Mar 7, 2008

Mutatismutandis: The Necessary Changes Have Been Made Part 6

Conclusion... What Needs To Be Done.

Other than the Lord returning to destroy the greedy, selfish and wicked in America who refuse to change (just as it was done when God caused the world to be destroyed before), there are a variety of things that need to be done in order to rescue America's permanent social, economic and political underclass. And please don't forget those other Americans of late, who are slipping into the ever-widening American economic abyss.

1. With respect to government, it needs to be refocused, if not reformed:
Government's primary focus ought to be on all of the citizens of America, and not primarily on a singular class of individuals in America or corporations (that ship jobs overseas in order to increase their bottom lines). The government should not be obsessed with satisfying the desires of lobbyists (300,000 registered ones at this time), foreign adventurism, or self-promotion and self-perpetuation by those who have made a career out of of government (dis)service. The latter always take care of themselves first, with respect to earnings, housing, healthcare and retirement benefits.

The late President Ronald Reagan who was curiously loved by many of the less informed, made no bones about his belief that government should support the elite and corporate class in America. That belief, in and of itself, should have been enough to have disqualified him from service. Clearly it was a violation of his oath, to protect the Constitution of the United States, and therefore all of America's citizens! His involvement in deceiving Congress, given the illegal weapons that were purchased via Iran during his term (Oliver North hiding in the basement of the White House), and given to the Contra's was another reason that he should have been impeached instead of celebrated.

Mr. Reagan, and I call him that in respect to his surviving familymembers, believed that the remainder of society should have been disposed to waiting for the eventual 'trickle down' that would eventually reach them as a result of the largess of the elite class. And folks Reagan's views were the epitome of elitism. Sadly, too many Americans bought into Reagan's non-sense, which ended in nothing more than corporate greed, green mail, leveraged corporate buyouts, debts that the next generation and Administration had to pay off, and finally the perpetuation of America's permanent underclass.

Scripturally, Reagan's views reminds one of the story of the poor man who begged for 'crumbs from the rich man's table', he apparently got tired of waiting for some of the crumbs to 'trickle down' - just as some Americans are tired of waiting for today's trickle down! My personal feelings about Mr. Reagan is that he was 'a crumb'. He could have helped the American people and to change conditions in America! However, like too many American presidents, past and present, his objective was to serve the needs of a powerful elite like himself. My personal opinion about too many Americans is that they were willingly duped!

Like most presidents and government officials before him (and some are with us today, unanimity or fairness were not a part of this man's lexicon. Yes, many of his minions and the likeminded are still with us today, they still believe in Reaganism and continue to push his debauched agenda. Why? Many of them either benefited from Reaganism or are in line to benefit as a result of his economic principles that President George Bush employs. And by the way, Mr. Bush estimated worth is around 27M, and Vice President Cheney's at an estimated 85M.

The wealth of both of these characters will quadruple once they are out of office. Oddly enough, many who believe in the Reagan Gospel, also claim that they believe in the words of Jesus Christ. Folks, what Jesus taught in comparison to what Reagan taught and the rest of these nuts subscribe to, the two were and are still 'mutually exclusive'.

American federal, state and local governments all need to engage in the proactive role that each area of government engaged in during the first two hundred years of America's existence, if not before in a defacto sense. Each area of government's primary objective ought to be to immediately eliminate the structural imbalances that still exist in American society without having to be told to do so.

What do we pay these guys to do folks? Answer: To protect the Constitution and to represent the people, and the latter is what all officials are sworn to do in a representative government. And why is it that government never does its job(s) when it comes to representing all of the citizens that it is was put there to represent?

Many of the structural imbalances that exist in American society today, are there because encoded into law and therefore into the psyches of the American people is a requisite and desultory understanding that certain classes, individuals and corporate classes ought to be treated differently. Many Americans believe that certain classes, and corporations ought to be given preferential treatment and have the advantage over certain other classes and sectors the within society.

The elite class of individuals and corporations believe that they have an inherent right to be advantaged. And what that does to members of the subordinate class is to force them to be beholden to the elite and corporate class that are the harbingers of American wealth, with the full support and approval of the United States government. Today, we are witnessing a trend in America where those individuals who once upon a time benefited from the double-standards, are feeling the pain.

And perhaps that is a good thing. Why? When these individuals and families had the opportunity to insist on fairness, they ignored it and supported the nefarious scheme of America's nefaious power elite to invest in American corporations as well as in the power elite. And what did that power elite do given their support? The corporate power elite used the tax breaks and incentives that they benefitted from to line their own pockets (CEO's earning 300 times that of the average employee), and instead moved badly needed jobs offshore.

President Bush promised America several years ago that such a trend was good for the economy. And what does he have to say now that the economy is slipping in a recession (the permanent underclass is experiencing a depression already)? He is offering a stimulus package which he hopes will stimulate the economy and benefit the elite and corporate classes. He also boasts about the number of jobs that he created years ago, ignoring the fact that he took the economy into a recession when he first entered into office which resulted in a significant loss of jobs.

And what has he accomplished, he returned the economy to where it had been before and supplied the nation with jobs this time, that did not meet the needs of the average American individual or family.

Those permanent and sustained advantages and benefits that were codified into law, in particular over non-white Americans were resulted in the institutionalized and entrenched structural imbalances that have made it nearly impossible for a class of America's en masse to escape from their structurally and institutionally imposed dungeons. Government needs to reverse the damage that occurred as a result of its leadership role in granting preferential treatment to one segment of American society over the the past 200 years.

