Mar 28, 2008

The Rev Erupts in the Washington Post Blog: 03/28/07 - Americans Are The Crips!


Where I would disagree with you and the other side is this, the GWOT, is a war of America's own making.

You patriots simply buy into all of the American rhetoric and propagandizing of the truth, without examining what is being said. Consider the President's misleading the nation over the past 6-years with respect to Iraq, and what is going on in the rest of the world.

To other nations of the world (including some of our allies), we are Hezbollah, al-Qaeda, UBL..., the invaders, the infidels and the occupiers - and in many instances I would have to agree with them!

Why? Other people and nations have an ideology and a worldview that they believe is true. And we have in fact unlawfully, dominated, embargoed, isolated, invaded and unlawfully occupied their nations and people.

And, to wit, other nations also have a God-figure like we have, that they believes sanctifies what they do!

America, a 232 year old neophyte nation, will someday have to grow up and learn to live responsibly with with other nations in and out of the neighborhood, that have been in existence longer than nascent America incubated in the womb!

We may be the Crips, but I do not believe that other nations are 'the bloods', for we drew First Blood! The so-called GWOT on war can be reduced to two words, American Hegemony!

Peace & Grace
Reverend C. Solomon

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