Mar 4, 2008

The Rev's Response to the Washington Post Blog 03/04/2008

The Rev Replied to Scooter

What is truly amazing is that we did not and do not have an existing legally sanctioned international organization that would have confronted, or will confront the U.S.A. with regard to its 200 year of duplicity, misbehavior, adventurism, manipulation of the world's market and terrorism (against its own citizens as well as other nations of the world)?

The U.S.A. has repeatedly violated the will of the United Nations itself and most nations of the world, even when it invaded Iraq.

The U.S.A. also has the luxury of being one of the 5 permanent members of the UNSC, its resolutions and positions that the U.S.A. does not agree with (that will inhibit its misbehaviors), it vetoes. Iraq, like many other nations does not and did not have that luxury!

Had a strong U.N. existed in the early 20th century, perhaps they would have demanded that the U.S.A. destroy its nuclear weapons! And I can assure you that the United States would not have complied. The U.S.A. would have ignored the U.N., just as it has been doing since its inception.

The world needs a strong international organization to do the following with regard to the U.S.A.

1. Battle the ideology of international American terrorism ((in other nations around the world).

2. Expose the corruption of American policies, and to prove that it is in no way contained within its own borders.

3. To show that the U.S.A. continues to maintain and expand its nuclear arsenal while inveigling the U.N. in preventing other nations of the world from ever attaining an equivalent or superior nuclear advantage over the United States!

4. To force the U.S.A. to live up to its international obligation of minding its own business, and to cease from interfering in the internal affairs of other nations of the world, violating arms treaties itself, usurping WTO regulations, manipulating the world-wide global market and economy...!

5. Creating strawmen, so that the U.S.A. can force its will upon Arab, Muslim nations and nations in the America, under the guise of fighting against a real, imagined or exaggerated terrorist enemy.

6. To expose its most blatant lie that we simply want other nations of the world to be free ala democratic nations. Just ask the Palestinians whether or not America believes in democracy for other nations or people!

7. To confront America's past and present ability to defy the world's and its allies demands that pertains to the U.S.A. (for over a decade and more).

8. To point out the hypocrisy of a nation that claims to be a free nation, that for the first time in its white supremacist dictatorial existence (232 years) a black man is being seriously considered for the office of President of the "United States of Global Hegemony".

Why Obama wants to be President I don't know, however, hopefully, if he is elected he can turn this nation - for the little good that it would do!

I will never be able to change your mind given your blind patriotism and your apparent willingness to overlook America's misdeeds, duplicity, injustices, venal policies and corrupt behavior, however, if any other nation or confederation of nations on this planet were to have behaved, or behave now as the United States is doing, you and others like you would be screaming bloody murder!

Go back and apply an objective analysis to American misbehavior, and you will find that the nations that U.S.A. has injected itself into (on 3 or 4 fronts), their misbehaviors have paled by comparison. And, if those nations should be confronted, so should the United States of America!

Finally, if we are ever going to help to solve the world problem, we have to solve the American problem first. The American problem inspires much of what is going wrong in the world, and the reactionary violence that is associated with what is going wrong in the world.

We will never help solve any problems by pointing out the real or imagined failures of other nations, and ignoring the endemic and real problems that are inherent within American!

peace & grace
Reverend C. Solomon

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