The government spent centuries 'legislating immorality', it is time that the government reverse not only its own immorality, it needs to raid the Federal Treasury and invest America's resources in its permanent and ever growing underclass. American resources would be better spent on saving humanity, rather than continuing to engage in the practice of subjugating and hurting other people around the world; just as America is doing, currently, in Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan, Pakistan and in Palestine.

It is amazing to know that our federal government is willing to spend in excess of 2B per week in order to kill foreign nationals, to take over other nations and engage in nation building, and the same federal government can never come up with resources, particularly equivalent resources to nation-build in its own backyard.

Clearly that is not the priority. America's ghettos, America's permanent underclass environs have only worsened, while the gap between the rich and the poor and others has widened. The next time you are in Washington D.C. do as I did, take a detour from the Capitol Mall, and tour the other Washington DC neighborhoods, and go over into Maryland. You won't have to drive but a few blocks from Capitol Hill to the New York Avenue area for example (crisscossing 2nd and 3rd street) to witness first hand, the other Washington DC.

Ask someone to direct you over to Ward 7 and 8, or to Suitland or Bladensburg Maryland. You will get a sense of what I mean when I explain that politicians in Washington will ignore what's right under there noses, and turnaround and invest America's resources in unwise ventures, and attack nations who have never bothered the United States. In fact, don't forget to take a drive up 6th street, or view the area that sits right behind the Washington Convention Center, there you will see how two nations that are world's apart co-exist.

Once Americans become more enlightened, particularly those who believed at one time that they had a change of obtaining the golden prize (many of them are slipping into the abyss today). I suspect that eventually when they feel the pain that they will join in helping to put pressure on the government. They will either help to restructure America in order that we might become one truly equal society where everyone is on an equal footing, or you know how they are - they will bring this nation down.

Come to think about it, perhaps some in that group simply needed to experience how others have lived and felt for centuries, and I suspect that they are many more like them who need to have the experience, permanently!

We need to, with the invention of a whole new government move towards becoming a single-classed society.

2. Religion: All religious organizations including the Church, need to reexamine their own policies, and their behaviors, particularly those organizations that have been in existence for over the past two hundred years, and the ones that existed prior to America becoming a nation. Many of our religious organizations were equally racist, and showed preferential treatment towards certain members of the society and members in their churches.

Often blacks were circumscribed in churches and were were forced to sit in the church balconies 'nigger heaven' I suppose, or in the churches belfry!

The Mormon Religion made no bones about their feelings. Simply put they said that blacks were cursed, and as a result blacks at one time could not be in the Priesthood, the Choir, the Congregation or inside of the church. Go to Salt Lake City, and spend some time there as I did, and visit the Mormon Tabernacle. If you are a non Mormon, you will be permitted to enter the old Mormon Tabernacle temple.

But more important than going into its old racist sanctuary, go and spend time at the Mormon museum like I did. Joseph Smith, and Brigham Young were typical American racists just like the rest, and just like America's politicians. Steve Young, former quarterback of the San Francisco 49'ers, bless his heart, does not believe like his ancestors once did.

And when you visit the city of Salt Lake, you will realize the deleterious effect that its religious racism had on the region. Other than the Utah Jazz basketball, you will have to look for black Americans in Salt Lake City. You will be safe, I stayed in a hotel there and no one bothered me. BTW, how many of you know that Senator Orrin Hatch, of Judge Thomas and Anita Hill hearing fame is a minister - he even preaches occasionally at black churches in the district!

The fact that he has been a Senator for so long will explain by and large, why the permanent underclass exists in America until this day. Had prominent religious leaders like the Reverend Billy Graham done their jobs and preached all of the gospel, they would have preached against racism from the onset. His refusal to preach at the March on Washington along with doctor King, tells you a lot about where his level of understanding, and where his character was at the time.

Thank God he has since repented for his behavior, but what are either he or son (given his current physical condition) doing to reverse the damage that Rev. Billy Graham could have helped to eliminate. Franklin spends most of his time crusading against the brown people of the Muslim faith, who the American government and American religious groups are currently discriminating against (led by Pat Robertson, John Hagee and others).

Have you ever heard or seen the Reverend Franklin crusade against the wrongs that have been done and are still being done to America's underclass? No, and you never will. One has to wonder how long will it take for Franklin, like his dad eventually did, to wake up and to realize what is going on right under his nose. One thing that the Grahams have never done and never will do is to spend their lives preaching and crusading against is American injustices!

All religious organizations should make it their primary aim to eliminate poverty in this nation within a reasonable timeframe, it should take just about one week. If they were to obey the scriptures and the writings that many of them purport to believe in, poverty in America would be eliminated in just about a week (For example read Acts chapter 4 where God's people shared everything.

verse 32 All the believers were one in heart and mind. No one claimed that any of his possessions was his own, but they shared everything they had. 33With great power the apostles continued to testify to the resurrection of the Lord Jesus, and much grace was upon them all. 34There were no needy persons among them. For from time to time those who owned lands or houses sold them, brought the money from the sales 35and put it at the apostles' feet, and it was distributed to anyone as he had need.

3. America's Institutions" All leaders of America's institutions need to take a hard look at themselves and the institutions that they preside over. They need to admit and work to reverse what the institutions that they preside over have done to contribute to the underprivileged in America.

