Mar 22, 2008

The Rev Criticizes Veep Cheney in the Washington Post Blog 3/22/208

Cheney believes that international organizations, just like other international states should take their orders from George Bush, Dick Cheney or Republican Conservatives (the Republican Reich).

It is under those conditions, that he believes that the international community should play a role!

Wasn't he one of those who said that the U.S. military would never serve under any other nation's command? Other nations do not want to serve under a U.S. Command either, and they have made that abundantly clear. Those nations do not believe in American foreign policy.

They [other nations] believe that our policy is as skewed, and that we are not any more innocent than the nations that we are attacking!

What a big change since 9/11, they were mostly on America's side then! What happened Plainfacto?

Given all of the above, Cheney and Bush have created their own conundrum. America is seen as a piranah, and is being isolated by the international community - even its own allies!

The Rev Comments on what Plainfacto wrote:

Yea, and then a new and worse nightmare will begin....


I believe that You are correct in this regard.

1. If the American people do not use more disgression in terms of who they place in offices (they should not repeat the mistakes that were made in the last two elections). Wm F. Buckley, George Will, Anne Coulter and other arch-conservatives finally admitted that Bush had lost his mind!

2. If the American people take as long to assert themseles, no matter who has been elected, as they did during the past two Presidential terms (when clearly the wheels had come off).

3. If American foreign policy does not receive a 'fork-lift upgrade'. We need to get in the real world!

4. If the next group of leaders have as much disdain for international law, the sovereignity of nations and for sanctioned international organizations who have the authority to manage and intervene in geopolitcal problems.

With regard to the latter, the USA may question the UN for being lax by American standards, however, most nations of the world believe that America's domestic enforcement of its own laws - is the most lax in the world. And most Americans knows its true!

Ergo, the USA should stop manipulating, and at the same time critizing the UN.

Why? The dominate culture in America believes in the rule-of-law, up and until it is applied to it, the dominant culture that has always believed that it is above the law!

Peace & Grace (not likely)
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: And Jesus did say that he came not to brin gpeace, but a sword.

That part of scripture is certainly being fulfilled. The 3 most dominant
religious groups in the world, are responsible for the majority of the
killing that has been (last 14 years) and is taking place in the world today!

The communist (so-called atheists), must find this to be most amusin!

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