anytime a nation is being threatened by another nation, that nation has the right to defend itself.

Of course he was speaking about Israel at the time, I am sure that he was not suggesting the same for nations like North Korean, Iran and obviously the advice was too late for Iraq. And keep in mind thatalthough Iraq had not tested any nuclear weapons, President Bush took it upon himself to invade and occupy Iraq while pretending to defend America against a nation that he had not threatened the U.S.A. in any way. An impeachable offense? A High crime by Mr. Bush?

And why would I prepare to defend my nation, even if it meant acquiring nuclear weapons, I would do so for the following reason?

I. There is an aggressor rogue nation in the world that it s guilty of the following

• Without pretext, illegally invading and subsequently occupying the once sovereign nation of Iraq after sitting up a puppet government while the nation was being occupied by America troops.
• Occupying the once sovereign nation of Afghanistan, after sitting up a puppet government during a military occupation.
• Occupying two nations against the will of the majority of their citizens.
• Unilaterally withdrawing from a long-standing weapons treaty with Russia.
• Invading and occupying Iraq, in violation of the United Nations Charter.
• The hypocrisy of America continuing to develop nuclear weapons itself, while sitting atop one of the larger nuclear arsenals in the world, minus Russia's arsenal.
• Being a nation that refuses to sign the non-militarization of Space treaty.
• A nation that has more spy satellites operating in space, minus Russia, than all of the nations of the world combined, and a nation that is daily spying on practically every other nation on the earth.
• A nation that insists on forcing its design upon the world.
• A nation that has embargoed a nation just South of it for over 40 years in hopes of breaking that nation’s will and forcing it comply with the will of the United States
• A nation that harbors terrorists, who have attacked the nation of Cuba and its people on more than one occasion.
• A nation that has been openly threatening two other sovereign nations of the world, N. Korea and Iraq while showing how hostile it can be as it currently occupying two other nations.
• A nation that has sought and is seeking to destabilize states in the Baltics region, and is interfering in elections in states in that region and around the world.
• A nation that simply does not respect different styles of governance other than its own, or when a type of government that it pretends to eschew, serves its its political purposes.

So taking President Bush’s ubiquitous advice, I would recommend that both N. Korea and Iraq prepare to defend themselves, just as Bush told Israel to do; and they should do so by any means necessary! Keep in mind that the nation that is threatening North Korea is the only nation in history that has used nuclear weapons against any other nation on earth.

II. The nation I preside over is a sovereign nation and we have the right to self-determination and a right to defend ourselves and to pursue our interests without outside interference and from any outside aggressor nation.

Besides, the hypocritical American double-standard is wrong and always has been. No other nation on the planet, right now, represents more of a threat to other nations, people and their right to self-determination than the United States of America.

Call the Rev a leftist, or consider that perhaps the Rev is simply telling the truth. Folks, we have got to get control of our leaders and fascist American policies and to remove the double-standards and set America on a course to live peaceably and justly, just as America expects any other nation to do, in this 21st century world! Either right is right for everyone, including the United States, or all other nations are equally justified in living by American style double-standards!

If we are going to pretend to be a civil or Christian nation, does anyone believe that it is time that we started being civil or Christ-like?

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