Not only has preferential treatment by America's institutions given rise to the problem, the same institutions continue to sustatin, reify and to reenfoce the problem. Unfair hiring and preferential treatment practices, the greed-profit motive, excluding qualified students who are unable to afford from attending America's institutions of hire learning and other, contributes to a permanent underclass in America.

If the so-called religious individuals won't do the right thing, how can we expect the non-religious to do the right thing? All of America's institutions need to make a top down assessment of their institutional missions, and determine how they can reverse their past and current trends that contribute by and large to the problem.

4. The American People: The American people need to divorce themselves from the 'capitalist greed motive' that drives them, get in the real world and place the needs of their sisters and brothers above self interest. Americans are greedy and spoiled. Too many Americans think only about themselves.

Many individuals in American society, and in religious circles, have far more now than they will ever need or be able to use. Yet, those same Americans continue with conspicuous consumption of consumer goods. In the book of Malachi, chapter 3 vs 10, God promises to open the windows of heaven and pour out blessings that the would not have room to receive. I am often amazed at the number of Americans, particularly Christians ones who are still waiting for that promise to be fulfilled.

Wake up Christians, the promise for many of you has already been fulfilled. Many believers moved from their smaller 5-800 square foot homes into larger homes (some from 2 to 10,000 square feet) because they had insufficient space to store all the blessings that fell from heaven's windows. Their triple closets, attics, basements, cupboards, chest of drawers, dressers, hall closets, triple car garages and yards were overrun in their former domiciles. And some are finding that their larger edifices are still insufficient, so they have gone out to purchase storage units to boot.

I would ask of these Cain-spirited 'I AM NOT MY BROTHER's KEEPER' religious types, where are your brothers and sisters? For while you are living the good life, many ministers included, your undernourished brothers and sisters are year after year living in poverty and fear in dangerous neighborhoods. Many of your brothers and sisters are living in despair of the kind that you can help them to escape. When your cupboards were and are running over, did it occur to you that God provided you with extra in order to share, meaningfully, with those who are less unfortunate.

Many of the unfortunate members of America's underclass have not only been abandoned by the government, they have also been advantaged by their religious brothers and sisters who proclaim, I AM NOT MY BROTHER's KEEPER. And what do the well off say to their less fortunate brothers and sisters (many of whom represent the working poor)at the end of each service? They will say, praise the Lord brother and we will see you next week, and don't forget to bring your tithes and offerings. How dare you drive to the suburbs while your sisters and brothers return to the war torn and dangerous ghettos and communities that they cannot escape from?

I cite these areas of government, religious and individual human failure as areas of concern, because that is where the problem lies. It is the reason that most of the debauchery and neglect that has existed in this nation of wealth for so long still exists. And it proves that having wealth alone, Ronald Reagan's solution is not a solution at all.

From a scriptural perspective, if God's people who are called by his name were to simply turn from their wicked ways..., the land could be healed. Get it, if God's people, the lights of the world, were to do what they are supposed to do, the problem would be eliminated. However, one does not have to be a religious child of God in order to demonstrate a loving heart.

How many racists have there been in America that throughout the history of this nation have claimed to be Christians? And I am not just talking about the cowardly and schizophrenic Klansmen who invoke the name of Jesus and claim the cross, and still they hate Jews? Er herm schizophrenic Klansbrothers, Jesus was a Jew, however, you are also likely 'too dumb' to know realize that.

Many of America's so-called good people, many of them were and are ministers, remind me of many racists and segregationists in this country who have never been Klanspeople, yet, who at the same time also named the name of Jesus Christ. And, like the Klansman, instead of hating Jews, they hated blacks, while naming the name of Jesus. Many of these individuals are the ones who pastored churches and influenced government policy - some even served in the government, and others took their oath while laying their hand on the bible.

For many of them Judgment Day has already come and they have been exposed. On the other hand some of the most caring individuals in this nation and the world, interestingly enough are are agnostic, existential, secular and atheist. They are rightfully the number one critics, oftentimes, of religious hypocrisy and of religious hypocrites.

The members of these groups often fight harder for social justice and to deal with environmental issues than self-righteous Christians, particularly those who are members of America's Religious Right, and defacto moral majority. Judgment day again!

Hypocrisy in Christian America is apparent everyday, even TV Evangelist Reverend Kreflo Dollar explained on the Larry King show recently, that we will always have the poor among us. We don't have to have the poor among us Reverend Dollar, that is just an excuse!

Reverend Kreflo Dollar offered this explanation in order to justify his own excesses, and his own excessive lifestyle, on the syndicated Larry King Show recently. I can only imagine what Larry King, an atheist himself, thought as he sat and listened to a purported born again minister, attempt to justify his lavish lifestyle. And Kreflo has the verve and the nerve to do so while at the same time members of his congregation and the rest of the nation and the world are famished and impoverished.

Clearly Kreflo, and not only Kreflo, but ministers like him are not following in the footsteps of Jesus Christ, no more than schizophrenic predecessors have done, or that his proteges are doing today. Wake up Kreflo, and stop building bigger barns, even when you claim to be doing so in the name of the Lord. You and others like you are not following the example of Jesus Christ.

