Mar 29, 2008

Espionage & The Revolutionary Black Church: Big Brother Is Watching & Chomping At The Bit!

In light of 'the Wright Reverend's message being leaked to the media.

Should other black churches be concerned? What will be the backlash against America's black churches?

For white Americans and our government, WHEN TWO OR
THREE BLACKs are gathered together..., it
is for God to be in their midst - not
because they are planning
a rebellion - 'don't taze us bro'!

1). Will white Americans begin burning, torching or bombing black houses of worship again?
2). Will white administrators be placed in black church pulpits again?
3). Will the United States government send spies, surveil or place litenings devices in black churches?
4). What will be the outcome?

Introduction: Kate O'Beirn, Washington Editor for National Review was peeved, given what was said a year ago at the Coretta Scott King Funeral. Pastor Eddie Long and his congregration opened their church doors not only to the King family, but to the entire world. Was that a mistake? It may have been, for the whole world had a chance to observe the progress of an American black mega-church.

And the church, with all of its bombasity, apparently offended Kate O'Beirn. Not only Kate O'Beirn, even former President George H.W. Bush commented that he had never seen anything like this church before. Whites often do that when they observe minorities with material possessions that are superior to their own. The assumption being, that I am white and I am better than you, and if I have not had it, or seen it before, how could you have it before me?

Kate O'Beirn was so offended by the Coretta Scott-King funeral that she begin to refer to it simply as, 'That Funeral'. Her statement won't impact the black community much, because most blacks do not listen to conservative apologists journalists like Ms. O'Beirn anyhoo. I listen to Kate, Randy Savage, Hannity, Limbaugh, occasionally Armstrong - just to keep up with what they are plotting next.

1. Why Is That Black Churches Cannot Do What Whites Are Doing?
This matter of black insurrectionist churches and preachers stoking the fire with incendiary and revolutionary style comments, will not be tolerated. And you had better bet your bunnies, that some form of retaliation will follow soon. I simply wonder which group will retaliate first. Are you keeping up with 501 [c] Tax Exemption standards?

Many Americans were stunned, when just a couple of years ago a group of fighter planes were dispatched to an Iraqi Mosque by the United States Air Force Command. As Satellite imaging surivelled the Mosque from high above the heavens, the target that the U.S.A. had been looking to kill emerged.

Most Americans accepted the Air Strike that dropped the 500 pound that destroyed its target, mostly because it did not happen at a religious center; and because of the propagation of negative information that had been received by Americans about the target. What Americans, some, non-white Americans were stunned and appalled by was that the American Military would willfully murder a man at a religious center! Folks, to the American government they were simply playing a game of cards!

Folks, we should not be surprised. For not only has the United States killed individuals at Iraqi Mosques, this was not the first incident, the military has also killed its enemies at funerals. What's worse killing an enemy by flying airplanes into buildings, or destroying enemies on the ground at funerals and Mosques? I will leave that for you to decide, however, for this minister, I know that if our government will kill its enemies at other religious institutions around the world, who is to say that it won't do the say thing right here in the United States of America?

I suspect that all black churches in America should be at a heightened level of awareness given the words that were spoken by 'the Wright Reverend', and eventually reached the media. Obviously, I agree with much of what he said that I picked up on YouTube. He reminded me of the Prophet Jeremiah of scriptures, who pretty much proclaimed a similar prophecy to the remnant that was left behind in Jerusalem, after their sisters and brothers in the lower and upper kingdoms had been transferred to Babylon.

White separatists, racists and biased ministers have thrived in white places of worship before this nation was incorporated. Many of them thrive unto this day. I have been in churches were sermons were preached, and code words peppered the white ministers sermons. Those euphemisms like big government, responsibility, high crime areas..., are often used to refer to black people, and predominately black areas. Rarely, will any of their hate messages ever reach the press.

2. How Does The Message By Black Ministers Reach the Media:
Several years ago the Reverend Willie Gaines in Anacostia, an area in Southwest Washington was surprised when words from a sermon that he preached reached the media. The Washington Post, usually considered a liberal paper by most standards, reported the unflattering comments that Pastor Gaines made about gay people in the churches pulpit.

Now folks, agree with pastor Gaines or not, however, if one is to make an issue about gay people and individuals preaching about gay people, Christians might as well dispose of their bibles. White ministers preach anti-gay and anti-black sermons, yet, it rarely reaches the media. Well, the exception to that is - unless you are a white minister that shows up at military funerals and gay parades.

What is my point: Who leaks these messages to the press and why? Does this remind you of the days when slaves would reportedly tell their white owners about the planned and nefarious activities of their fellow slaves? I won't jump to conclusions, for perhaps it was not a black person at all who leaked the information to the press; my previous point notwithstanding.

Okay, before you diagnose me (someone diagnosed Ezekiel as being a Paranoid Schizophrenic, and the Apostle Paul as being Epileptic), is it much of a stretch to believe that black churches are not already being spied upon. With today's sophisticated Satellite technology, our Intelligence Services, can not only listen in on your phone calls, they can listen in on what you are discussing at your church, and in your living room for that matter. That's what they do next door to the city of Columbia Maryland.

