Mar 29, 2008

Black Pastors and Social Justice: The Rev Responds

The Rev responds to Professor Gilda Daniels' article, in the Daily Voice: The Power of the Pulpit: Black Pastors and Social Justice.

By Rev. Solomon on March 29, 2008 8:57 AM
Excellent commentary: What is taking place in America, in light of 'the Wright Reverend's' mediaized comments, reminds me of our not too distant past.

Each of us should recall a time when black churches, once they were free to assemble apart from white assemblages, customarily had white administrators placed over them.

These administrators, usually a minister himself, would either preach to the black congregation themselves, or sit in the pulpits and monitor and report back what the black minister taught and said to the black parishioners.

The primary purposes for these overseers being present in the first place were to monitor the black minister, and to ensure the white community that black congregants were not planning a Nat Turner like insurrection. The 'Wright Reverend', has struck fear back into the hearts of the white community. And just like 100 years ago, he has been deposed!

We might be on our way 'back to the future', given the growth of powerful black churches, that have outstripped their counterparts (Televising the Coretta Scott King Funeral in that magnificent black edifice for example may have been a mistake).

Can any of you say, white administrator espionage in the form of parabolic listening devices, spies or satellite surveillance for monitoring of black churches from hereon? Pastor Willie Wilson in Anacostia, could talk about that!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

Addenda: Kate O'Beirn was appalled by the Coretta Scott King [Funderal], which she referred to as 'that Funeral'. It wasn't just the funeral that bothered her, I suspect that Kate, a white journalist, was stunned by the pomposity and wealth of that black church!

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