A few pittances here and there is not what God required of his minister followers! You have been 'capitalized', and sucked into the spirit of American corporate and individual greed! Give Reverend Billy Graham credit for refusing to be receive an income over his years of ministry that exceeded the average salary of his parishioners! Kweflo, Jakes, Long and other white capitalist ministers, are guilty of emulating the behaviors of America's secular capitalist.

Reverend Kweflo was not about to sell all that he had and give it to the poor like the Rich Young Ruler that came to Jesus. And just like the Rich Young Ruler, the Rich Young Kweflo would and will not do so in spite of the fact he would have received even more wealth to distribute to the poor and to take care of his family needs by week's end. Get it, the rich have a steady stream of income. Whatever they give will be replaced in a few days - just like Kweflo the Rich Young Ruler missed the point. Greed!!!

Our ministers ought to lead the way in terms of the turnaround, however, if what I have witnessed sofar, from some of America's religious icons point of view, don't look for that to happen anytime soon. In addition to garnering wealth for themselves, too many of them are busy tearing down their old barns (homes and church edifices) in order to erect larger ones.

And year after year, new home after new home, new luxury car after new luxury car, new suit after new suit, new church building after new church building, members of these ministers congregations remain in the same social condition. And what do the members receive, promises of hope, while the ministers take their money in order to pay for their dreams right now!

America religious leaders are following the path of America's greedy capitalist entrepreneural classes - instead of enlightening and teaching them what should be done with profit and wealth.

There is much that can be done, and I suspect that the ones who will continue to try to implement change will be America's civil rights workers, and caring individuals. And ironically, the ones who have done the most and given the most are customarily labeled liberals, socialists, communists, anti-establishment and reckless. Don't forget that Jesus was crucified for the same reasons as demanded by the religious elite of his day, because he advocated for righteousness and justice for all people, and he even railed against 'that Fox', who was King over the local government(s) and the people!

All of us should ask, how come like Jesus, individuals like Dr. Martin Luther, Denmark Vesey, Nat Turner and others have to do the work of the United States Government? Why were their families forced to suffer when paid government officials, federal, state and local failed to do their jobs (and all of us know that they never did their jobs just as they are failing many times to do their jobs today).

How come Rosa Parks had to engage in actions that 'paid government officials' were unwilling to engage in, yet they were paid to do what she did - fight for social justice? How hypocritical it was it when many of America's political elite, presidents included, showed up at the rotunda to pay their respects to Rosa Parks. They should send their salaries to her survivors. Many of these individuals were alive and involved in government when Rosa Parks took her stand and suffered for it.

Where were they at that time? How come Harriet Tubman had to work to free black Americans and to help black Americans to escape from servitude? Where was the failed racist United States Government then? Should her survivor family-members receive reparations from the American government and the American people? Had Harriet been like many Americans today, in government and out, she would have saved herself and forgotten about the rest, but instead, she went back over and over again risking her life and safety, in order to rescue other people!

Many blacks who have abandoned the American ghettoes and urban centers ought to think about her example. Why won't you go back and help? Even my own brother, why are you suddenly too good for your own people?

What needs to be done still has not been done, what was and is wrong will be evident every time an incident like Katrina occurs and exposes the depraved social conditions that persist among certain classes in America. We will know that what needs to be done hasn't been done as long as the wealth and resources that are needed to address the needs of a society are harbored by one segment of the society.

And today that segment of society is not only white, many individuals from other races who have made it, including our ministers, have joined in on conspicuous consumption, and they are also turning their backs on America's permanent underclass. I have heard black Americans even in my own family boast saying, I don't even want to go back down there (this family member was referring to the neighborhood that he grew up in).

There are many more just like him. It is amazing what happens to a person or person when they gain a few dollars. I never changed me thank God. I love people, all people, even the ignorant ones who cannot see any further than their noses. Jesus was like that, he loved the sinner but hated their sins and their venal ways. The new segregated class in America includes blacks and Spaniards.

Some of these same individuals who once languished in poverty suddenly feel that they are better than their counterparts. I often wonder just how many job opportunities have been created by America's black wealthy athletes and entertainers, Dekembe Matumbo, David Robinson and a few others being notable exceptions. Oftentimes, it would appear that the first thing that they do is to run off, purchase a big house or car and being to live the lifestyle of the Rich and Famous.

Karl Malone, a famous NBA player once from Utah no less (and I believe New Orleans) who was too poor to purchase a jacket that fit him when he was drafted into the NBA sought to play for the Los Angeles Lakers basketball team a few years ago, because he wanted the opportunity to win a championship ring.

The Los Angeles Lakers managment explained to Karl that they could not take on his 19million a year salary (that his then current team the Utah Jazz were willing to pay him if he reminaed). Karl told the Lakers, its okay I DON'T NEED ANY MORE MONEY - I just want a championship ring and you will be the vehicle by which I can garner a ring!

Now folks it was wonderful and commendable to hear someone finally say that I don't need any more money, and that I have enough to take care of my and my family's needs for the rest of our lives. The Chairman of Exxon didn't do that, despite his one year 450Million dollar earnings.

On the other hand Karl, instead of playing for a ring for the paltry 1M salary that you received, couldn't you have played for perhaps 3 or 4 more years, and used the money that you did not need to invest in creating jobs in black urban centers? My God, how many grandparents in urban centers who should have been retired years ago are still working in order to support themselves or their extended families.