The less sophisticated parabolic listening devices, can pick up conversations and sermons right off of the windows panes in your edifices, and you wouldn't have any idea that your conversations or ministers sermons were being co opted or listened at. This is America folks!

3. Is the Government Capable of Doing The Same To Black Churches?
Frankly, I don't see much difference between the men who bombed the Birmingham Church and murdered four beautiful young girls, and what the United States Military has been doing not only in Iraq, but in Pakistan. The United States Air Force recently went after and murdered a Pakistani Cleric.

I shouldn't say this too loud, however, the USA is already carrying on a covert war in Pakistan, just as the late Ronald Reagan did an end around American Citizens and the Senate Intelligence Committee in order to help underwrite a war nearly 3 decades ago in the Americas. Would our government murder an American cleric?

Most churches are smart enough to have visitors sign welcome cards when they visit their churches. The reason being that among other things they can have some way of knowing who the people are who visited their churches, it established a paper trail and an easy way to find you. Why? Suppose something comes up missing from the building, the church will already have a quick way to trace you. Will it be a sufficient solution, when the United States government begins to send spies covertly into American black churches, if they haven't done so already.

A few years ago Reverend Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council in Washington DC, worked surreptitiously with the Republican Administration in Washington DC. His role was to garner, and to subsequently transmit 'talking point/sermon topics' to a wide array of churches across the land. Many black ministers, not only white ones received the talking points which were to be included in their weekly sermons. The parishioners thought they were hearing from heaven, yeah, if heaven is the White House!

The topics being sent out to minsters were being sent in order to subliminally acquire the support of church parishioners for the government's war effort in Iraq.
Some of America's most prominent black and white ministers were involved in this sham. Check up on your minister. For example, if your black minister had anything to do with Pat Robertson, John Hagee, Rod Parsley, the late Jerry Falwell and others, you were likely hearing messages that were sent out from the White House!

The scriptures teach that what is Caesar's should be given to Caesar, and what belongs to God is God's. Hitler used the support of Christian churches in Austria and Germany in order to support his notorious blitzkrieg throughout eastern and western Europe. Our government quietly utilized the similar methods to organize the church - and many ministers were willing participant.

Dr. Martin Luther King, was often spied upon by none other than the Head of the FBI, a man who referred to Dr. King in private as 'burr head'. If black Americans should understand anything by now, it is that the American government was never intended to give aid and protection to black churches. When blacks begin to speak up about 'social injustice' there is a heightened sense of awareness raised in white America, included in their churches.

At a White Church that I visited in Northern Virginia next door to Great Falls, the largest in the area, one Veterans Day, it felt like I was at an America Ku Klux Klan Rally. Interestingly enough, there weren't any crosses displayed at this church so I didn't have to worry about being burned! I did have that sense at the 'CrossFire Show', but that's another story. After about 10 minutes of the flag-waving, Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory of the Coming of 'the War' church service, I left!

I was amazed to find myself leaving that service with 20 or 30 other people. Pastor Lon Solomon, of my namesake, you should be ashamed of yourself for supporting the mercenary killings by the USA in Iraq! Lon Solomon is Jewish, Reverend Solomon is not! BTW, Ken Starr, yes that Ken Starr is a member of: can I say it Kate O'Beirn, 'that church'! Soldiers were marching, and the rostrum was completely filled with flag waving singers and military personnel from time to time!

You see, there are things that black Americans don't care for either Kate, and although we do not always enjoy the same constitutional protections that more fair-skinned people often do, it will not prevent us from speaking our minds.

To my fellow members of the cloth, I would suggest that you really keep an eye on who visits your church over the next few years. I won't tell you to employ mine sweepers yet, however, security ought to be upgraded, and you need to prune the church occasionally, every floor, and look for anything that appears to be unusual.

Why? It might be that you are being spied upon, and keep in mind the following: Similar to the men who bombed the Birmingham Church, our government is not above bombing Mosques and dragging bodies (Bosnia style)through the streets (Saddam's boys) in far away places, and therefore it is not so far-fetched that it would participate in bombing your church, or at least spying on it.

Now, let's go back again and open up the investigations of those churches that were torched several years, including, now deceased Green Bay Packers star Reggie White's church in Tennessee!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: Be careful what you say or preach! The majority of the black ministers in this nation, particularly our American Capitalist Church Syndrome Ministers - ordinarily would have nothing to worry about. However, the other side often has a hard time telling the difference. They won't know that you are not one of a group of ministers in this church who speak out and tell the truth - even when the majority doesn't want to hear it!

Isn't it amazing that in light of the days when black ministers would be deposed the white overseer who was dispatched to pastor the church, or to keep an eye on the black minister and what he preached, that 100 years later 'the Wright Reverend' had to step down!

Now let's not have an insurrection ministers! And white citizens trust me,
that is not about to happen! For many black ministers are just as
eager to enjoy the fruit of capitalist excess, as most
other Americans, white and non-black have
become accustomed to!

And as the kids used to say, 'if you don't start nothing
it won't be nothing. And let me add that even
if you do start something, 'it still
won't be anything from us'!
We LOVE YOU-You don't
always love us!

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