What is wrong with people, even the blacks ones who were once members of American's permanent underlcass. On occasion when I would visit Portrero Hill in San Francisco, one of my sweeties having born and raised there I would enquire, what did O.J. Simpson do for the community. They responded, are you kidding, he would come by on occasion and visit or donate athletic equipment to the Community Center. Whoopee!!

Folks, Johnny Cochran who I was pleased to meet at professional basketball player Latrell Sprewell's press conference (Sprewell choked Warriors Coach PJ Carlessimo) at the Oakland Convention Center years ago, had to scramble to show where OJ Simpson had ever contributed any money to his own community. In fact, "I'm Just OJ", was practically ordered during his Trial by the Dream Team to donate money to Howard University.

They wanted to show that OJ was a caring philanthropist. Orenthal James donated a paltry five thousand dollars to his daughter's ala mater, Howard University. Er herm, that speaks for itself, there is no need to comment about this fallen hero.
In fact, he was not a philanthropist who put anything back into the community from which he sprang or elsewhere.

And unlike may other black entertainers and athletes have neglected to do, kudos go to the rappers. We criticize them for their lyrics and poetry, however, no other segment in the black community, with the exception of Comedian Bill Cosby, has given as heavily in terms of finances to the black community than they have done.

And how about Kobe Bryant? Kobe is another professional athlete who was apparently ring fixated. Does he have a right to purchase a diamond ring for his wife, estimated to have cost between 4 and 5M dollars, of course he did? However, I wonder just how many jo opportunities has Kobe created, from his wealth, for America's permanent underclass.

Isn't it interesting that members of America's permanent underclass take and give money to these wealthy individuals by purchasing their gear and attending sports events where they play at, however, when it is the members of America's underclass who need the money and a social lift? If these wealthy athletes cannot pool a portion of their resources in order to create jobs, help to provide credit and other services for America's cities we ought to ignore them, and at least stop celebrating them as if they were somehow American heroes.

How many jobs have they created, and what have they done with their purses to lift America's permanent underclass? What did Mike Tyson, a man who earned over 300M dollars prize-fighting? And how about Leon Spinks, the former heavyweight champion of the world became bartender do? What did these two intellectual giants do, who between them earned an aggregate half-billion dollars, for the community? Both of these nuts are broke! Leon said, well, I partied! That comment does not deserve a

Let's all give a shout out to Warrick Dunn, the former Atlanta Falcons football running back who created the Dunn Foundation in 1997. Dunn's Foundation made it possible for singles mothers to experience home ownership. Warren create a foundation that assisted single mothers to make down payments so that they could purchase homes.

Let's move on? We will know that what needs to be done is not being done as long as a segment of American populace cannot acquire healthcare in a nation that has the most trained physicians and service providers in the world, (and certain individuals cannot garner services simply because they cannot afford it). Criticize what does and what does not work in other nations that provide healthcare for their citizens, however, America cannot continue to use that as an excuse to do nothing.

And with regard to America's Corporate class or companies and organizations that America's federal government has continue to provide with numerous tax breaks and other considerations, you need to share your largese with the American workers. How dare you move jobs offshore in order to increase your own bottom line as well as personal options at the expense of Americans. Greed, greed and more greed!

We will continue to know that what needs to be done is still not being done as long as the federal government spends more time meeting the needs of lobbyists and corporations and other organizations that our federal officials meet with daily, than seeing to the needs of the American people! It is any wonder that Jesus came to bring a sword and not peace? Jesus hated injustice, and so do I!

peace & grace
Rev. C. Solomon

to be continued...., I'm not finished

Addenda: Also when you visit Washington DC particularly Capitol Hill, ask to be taken underground - that is if they will permit you to go underground. In addition to the underground submway system which not too many Americans knows that even exists, visit the barbershops, swimming pools, credit union and other recreational areas that are underneath the Capitol - after all you paid for it.

You will witness a sample of the perks that are hard=working legislators enjoy, while a stone's throw from the Capitol, drive up North Capitol or South Capitol Drive and you will see, while others exist in poverty. You won't believe Anacostia. And you get there by crossing the decrepid William Frederick Douglas, or is it the Malcolm X Bridge.

These folks have taken care of themselves and corporate lobbyists, it is the American people who have done nothing. Would the Congressional Black Caucus or the Spanish Caucus do anything about the plight of undeservered Americans? Many have tried, however, frankly, they do not have a sufficient number of votes to change in thing in America.

Having said that, enough in the moral majority are considering a black male who has different ideas about elitism, perhaps he or Hillary will be able to turn things around someday, albeit, Hillary is my first choise. She has earned the right to be President first!

She might not get everything that the people need, for there is still Congress to deal with, however, she will fight for what is truly needed in this country - however, I believe that it will take females to turn this nation around!


Anonymous said...

careful how you phrase your words in this latest update ,because the communist tried to create their own version of a single class society (except the power elite that is) and that was not any peach of a government either. BY THE WAY , HILLARY AND OBAMA ARE BOTH, VERY MUCH OF THE SAME SOCIALISTIC SUDO COMMUNIST LIKENED MINDs. How do you see improved Morality in these two? both hunger for the "culture of death" that good christians should fear. Canada has in its country the same socialmedicare program these two postulate and are not entirely happy with it(do some research on it .).The constitution we have is good in itself ,its the misinterpretations and abusive implementation by certain (persons or groups of persons ,not to mention their own agendas),of its ideal that is flawed and cause of conflict. By the way, may i ask, what was wrong with Ron Paul, or Huckuabe, or Senator Huton (not sure of the last name spelling mostly due to a lack of news coverage that I thought was to be "e-q-u-a-l" for all potential canidates),and except for the lack of communistic sudo socialist connections and like mindedness of Hillary and Obama ?What happened with " don,t throw out the baby with the bath water"?

Anonymous said...

p.s. ; careful what you hope or wish for : communist China has just spent 2-6 billion beefing up their military, and have an extensive military personnel not to mention nuclear capablitiy and quite friendly with Chaves and similar passions of the middle-east, and goals like the UE.

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Given the recent hegemonic behaviors and actions of the USA towards the DPRK, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Iran - and what nation gave President Aristide an uninvited ride out of Haiti; every nation of the world ought to be increasing their military spending.

Those nations recognize that they are going to eventually have to defend themselves against the American blitzkreig!

Are you aware that the USA military budget is the equivalent of all military budgets of all nations in the world combined?

Are you aware that the USA backed out of the anti-ballistic treat? Are you aware that the USA is busilly developing a whole new generation of nuclear weapon?

So what exactly is your point?

Are you aware that the U.S.A. gov't is one of three nations that refused to sign the non-militarization and proliferation of weapons in space agreement?

You really don't know what the USA is doing do you, or why some nations refer to the USA as 'the Great Satan', or why some individuals smelled sulfur when the American President left the podium a day before at the United Nations!

China has had to deter the United Troops before, practically on its own territory - during the Korean War for example.

The nations of the Americas and Hugo Chavez (one of America's key critics) is not an enemy of the United States, for that matter neither was or is Fidel Castro.

With respect to Nicaragua, China and most nations of the world that the USA negatively propagandizes, the USA is their enemy.

And what have they done wrong? They simply have not submitted to the will of of a bunch of American Christian White Supremacists. And that by and large is what American Foreign Policy is shaped by.

America is on a mission to dominate the world, which it is by and large doing right now. And no amount of platitudes or euphemisms can explain away what America is doing in the world.

One has to ask themselves, if we believe in principalities and powers, exactly what spirit is working behind the scenes.

The Christian Right Dominionists, Hagee, Robertson, the late Falwell and others Parsley too, would have Christians to believe that their motive is to usher in the Kingdom Age. Dominionism is racist!

Having said that, if you were to read every eschatalogical scripture in the bible concerning Babylon, you would be taking a good and heard look at the USA.

The USA will not be in any danger by foreign nationals and any other nations (most of whom admire or admired the USA at one time or another). However the USA's propensity to interfere in the internal affairs of the USA, is America's problems.

Our Allies have asked us to stop doing that - even the nation of Japan of late.

What kind of nation that is armed to the teeth, has the right or any moral authority to tell other nations of the world not to arm - or we will destroy you?

Consider nuclear armed Israel in the Middle-East, yet the USA insists that no other Muslim or Arab governed nation in the ME have any nuclear capabilities.

And what kind of 'ministers' support that kind of venal policy? You can start the list with Hagee, Robertson, Parsley and just about another 350,000 of ministers in America!

What spirit are they of did you ask? It speaks for itself. And BTW, which Presidental Candidate did Robertson come out and support last year? And what ticket did he and his minions advocate for in the last two general elections?

Ironically, they advocated for a ticket that supported what they claimed not to believe in, i.e., homosexuality, and same sex state nullification and interposition marriages. And what Party has had how many sex scandals over the past 8 years?

Did you know that 200 million Chinese watched an American basketball game two weeks? America only has 300 million citizens - get my drift. The Chinese want peace with the USA, the America government wants to control China - and they know that.

Good try! However, if you continue to look the other way, and point out the folks of other nations when your nation is murdering individuals, destablilizing and taking down governments, et al.

Anonymous said...

well it looks like the dem,s have joined the sex foray ,have you seen todays news? that aside, has it ever crossed you mind that its not the common american that makes up this country that is making these decisions ,but that it is the select elite,that has usurped our voice and government power through the propagandization and the inducement of the twin tower (Lusitania) event to impel us into these actions by the inducement of emotions to become complicit, to these actions for their own ends.And when I speak of select elite ,I am not just refering to those in this country but also those out side, that work hand in hand with those in this country who have no concern for or reguard for God or man. These social elites are only using the USA as a decoy in their plan for world domnination, for when or if world reaction comes to a boil and should the USA be attacked in mass, they will walk away from the USA , washing their hands with a chuckle and (we) or this country will sustain the wrath they evoked through their "unwitting" but usefull dupe. unfortunately that would be US. Unless in God,s Divine Mercy ,He dose not allow that to be our fate. (being unwittingly complicit and total guilt are quite different )

Rev. C. Solomon said...

In the words of republican senator John McCain: It is hard to do the Lord's work in the city of Satan.

I don't know whether you were aware that he just spoke those words. And what city was he referring to? He was referring to our nation's capitol, WASHINGTON DC.

As you know many nations and invidiuals across the world refer to the US as 'the Great Satan'.

For the reasons that you cited, I elected a decade ago to become a registered independent voter, so that I can simply vote for the best person regardless of political stripe - and on occasion that you means skipping over all of the names in certain sections of the ballot.

Remember the words of the poem "...truth on the scaffold, and wrong forever on the throne..."? There is a paucity of leadership in this nation, as well as in many nations of the world in my opinion.

I agree with you, there are power elites operating all over the world, and many of those power elites are in league with the power elite in the USA. What makes our problem unique is that we are a republic, and the people cede power to those who represent them (which includes the power elite).

In many other systems, the elite are the power and the people do not have any say. The people in the USA have the power to demand change.

Has it ever occured to you why the people won't demand change? What is so appealing about our system to both Americans and many in the rest of the world is, that in American you can 'be free' to do whatever one wants to do.

The majority of Americans prefer a system where they can do a lot of want they want to do, because they are doing what they want to do!

And as a result many are willing to overlook the flaws in our system (or those who are elected to lead). Ronald Reagan and Ollie North broke the law, however, the people liked RR, and ignored his violation of the Rule-of-Law.

God never intended for humans to live in a system where individual humans could simply do what they wanted to do to include: free love, debauchery, perversion..., including the pursuit of gain vs Godly contentment!

Most Americans could not live in a Theocracy. Most Americans refuse to adhere to the laws of God!

The fact that we have the ability to change the government was explained to me personally by one of our Congressmen when I last spoke in Washington DC. I won't go into detail, however, during meetings with many of our nation's Congresspeople I was told that the solution to Washington's problem is the American voter.

American voters have to vote the power elite out of office and to put the kind of leadership in that God would approve. And kudos for many Americans in the Religious Right/ former Moral Majority thought they were doing that. However, they made the error of being led by 'wolves in sheep's clothing'!

In fact they voted for wolve's in sheep's clothing. And what were President Bush's, born again Christian's words, prior to attacking Iraq. He said, "Iran is f'ckd".

Many who voted for the sheep in wolves clothing, are discouraged. Why? Because they tried to do the right thing, however, they ended up voting for a self-interested group of individuals.

They followed the leadership of individuals like Pat Robertson, Ted Haggart, Tom Delay, George Bush, Dick Cheney..., shall I go on?

peace & grace

Anonymous said...

"free to do what ever you want to do " is not "freedom" (that would be a wrong interpretation of freedom),but would be "licence",and licence is not what you are free to persue according to the constitution,but the persuit of happiness,and that happiness as described by the constitution dose not infringe on the rights of others,sounds a lot like the ten commmandments. Yes, today due "in part" to the selfish ness that pervaid society, it would appear that to be the case ,but you have not accounted for (not the "flaws in our system" at least at first) ,but the "flaws that were added to our system", by these very select groups previously mentioned . you might say well how or what do you mean? well take for example how our voice was first usurped in the first place, "think" when was the ( flaw one) electorial system introduced to the system that is not original to the founders system. Then add the lobbist (flaw two) that was not in the original design. and there are many of these tools of the elite that have been installed just in the last 80 years or less. Not to mention the elite that own and operate the two hundred largest news outlets of propaganda "how these addition were supposed to be good for America" or was that for "them alone" and I haven,t even touched on the "federal reserve" which is a "private corperation" and not a "government branch" that dictates to this country its interests rates and the economic policies it "needs" to persue. these "needs" "they say" are for our best interests or are they for their best interests? and you already know how the econemy affects our daily lives and life choises. what dose our constitution say about the "federal reserve" paper money machine ? and how this tool is used by them to extort (through inflation) monies from the USA? which lowers the strenght of the dollar or raises it according to "their" needs?( monies ,by the way, it uses against this very country)( yes and they do it also through the income tax we pay) and yes so the moral morjority were dupe and so were "all" this country,s citizens. Evil is not in the habbit of giving "fore notice" of its vile intentions until it already has you in its web. As far as , the different presidents we have had , some know and some are ignorant of this till its too late or they are complicit in the flaws, and some have tried to get us to understand the "flaws that were added" by the way,the flaws also have the effect of (through the emotions of demoralization),neutering our will and resolve to make the needed changes or to send these devils to hell. Hence, citizen can and do become selfish and seek what little pleasure they are piecemealed by these very groups( and typically done in such a manner as to keep the citizens contented and out of the way) till their plans are finished or until the dupes are no longer needed. The whole senario reminds me of the European "terms for peace" with Germany at the out set of the world war. As far as , any particular president and you seem to be fond of Reagan ,so I guess I,ll add my two cents worth there, I went to Hounduras to help the refugees that crossed over the boarder from the war in Nicaragua, and the PEOPLE OF THAT COUNTRY ( not the Sandinistas that evetually took over the gov. but the common citizens that were driven out of their own country of Nicargua, BY THE COMMUNIST SANDINISTA ,were very glad to have the help of the United States TO FIGHT AGAINST THE COMMUNIST SANDINISTA THAT TOOK THE COUNTRY FROM THE PEOPLE AFTER THE SOMOZA DICTATOR FELL. I was there I know. It may appear that to get help to some people in need sometimes may require extra ordinary circumstances, because the pleas of those people were not being heard by the UN or by any other country. And so, here is a question for you, who or where are we going to turn to for help with our own countries problems, when if the very people who should be our help "are" the very people who are out for our destruction ? And yes you propably will say, GOD following His laws ,Hence we need to get back to our original Constitution and not the added flaws, that is if there is time for that.

Rev. C. Solomon said...


I tend to agree with the late Supreme Court Justice's assessment of the state of affairs at the inception of our nation, as opposed to yours and many other sycophants.

Here are a few excerpts, however, you should read the entire text of the speech.

Thurgood Marshall v. George Washington

RE: THE CONSTITUTION that emerged from the 1787 deliberations in Philadelphia

'1987 marks the 200th anniversary of the United States Constitution...

The planned commemoration will span three years, and I am told 1987 is "dedicated to the memory of the Founders and the document they drafted in Philadelphia."

We are to "recall the achievements of our Founders and the knowledge and experience that inspired them, the nature of the government they established, its origins, its character, and its ends, and the rights and privileges of citizenship, as well as its attendant responsibilities."

Like many anniversary celebrations, the plan for 1987 takes particular events and holds them up as the source of all the very best that has followed. Patriotic feelings will surely swell, prompting proud proclamations of the wisdom, foresight, and sense of justice shared by the Framers and reflected in a written document now yellowed with age.

This is unfortunate not the patriotism itself, but the tendency for the celebration to oversimplify, and overlook the many other events that have been instrumental to our achievements as a nation.

The focus of this celebration invites a complacent belief that the vision of those who debated and compromised in Philadelphia yielded the "more perfect Union" it is said we now enjoy.

I cannot accept this invitation, for I do not believe that the meaning of the Constitution was forever "fixed" at the Philadelphia Convention.

Nor do I find the wisdom, foresight, and sense of justice exhibited by the Framers particularly profound. To the contrary, the government they devised was defective from the start...,

Read the entire speech at your leisure Anonymous, however, for the time being you are in as much denial about the beginning of this nation, as you are about the accuracy of the canon.

With regard to what it will take to turn things around? The answer is simple: Have you heard or read these words before:

2 Chron 4:14 IF MY PEOPLE, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and TURN FROM THEIR WICKED WAYS; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

Get if? If God's people would turn from their wicked ways!

peace & grace

Rev. C. Solomon said...


Anonymous, with regard to your second point, I am certain that they were glad: Are you aware of the illicit behavior of the United States government with respect to Cuba, just over 1/2 century ago when America had been Cuba's dictator?

In my discussion with the 3 Romanian emigrees, just 72 hours ago, initially they also extoled the virtue of America. Why? Because America had dome something for their nation.

When I reminded them of the black Americans, that the same name had enslaved and discriminated against since 1619, their countenances dropped.

A reporter who interviewed the late Paul Bundy (serial murderer), reported that he was a very affable and genteel individual.

She added that she could see why the scores of women who fell under his spell, did so.

You have obviously fallen under the spell of the USA, because it did something that you approved of. However, what is sad is that you like most are willing to overlook the manner in which it treats other individuals, nations and its own people!

A woman once told me that she did not care about my relationship with other people, all she cared about was how I treated her when I was with her! Too many people are willing to overlook ones flaws or mistreatment of others, as long as they are treating them well.

And that is irresponsible self-centered egoism!

God always rejected impartial sacrifices and sacrificers. Are you guilty of that?

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Most Americans believe that it is their absolute right to do whatever they want to Anonymous, not only at home but around the world.

I had the pleasure of meeting the Deputy Prime Minister of the Fiji Islands a couple of decades ago. He was in North America, where he was on a goodwill tour in the United States and Canda, you may ahve observed the press releases.

I was blessed to have him in my home, and he in turn invited me to visit his son's home; his son was a U.S. Resident.

He explained how in the Fiji's, that their legislators had to add additional laws. Why? When women tourists from the USA would visit the islands, they wanted to walk about the islands exposing themselves. Now by American standards walking around with bikinis on, short skirts, boobs hanging out et al is acceptable.

In the Fiji's it was not acceptable. During Desert Shield, in Iraq, 18 years ago, the American military was urged not to bring its debauchery and salaciousness to the Middle East. The American military was reminded that the ground that it occupied was Holy Ground.

Americans behave as they do, anywhere they go because they believe that not only are they above the law, Americans believe that they 'are the law'.

The spirit of licentiousness that has gripped most Americans, is contrary to the Law and God's definition of freedom(s)!

Anonymous said...

have you looked in the mirror lately without your self-rightous rose colored glasses???

Rev. C. Solomon said...

Every person who has ever worked for God experienced persecution. And every one of them has had a personal tormenter - Clearly Jesus had his, Paul had his and I have mine - you!

Jesus said that my sheep hear my voice. He even warned Peter, a man who walked with him to know his own spirit was not right. He explained to Peter who believed that he would stand with Jesus when everyone else failed, that he still needed to be converted.

You quote scriptures, however, clearly you still need to be converted.

Jesus also explained to critics like you who claimed to know God in John the 5th chapter, the following:

38 And ye have not his word abiding in you: for whom he hath sent, him ye believe not.

39 Search the scriptures; for in them ye think ye have eternal life: and they are they which testify of me.

40 And ye will not come to me, that ye might have life.

41 I receive not honour from men.

42 But I know you, that ye have not the love of God in you.

43 I am come in my Father's name, and ye receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him ye will receive.

44 How can ye believe, which receive honour one of another, and seek not the honour that cometh from God only?

45 Do not think that I will accuse you to the Father: there is one that accuseth you, even Moses, in whom ye trust.

46 For had ye believed Moses, ye would have believed me; for he wrote of me.

47 But if ye believe not his writings, how shall ye believe my words?

I am praying for you that one day you will truly come to know Christ.

And I am praying that in the interm that God will teach you to accept his words and his ways, and that he will deliver you from your obvious emotional problems.

Love, peace & grace